Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Working and Daycare

Let me say that leaving by baby at daycare is near impossibe.  I had to hold back tears as I literally ran out of the building.  Today was my first time dropping William off by myself and it was hard.  I wanted to quit my job and take that boy home.  He is adjusting slowly but surely.  The only issue I am having is that they are not following my schedule.  I am not concerned with the feedings so much as the napping.  He is not napping soon enough after waking and is very overtired.  Poor baby is cranky all evening.  Needless to say I had a little chat with the director.  Let's hope this gets better so I will not quit my job before it truly starts. 

I think I could enjoy my job if I was not stressed about the daycare situation.  I am learning a lot about Collections and getting less nervous about calling customers.  I will be training 2 more weeks after this week and will then be with a "Coach."  Now for some pictures from the last week or so...

My parents got "us" a rug but pretty sure it was for William.

Standing up with some help from Daddy.

Trying to get a decent pic while pushing Lexus (parent's boxer) out of the way.

First day of daycare.

Lost a sock but I love his booty in the air.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

13 on Thursday

  1. William slept late today.  However, I heard him moving and when I went to get him he had fallen back asleep.  I did NOT sleep late.
  2. I do not think sleeping late did us any favors.  He has been off schedule all day.
  3. I took him to the mall to get his foot measured and he is a 4.  I will let the sales lady slide with her comment about his chunky foot because she complimented on his Auburn colors.
  4. Rudy talked me into coming to have lunch with him.
  5. There was not enough time for me stop and get lunch after feeding William.
  6. William was very friendly to Rudy's co-workers but definitely surprised us with a nasty spit up full of mixed veges.
  7. I have most of the daycare stuff ready to go.
  8. Rudy is taking off work tomorrow.  We will take William to daycare together and then have a "date" day which will probably include some tears on my part.
  9. I am so annoyed with all the stores being bombarded with girl's clothes for the holidays and basically nothing for boys.
  10. I am exhausted today.
  11. William is getting his first teeth.  I finally got to see it today in the car.
  12. Not sure about this job thing.
  13. I miss Erin a lot and pray that she gets to move here someday soon!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Plan

Eeeeks!!!  Daycare and full time working Mommy will be happening in less than a week.  God help us!!!  I am trying to soak up every last minute with my man this week.  I wish he would nap with me but since I "sleep trained" him anywhere other than the crib is play time.  Rocking William is also very difficult; he rarely sits still.  One time last week he let me hold him like a baby and I was rubbing his cheeks and I guess it tickled because he started cracking up.  I was trying to calm him before a nap but after that I started laughing and continued tickling him.  I love these moments. 

We decided to let William have a "trial" day at daycare this Friday.  I am mainly doing this so I will be able to meet his teachers, give them his supplies, and not be concerned about being on time to work.  Rudy will be taking and picking him up the majority of the time so this is my only time to meet everyone.  I plan on taking my time and I hope the teachers will be kind enough to listen to me ramble about his schedule.  I have no clue if they will follow it but I plan on giving them one.  I am prepared for anything.  William may come home and nap and be up later than usual.  All of us will have to adjust to this change and I hope know we I will survive.  Please keep us in your thoughts next week.  :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Minute Friday


  I want to catch every smile, cry, laugh, and babble William makes.  I want to place these things in an envelope, put in my purse and carry them to work with me.  When I start working full time I will not catch every milestone; I will miss so much.  William will more than likely crawl for the first time and my eyes will not catch his sweet innocent body going for that toy across the room.  Once I start work I will be out of the loop and I hope some of William will be caught on camera.  It breaks my heart to leave him and I may not be able to handle it.  What if he catches a cold? 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

I just do not have much to report.  We have been hanging out around the house and just enjoying each other's company.  Bill leaves on Sunday bright and early and will be back in Boston around lunch.  William will MISS him riding in the backseat with him everywhere we go.  I went to my parents on Saturday to let Lexus out and he pitched fits there and back.  William definitely feels he should not be the only one stuck in the backseat. 

Speaking of William, he will be experiencing a BIG change very soon.  He starts daycare October 24 and I have very mixed feelings.  Some days I am completely fine with it and then sometimes I want to call and resign before starting.  He will be close to 9 months old and that makes me feel tons better.  William is a big boy but sort of lazy.  He can hold bottle, sit, etc. but prefers to be fed and roll around.  I just hope they respect his laziness and just because he is older does not assume he will feed himself a bottle.  I actually tried giving him a bottle of juice in the car and he just played with it.  I think daycare WILL teach him independence (he will not have a choice with other babies that have needs as well) and I feel this will be great for William.

I am very depressed about missing his 9 month checkup but I do not have many options.  The first 3 weeks I work until 5; I could re schedule it after I get my new schedule but that probably would not work either.  Our doctor prefers well visits to be schedule a couple of months ahead so I guess I am missing this one.  I will not miss the 1 year; I will take time off. :)  A little about my new job.  I applied for a job at Compass Bank literally a couple of days before our trip to Maine.  I got a call for an interview and they wanted to see me before my trip.  I then got a call for a 2nd interview while in Maine for the day after I arrived back in Birmingham.  I was offered the job the next day!!!  I will be working in Collections and it is not a "happy, happy, joy, joy" job.  My job is to call on customers in default on car loans, mortgages, etc.  I do not have much of a script so it is all me asking for money.  I KNOW I will complain about the job, possibly cry, but I know this is not forever it is just for now. 

On a happier note Halloween is around the corner and William will be a blue monster.  We got the costume at Old Navy while in Maine.  He will have been in daycare one week at that time and I have no clue what his schedule will be.  Right now he is in bed by 7 mainly because he gets super cranky and basically asks for his crib around 6:30.  I would not mind if he decided to stay up until 8 so I will get to spend some time with him after work.  All that randomness was said to explain why we will not be doing a lot of trick or treating.  We plan on taking a few pictures and maybe visit a neighbor for some candy.  Not to mention this a heavy costume and in the South it is likely to be warmish that evening. 

I guess that is it for now...I will leave y'all with this...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

8 Months

*Taking his picture this month was a bit like photographing a wild animal.

"Wow, has this always been part of the chair or am I just now noticing it after 8 months?"

"And Abuelo thought this would entertain me while I looked at the camera.  Ha, I'll show them."

"Really Mom, you are snapping pics of me with my pants tag sticking out."  "You are a real piece of work and putting the rattle in the side of the chair, trading you in."  

"You wanna see a little leg, do you?"

Eats and Size
  • 4 bottles-2-6 oz. and 2-8 oz./ Stage 2 fruit for bfast w/ oatmeal/ Stage 2 vege for lunch (sometimes a meat) and 4 tbsp. rice at night with last bottle. 
  • Anywhere from 9-12 month clothes. Size 3 Diaper
  • Went to the Dr. for flu shot and you weigh 20.2 lbs.
  • Airplanes
  • Visiting lots of new places
  • Stay in hotel and a bath in the sink
  • Meeting cousins
  • Riding on train in Boston
  • TMI but first diarrhea experience (two in a row and I called the nurse)
  • Flu shot
  • Walker-only goes backwards
  • I cut your thumb while trimming your nails :(  We were in Maine and everyone freaked out.  I did not get too upset mainly because you just whimpered and moved on.
  • Sitting- We put you in the pack n play with your toys and you do great.  However, you are still too wobbly to be on hard floor.
  • Set in restaurant highchair
  • Eating fruits out of mesh feeder
  • Pushing upper body all the way up for a second or so then falls face first  :(   (He does not hurt himself; goes down slowly but always plants face on ground and rubs around)
Other Info
  • Talks a lot-makes lots of sounds
  • Splashes in bath
  • No teeth yet
  • Sleeps on stomach now
  • Mommy got a full time job and you will start daycare Oct. 24
  • No more carrier; Daddy says you are too squirmy and seems uncomfortable
  • Abuelo accidentally poured coffee on you (it was cold and he was trying to throw the liquid out the window somehow it came back in ???)
  • Diaper leaks more than it should at night...looked at overnight diapers but can not find size 3

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catching Up

First time in a restaurant highchair. 

Played until the very end until we all lost our patience with the server.

We got to see Aunt Anna and our cousin, Lauren.

Took the Pack N Play on the porch for some sun bathing.

Eating out of the mesh feeder.  He loves it but it is very hard to get clean.

Finally sitting.  We are always close because he topples over easily.

Love this part on the pack n play.  It is for storage when you use it with a newborn but it also works great for Daddy's upper body. :)