Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleeping at Night


Thank you for sleeping until 4 AM two nights in a row.  I tell myself that this is not for good but I thank God for two nights of almost normal sleep.  By writing you this thank you note I may have "jinxed" myself but I wanted to document these things :)!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1 Month

I can not believe you are 1 month old. It seems like yesterday that you came into this world. I learn something new each day about being a mommy. I love watching you watch me, your big eyes, your smiles, and the way your Daddy kisses you. Of course, I love everything else but those things stand out. You are changing everyday so we take lots of pictures. I have noticed that you are getting more hair and the bald spot on top is filling in. Here are some things that happened in your first month:

I Did It's-
Car Seat, Swing, Vibrating Chair, Spit up (a lot), Grocery shopping, Visiting Grammy and Papa's house, Japanese restaurant, you really want to hold your head up and can for several seconds, becoming more active (moving hands to your bottle, kicking me when your mad, holding our fingers very tight), first bath (we are hoping you will enjoy the bath at some point in the near future), stroller ride around our block (you did GREAT; went right to sleep), meeting your Aunt Maria and Aunt Ceal

We do not see the doctor again until April 6 but you are growing William! Newborn diapers are getting more snug each day, you are almost out of newborn clothes because of your length

Things you enjoy-

Eating (when you are hungry; Mommy and Daddy can not get the bottle ready soon enough), Being held (Mommy spoils you but I am learning if I want to eat you have to go into the swing or chair), the boppy but for only a few minutes before you get tired, your swing, pacifier (not all the time which makes me happy)


Getting on a schedule; I know you are not going to be on a schedule at this point but I am trying to figure you out.  Feeding you before you get super mad (I do not want to make a bottle and you not be ready but I also hate to get the point where you make me think you are starving), Gas-your little tummy hurts and we have to give you gas drops regularly (I will ask the pediatrician about switching to sensitive stomach formula at the next appointment), learning what soothes you when you are fussy (not always a bottle Daddy)

Current Events-

Mommy and Daddy both graduated from Auburn so this news was heartbreaking: Toomer's trees were poisoned, gas prices are very high