Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Working and Daycare

Let me say that leaving by baby at daycare is near impossibe.  I had to hold back tears as I literally ran out of the building.  Today was my first time dropping William off by myself and it was hard.  I wanted to quit my job and take that boy home.  He is adjusting slowly but surely.  The only issue I am having is that they are not following my schedule.  I am not concerned with the feedings so much as the napping.  He is not napping soon enough after waking and is very overtired.  Poor baby is cranky all evening.  Needless to say I had a little chat with the director.  Let's hope this gets better so I will not quit my job before it truly starts. 

I think I could enjoy my job if I was not stressed about the daycare situation.  I am learning a lot about Collections and getting less nervous about calling customers.  I will be training 2 more weeks after this week and will then be with a "Coach."  Now for some pictures from the last week or so...

My parents got "us" a rug but pretty sure it was for William.

Standing up with some help from Daddy.

Trying to get a decent pic while pushing Lexus (parent's boxer) out of the way.

First day of daycare.

Lost a sock but I love his booty in the air.

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