Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sleepy Sundays

William won this battle.  He has been battling ear infections, coughs, and more for months.  Hard for me to let this sweet boy cry it out...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ears, Nose, Throat, and Eyes

Yep, that is right, there is goo coming out of everything.  William's tubes are doing their job; serious amount of infection pouring out of the left one.  His poor eyes have gunk piling up in the corners and the nose is well running like a faucet.  The cough is bad enough to bring tears to MY eyes.  William is still sleeping through the night but around 5AM he is having serious coughing spells.  I had to get him super early this morning because he went through two coughing spells that ended with gagging.  He usually just talks in the morning and goes back and forth with sleeping.  The past 2 mornings have been coughing spells. 

I am losing my patience with the sickness.  He went to the doctor and got ear drops.  However, there was nothing else he could do for William.  His lungs sounded good so need for breathing treatments and he can not have cough meds at his age.  I know babies get sick but aren't babies supposed to get well to???  It seems like he has been sick since November without a break.  I really hope he gets better or I may get kicked out of the doctor's office. 

PS: We really need to get some pictures of our budsy but he just has not been himself.  He is super clingy and has been throwing some fierce fits.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rocking my Boy

I do not even know how to put it into words.  I CHERISH rocking William at night.  Honestly, I lay him down in the crib, zip up the sleepsack, and as he is falling asleep (BY HIMSELF) I pick him back up and rock him.  Now I admit there have been times I rocked William, laid him down, and he fussed.  At that point I let him fuss (less than 5 minutes) and he sleeps through the night. 

I am small and William is getting BIG so rocking him is comical.  I swear with his head on my shoulder his body covers my entire torso and his legs hang off the chair.  He still loves it and with me not getting home until close to 6 I want the time with him.  He immediately places his head on my shoulder and falls alseep FAST.  I put my face close to his and just think about how lucky I am.  He is healthy and learning new things every single day.  I love to smell him and play with his hair (yes, yes, he needs a haircut).  He is my baby and not to brag but he loves his Mommy.  As I rock him I imagine him a teenager and then my mind stops.  I seriously can not imagine not holding this baby and kissing his sweet cheeks.  I am the center of his world (and his Daddy) but at some point he will grow up. 

William will walk, talk, begin school, end school, and I will be so proud of him.  That is why I rock him even if does not need it because this time is passing.  I will blink and he will be in Kindergarten.  I will blink again and it will be college.  So for now I will force my eyes open and be thankful for this time with him.  I will rock my baby now and until he looks at me and says, "No more of this."

Friday, February 10, 2012

12 Month Checkup

Length: 31.5" (90%)
Weight: 21.3 lbs. (25%)
Head: 19" (90%)

William looks great and is on track.  Rudy filled out a survey but before we finish it there are a few activities we have to try with Budsy.  So far he is doing well in all areas measured.  His ears look great (TTL for tubes) but has to battle the cough.  Dr. B. suggested benadryl for the cough.  We also figured out why William cried on and off all night Thursday-cutting molars!!  Hoping for a better night tonight but thankful to know its teething and not ANOTHER ear infection.  No vaccines due to the cough; we will get those in 10 days. 

We are so thankful for a healthy baby and that God chose us to be William's parents. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

William's 1st Birthday Party

William's party was an absolute success.  Even though he is a bit under the weather he had a blast.  Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us! 

Rudy tells my Dad to look at the balloons as they walk out the front door.  They get in the car to leave and just like that balloons gone forever.

William was very thankful for all the great gifts.  Although it wore Mommy out opening them and keeping him somewhat entertained with new toys.

William says, "My head is no drum."

I am posting this picture with pure joy because Rebecca was not leaving without a picture.

Williams birthday wish: get your roots done Mom.

Forget the hands.

12 Months

Not our best monthly picture but this birthday boy has had a LONG day.

  • 4 teeth...thinking we are getting more...but everytime I try to look you quit smiling.  Too scared to stick my finger in there; may not get it back.
  • Waking up before 6 but able to stay awake closer to 7 if the 2nd nap is later in the afternoon (I strongly believe if he was not in daycare we would not have this issue)
  • 2 naps a day usually no more than 45 min. each and sometimes not even an afternoon nap (at home William naps soooo much better)
  • 12 months clothes but can wear 18 months for length
  • Size 4 diaper
  • Eats Stage 2 baby food (with rice) at daycare for breakfast and lunch.  Moved to Stage 3 at dinner.  Also allowing daycare to give him food off their menu if he wants it.  William wants it!
  • Whole milk only.  Does not need a bottle but I am having trouble taking it away completely.  He is getting older and it makes me a little sad.
  • Paci free since January 6.  Only place we really truly miss it is the CAR!
  • Pulls up on everything; no cruising yet.  I have heard that his ear infections could cause a delay in walking.
  • Can crawl up our stairs. 
  • Absolutely hates car seat.  We have tried everything and nothing works for longer than oh 5 minutes.
  • Very shy.
  • Put on miralex but quickly learned that the doctor's suggested dose was way too much.  I now do 1 tbsp 2x a week. 
  • Drinks juice but probably would not miss it if we never offered it to him.
  • Not a fan of getting dressed, getting out of bath, or diaper changes.
  • Diagnosed with another ear infection and got his first antibiotic shot.
  • Saw the ENT and William gets tubes 2/6/12.  What a blessing! 
  • First serious diaper rash happened overnight Friday (2/3) when he pooped in the middle of the night.  William was sleep trained and sleeps around 11-12 hrs a night.  However, he does fuss sometimes and goes back to sleep.  I do not go in there because I learned it makes it worse.  Now I will have to check because I feel like mom of the year right now with this rash.
Just for comparison-

In the hospital.