Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review

January 2012

William said bye-bye to his paci.  He also got a new chair for his monthly pictures. 

February 2012

William turned one!

March 2012

William had his first haircut

April 2012

We celebrated William's 2nd Easter at Meme's.

May 2012

William started walking, finally.

June 2012

We made our first trip to the McWane Science Center

July 2012

William was treated to a trip to Disney World.

August 2012

William attempted to use the potty.

September 2012

Abuela visits and William had a 2nd surgery on his ears.

October 2012

Stumbled on our 4 year anniversary

November 2012

I walked for my brother and William learns to bake.

December 2012

William gets a playroom and celebrates his 2nd Christmas

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