Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hannah's 9 Month Checkup

Everything went great at Hannah's checkup.  She is on track with all milestones and I'm still thinking she'll walk by next month.

The doctor said introduce whole milk around 11 months and that makes me one happy mama.  Hannah hates formula so I really hope I don't have to fight her once on cow's milk.  She also drinks great out of a sippy cup and I plan to have daycare try her afternoon bottle in a sippy cup soon.

Hannah is super tall and not so chunky just like big brother was at her age. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

9 Months-Hannah

          This lady has my heart!! 

   She was not impressed by our selfie!!!!

Hannah has had a tough month but I think I say that every month.  She is such a trooper through it all.  She was diagnosed with allergies to barley, rye, and oats.  

Hannah also had a fever/cold virus which kept her home with Daddy.  

She is eating 3 meals a day plus snacks like yogurt melts or gerber sticks.  Puffs have oat flour so those are out.  She takes 4 bottles total of about 26 oz but she rarely finishes a bottle. 

Hannah sleeps from about 6:30 to 6 which is exactly what the bud fell into at this age.  She naps 2x a day and sometimes catches a 3rd on weekends.  She's wearing mostly 9 month clothes with some 12 month PJs.  Hannah hates shoes and the daycare always takes them off.  We will try again in a couple of months. 

She still wears a size 3 diaper: Target brand during the day and Huggies snug and dry at night.  Hannah's hair is growing fast and she must have a pony tail or its all in her eyes.  It is still red with some blonde throughout.  Big blue eyes and no teeth.  I have given her peas and shredded cheese but she does not like it.  Hoping she likes table food more this month and gets some teeth soon. 

Hannah is pulling up on everything and has even stood alone for a few seconds. She pushes her play table across the floor.  Hannah wants to be in the middle of the fun!  She will literally jump from a crawling position onto us.  Hannah is fighting the car seat more but she is so mobile now she just wants to play.  

As you can see she was about to jump out of this chair!!

        They will be the best of friends!!