Thursday, February 28, 2013

After Work and School

  Yesterday's weather was a bit warmer than usual (with the sunshine) so as soon as we got home we played outside.  As you can see in the pictures William can not wait to play in the water.  Last year he was a bit nervous around the sprinkler but I have a feeling this year will be completely different.
Every time we play outside he points to two houses because most of the time the women who live there are out working in the yard.  William likes to walk over and say, "hi" so when they are not out it takes a lot of convincing to keep him in our yard.

Just wait til the weather gets warmer...he can spray this himself.

Budsy will tap his little cheek...meaning he needs his phone and then he will do this (after dialing of course).  He takes his phone everywhere (copy Mom and Dad much son?).  

In the seat of his jeep.  When he gets in this and pushes the gas my mind starts racing.  I remember when I got my license, when Christopher got his, and I think to the future when the bud will take his test.  Eeks, I am not ready!  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 Year Checkup

Can you believe this??  Our bud is 2 years old!  I left work early to get to his appointment at 4 and not only did we arrive 20 minutes before the appointment we waited until 4:20.  William was actually pretty good for being confined in a waiting room with absolutely no toys (yes, we are at a pediatrician's office).  After we were called back we got down to the diaper (and socks) and got these stats: looks like he is putting on the LB's and is no longer off the charts in height.  Of course he has a gigantic head just like his Paw paw.  We will be switching to 2% milk after the whole milk is "all gone" (as the bud says).  She was mostly pleased with his development but did show concern about his speech.  I am not as concerned about this as I was when he was younger.  I think I finally figured out that all kids do things in their own time and I know William is fine.  He also mimics sounds and picks up new words on a weekly basis.  
 She did say she wanted to re visit Early Intervention for testing.  I am on board for any extra help William can get but I honestly do not think he will qualify. He is on track or ahead in all other areas and I know how the testing system works!  We will see.  
I am so proud of William and I know he will talk when he has something to say.  Right now he just needs to eat, ask for juice, say up (to get carried around), baby (when he sees himself as an infant), and a few other basic words.  I love him with or without words! 

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lawn Mowers

You know how tiring testing out lawn mowers can be...right?  We were way past nap time but his Paw paw and Daddy had to check out Sears.  William loves sitting on lawn mowers and would have tested out every one in the store if I had let him.  Mr. Independent will not let you help him with anything so he squirmed his way into the seat.  After I put my foot down and asked to go home my bud crashed within 5 minutes.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

William: Belly to Boy

In hospital...

About 6 months...

Around a year old...

18 months and a popsicle...

2nd birthday...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 Years Old

At least I got him and the chair, right?  These were taken on his birthday but I was going to try for better ones the next day...not happening.  William knows that my phone and "cheese" means a pic and he is not in the mood these days.  

 Well, well, well, this is the bud's final monthly post.  Of course there will be lots of updates on our little man!  I have been thinking about the past two years and honestly it is hard to remember life without William.  I can replay every single detail of labor and delivery as well as the first night home with him.  I had no clue!  Now, it is 2 years later and things seem easier (in some ways). 
  In only 2 short years William went from a helpless newborn to a smart, adventurous, loving, and hilarious little boy.  We find ourselves laughing when we should be disciplining because he is sooo funny.  For example, you give the boy a cookie (a cookie!!) and he breaks it into pieces while throwing it in the car.  Who does that?  You give me a cookie and I savor every last crumb!   Here are our last set of bullets on Budsy:
  • 16-20 teeth; I know he has two molars on the bottom but I have not been able to see the top.
  • Size 7 shoe, 5 diaper, 24 months or 2T clothes, around 28 lbs. 
  • Sleeps anywhere from 8:15 to 6:45.  He is now in a twin bed and so far so good.  However, he does get out as soon as he wakes up in the morning.  Goodbye to the times we let him play in the crib a few minutes while arguing discussing who is to get him.  Naps great at daycare but not so great at home.
  • Sometimes William eats everything we put in front of him and asks for more.  Other times he eats only a banana for dinner.  Still loves milk!  He eats meat only on occassion but not enough to even document.  He prefers to snack then eat a meal.
  • "Reads" books, vacuums, sweeps, dusts (I do not make him to do this; he loves it).  William has not been into his toys recently but prefers to copy us.  He wants to be held all of the time and prefers the kitchen.  He will help us make coffee, cook, and loves the pantry.  William carries his chairs around or other large items.  I have to admit I am having difficulty with the toy part of the post because right now he doesn't care for them.  He would love being outside 24 hours a day if we would allow it. 
  • William is saying more words.  No sentences just clearer words.  If you ask him how old he is he will say, "two."  I told him I was talking to Meme on the phone and he said, "Meme."  He has definitely separated Mama and Daddy.  He says, "Dada" when I discipline him or if it is bedtime, ha.  Bud says, "no" like there is no tomorrow! Also, "eat," "baby," "juice," and "move."  Some of these are the same as previous months or I may have left some out but he is starting to pick up words quickly.  William also copied letter sounds last night.  
  • William is becoming more independent.  When we ask if we can help he says, "no," but a few months ago he preferred the help.  If you give him a boost into a chair or couch he starts over.  He can take his pants, shoes, socks, and diaper off.  He would step into the tub solo if we allowed it.  If he is playing with a toy and its obvious he is frustrated I will ask if he needs help.  Budsy says no several times before he either gets it himself or lets us help.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

William's 2nd Birthday Party

  I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted a simple, family only birthday party for our bud this year.  As much as I enjoyed his 1st birthday party with friends I honestly did not have the time or energy for that this year.  With the job change and other things going on in our lives it was best to go to Meme's this year.  William's birthday also falls on a Tuesday this year which also made the decision to celebrate early a bit easier.
  I do not regret having the party at Meme's at all because my family did an excellent job.  Meme called several times asking what theme we wanted (Elmo) and if pizza was okay for lunch (of course).  All we did was show up with the birthday boy.  My aunts did the decorating and the cake was perfect.  William's favorite details were the Elmo cups and balloons.  Of course his Uncle David is his new best friend because he filled the cup up with water (no lid).  Which he then got to pour into the garbage can. not tell Meme.
  William was blessed with books, clothes, leap frog books, and some a lot of money to put towards his new swing set.  He did not care for the cake but not because not due to lack of tastiness; William does not really eat at all.  He did not rest one second the entire day so he ended falling asleep on the way home (second nap of the day).  I would say its safe to say birthdays are exhausting (but exciting) for little guys.