Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hannah's 6 Month Checkup

  Her appointment went great except she hadn't napped well at school so she was exhausted.  By the time the doctor came in Hannah was done.
  She is above average in her stats just like big brother was at her age.  Somehow we make big babies but William definitely thinned out and I assume Hannah will do the same.
  The doctor agreed with me regarding her reflux meds- time to get off it.  We are weaning her this week and if there isn't a big mood change we will be done.  I was worried about her taking it so long but the doctor said it was fine.  
  She will stay on the added rice starch formula because she does have reflux and there is no need to switch.  Hannah is moving onto Stage 2 baby food but the doctor isn't worried about her eating a bunch at her age.  By 9 months she should be eating more solids and to be honest Hannah doesn't seem to miss it when we skip them.  This is definitely the opposite of the bud!  
  Her formula intake (30 oz/day) is perfect.   The doctor did ask me to speak with daycare about her nap routine because obviously they aren't trying hard enough to help her sleep.  
  Everything looks great and she's even a bit ahead of the game due to sitting all by herself! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half Birthday- Hannah

 • Hannah is in a size 2 diaper but we are moving to 3's.
•  She is in 6 month clothing but some pieces are getting too tight.
• No teeth but definitely working to get some!
• Red hair but has white blonde highlights.  Can sport a pony tail on top!

• Hannah has been rolling over for a while now and I should have noted that last month.  She even ends up on her tummy during the night.
• She can almost sit up all by herself.
• Sleeps anywhere from about 6:45 to 5 or so in the morning.  Tubes have helped tremendously plus I bought her a Zipadeezip which is a swaddle transitioner.  
•  Naps are still not consistent.  She naps in car seat a lot on weekends or in my arms.  After her check up next Friday we will be doing nap boot camp!  William went through the same thing.

• Hannah still has 30 oz. of formula per day but now takes it in 5- 6 oz bottles.  This is hard to do especially on weekends but we make it work.  
• She has a fruit or vege at school and most of the time a serving of oatmeal in the evening.  I'm asking her doctor about increasing her solid intake in order to keep her bottles 4 hours apart.  I think she's ready for more solid food; she lunges at our plates!
• Bananas are the only thing that gives her trouble- constipation.  So we are not doing those until she's older.  We still need to introduce carrots and prunes.  

• Hannah loves to play on her tummy or in exersaucer.  She doesn't like being in bouncy seat longer than to eat.  
• William and her Daddy are her favs.  I just take care of her 😁
• She is truly a happy baby until nap time.  Hannah is much more easy going then the bud unless she's tired then she wants to be held.