Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap


We were waiting on our little man to enter the world. One of my last preggo pics...


William could not wait any longer and came 10 days early...


We were still getting the hang of being parents.  Ceal and Maria flew down to meet William.


Not much going on...I was in the process of going back to Publix but it took forever. 


First professional pictures taken.  This is just us hanging out...


My 26th birthday.


Taking care of William without light...


Meme and Aunt Anna hang out with William, William's cousin, Mia, is born. 


Job interview at Compass, trip to Maine, Abuelo flies back behind and stays about 3 weeks, tackled sleep issues


I start working full and William starts daycare...


Tough month with ear infections, Thanksgiving at Meme's.



Sunday, December 25, 2011

William's First Christmas

William knew exactly what to do with his presents.  He would open one, play with it, and move on to the next.  He is at the curious stage and into everything.  He crawled over the gifts to get the tree, fireplace, bookshelf, etc.  I decided to take a few gifts (he got way too many) and will let him have one every few months.  A lot of the toys are for older babies so he will enjoy them more next year anyway. 

I have to admit I am glad the holidays are coming to a close.  I miss my brother more this time of year than any other time.  The memories of Christmas when we were kids are still so clear.  We were SPOILED rotten and we each had our own side of the tree.  We played all day and then would pack up and go to Meme's.  We would play in the car, argue, and play some more.  As much as William fills my heart a piece is still missing because I know longer can hear Christopher's voice, laugh, or get a high five.  He was not perfect but there is no reason to think about those things I choose to think of the happy Chirstopher. 

Now for some pictures of our MAN on his first Christmas...

All the gifts make the tree look tiny :)

Looking a mess...but reading Ruder's funny.

Loves this house and it is very educational. 

Yep he crawled through the door...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

13 on Thursday

  1. Made eggs, grits, and toast for breakfast this morning.  I took William to daycare then went to Wal Mart for a few things and I came home and cooked.  It was amazing.
  2. As much as I loved my breakfast I would prefer to be already working and not have a 11-8 shift.
  3. William has a long vacation ahead of him.  Rudy is off next week and daycare allows one vacation a year so William is taking his as well. 
  4. Excited to see William on Christmas morning.
  5. William is all over the place.  I do not want to think about him walking...
  6. Coming home to a brand new coffee table and end tables made for a happy Jennifer.
  7. I plan to start jogging in January.  I loved training for a 5k a couple of years ago.  I also need to get in shape for Disney World.  Honestly I can not remember when this body has been in a bikini.
  8. All I want for Christmas is a housekeeper twice a month.
  9. There are not many good books out right now.  Suggestions from anyone would helpful.
  10. I want to do a Christmas card for my memory because we totally did not send any this year.
  11. I think William has started to actually enjoy daycare.  Although he does not sleep well there; he loves playing with other babies.
  12. Will my baby ever be ok with the carseat?
  13. Still praying for a teaching position...

Monday, December 12, 2011


Love this he just got caught...

No more baby tub for me!

Daddy is braver than Mommy and feeds me "big boy" food when she is at work :)

Completely in love with this guy...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still trying to get all better...

I made an appointment for William on Thursday (my late shift day) because his cough was getting worse not better.  Honestly I made the appointment just for peace of mind because I knew he could not be sick, AGAIN!  On Wednesday night I was very thankful that I had made that appointment because William starting running a low fever.  Really?  He did not sleep great that night and was in my bed around 5:30 in the morning.  He wanted desperately to sleep but kept picking his head up and crying.  Ear infection immediately entered my mind but it can not be possible because he ended his 2nd round of antibiotics Tuesday.  We get to the doctor (same one that diagnosed William with the 2nd e.i.) and he listens to his lungs and checks ears.  He has a double ear infection and needs a chest x-ray.  What????  Dr. Morgan says next time its a shot a day for 3 days and an appointment with the ENT.  Poor guy.  William has to get down to the diaper for the x-ray and be held straight as a board.  He does pretty well during the x-ray but seeing him on the table actually made me thankful that he is not any sicker than what he is.  This is tough on me but I know there are sicker babies and parents going through more than me.  I call the nurse when I get to work and William also has bronchitis but the augmentin (sp. ?) should clear that up as well.  He stayed home with Rudy Thursday and my parents Friday.  The cough is still BAD but I think his ears are feeling better.  He slept better last night and I pray he gets completely well.  I know babies get sick but William has not had a break since end of October.  If anyone has any suggestions on keeping babies well that go to daycare please let me know!!! 

Just FYI:  William has been battling a cold, ear infections, and cough since the end of October.  He is still pretty happy and loves crawling.  It is not like he is has been miserable for 6 weeks but the ears clear and then a few days later he is sick again.  I think this happens because he can not kick the runny nose.  I just wanted to make a note (more for myself) that William is still a smiley baby (for the most part). 

Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Months

Geez what a month!!

  • Crawling EVERYWHERE
  • Still only the 2 teeth on the bottom.
  • First Thanksgiving at Meme's
  • Ear infection (2x)
  • Antibiotics (2x)
  • Feeds himself puffs but will open mouth for you
  • Experimenting with table food: green beans, eggs, etc.  (I feel like next month we will be doing a lot more table food and less purees)
  • Getting your two teeth brushed (infant orajel toothbrush kit)
  • Never sits still (clothing and diapering is tough)
  • Met Santa (and hated him)
  • Waving
  • Clapping (literally the first time was today)
  • Hitting head a few times (just so squirmy)
  • Getting told "no"
  • Not enjoying bath as much, but had a bath in the kitchen sink at Grammie's and loved it
  • Busted lip (crawling at Grammie's, went onto hardwood, sat up, then proceeded to fall on face, funny how he rarely falls when on carpet or rugs)

  • Size 3 diaper...moving to 4's at night
  • Mostly 12 mo. clothes...PJ's 12-18 mo. (a little big)
  • 4 oz. before daycare, 4 oz., 6, 8 at daycare, 6 at bedtime
  • 1 fruit, 2 veges, and rice (at daycare)
  • Bibs all of the time
  • Bed by 6:30 awake at 6 (we wake for daycare)
  • Naps at daycare are random but at home may sleep for around 1.5 hrs.

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    13 on Thursday

    1.  I work 11-8 every Thursday and I am blessed because when I was hired I was told 2 nights. 
    2.  3 hrs. mandatory overtime required on your late night.  Yes I will be working a 12 hr shift (probably 12/15) collecting money!  Eeks.  Again blessed because it is only 3 hrs. not every week.
    3.  Talked to Mom on the way home the past 2 nights.  Usually I just talk to Daddy and she is in the background adding words every now and then.  He is out of town so I call both of them.
    4.  William is getting better.  He is on antibiotics (again) and we started giving him vitamins in his morning bottle. 
    5.  I love the age William is right now (minus the up and coming attitude).
    6.  It is hard getting home close to 6 and trying to get everything done (laundry, cleaning, William stuff).  I need at least one more hour in the day.
    7.  I hope I get a teaching job in August.  I do not want to forget what I learned in school :(
    8.  Vacation was approved at work and we are flying to Orlando in July.
    9.  Disney World.  yes.  and of course HP WORLD!
    10.  Opened up online banking and saw my paycheck.  Feels good.
    11.  Hoping to get our Christmas tree this weekend.  Again no time, no time.
    12.  I LOVE my hubs.  He is not perfect but pretty close.  I walked in Tuesday night to a clean baby and dinner on the table (or TV tray in our case).
    13.  Christmas is this month.  Can not believe it.  William will be wearing Christmas stuff at least once a week, maybe more :)