Wednesday, December 2, 2015

22-23 Months Hannah

This crazy kid is almost 2!  She's into everything and doesn't let me out of her sight.  Hannah is trying to potty train and I really need to just dive in and be done with it. 
She's in 2T clothes, 7 shoes, 5 diapers. Hannah is around 27 lbs and is getting pickier with foods.  Luckily she loves baby food pouches so we get in veges that way. 
I don't plan to move her out of her crib until she jumps out.  She sleeps great in there even if it takes her a bit to fall asleep.  Her favorite place to be is outside and will pitch a big fit if she can't go.  
Her vocabulary has started increasing just in the last 2 weeks.  She says "watch" to see my phone.  Other words are: eat, cookie, snack, ice, close, move, no, yes, rock, car, baby and several more.  I love hearing her little voice plus it helps with the tantrums. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hannah-20-21 Months

Hannah is now in 24 months or 2T clothing and size 5 diapers.  She's in a 7 shoe which I feel is pretty big.

She has started talking a lot more and repeats several words.  Some that come to mind are: ice, please, cheese, night, bye, mama, dada, maw, Minnie, meme...

I am very happy with her progress with speech.  More big news is---no paci!!! Hannah had hand, foot, and mouth and refused to take it all weekend.  I just never gave it back and that was it.  We had a rough weekend but by Monday she was going down with no problems. The only thing that happened since she quit the paci was super early wakings.

She has started to climb our stairs very well but we aren't taking down gates anytime soon.  I also don't see a big girl bed in her future.  She loves the crib and has never tried to get out.  Hannah just scream very loudly when she wants out. 

I've also seen a lot of signs that she wants to use the potty.  I may end up training her before Disney but likely will be after we return.  

Nothing new to report with eating she still loves to eat.  Although a bit pickier she is no where near as bad as our bud.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hannah-19 Months

Hannah turned 19 months on 8/2.  

She's in 24 month clothing and size 4 diapers.  Hannah has big feet and is almost out of her sixes.  

She still loves to eat and would all day if we let her.  Hannah also started speech therapy this month and says:  uh oh, old, yes, eat, but still not mama/dada regularly.  

Hannah has done very well in her new school.  She still naps once a day for about an hour.   Bedtime is around 6:15.  

I just found out her tubes are out and her right ear is infected.  I'm hoping we don't have to get a second set this winter. 

Hannah is still a busy bee and keeps us on our toes.  She still climbs, jumps and runs way too fast. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

William-4.5 Years Old

He is the best!!!  Hannah thinks he hung the moon.  I do not know anyone with a more loving heart....

William's favs are golfing with Baba and Daddy, playing on my phone, taking showers "all by myself," his rain boots, and cooking.  

He can write his name pretty well, knows more letters than he lets on.  I think he does not like me "testing" his school 
skills.  This is a big year at school and I expect to see leaps and bounds!

William is still not a great eater.  He weighs about 38 lbs and is in size 5
shirts.  However, he can still wear 3T shorts.  Naps are still great and bedtime is around 8.   William is still an early riser and is awake no later than 615.  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

18 Month Checkup and More

Hannah had a great check up.  She's a big eater and is growing well (obviously).  The doctor was surprised by how well she eats as most kids get picky at this age.  

Her only concern was her speech or lack thereof...  
William had a few words by this point and he was still considered behind.  Hannah doesn't say much at all...she only uses mama when extremely frustrated.  The doctor had her hearing tested then refereed us to Early Intervention.  

Hannah passed her hearing test with no issue.  For early intervention she was 18-24 months in all areas but communication.  She will get speech therapy at school 2x a month for one 
hour.  This was the same therapy William received but he was 2 when it started.  So hopefully little miss will start talking our ears off soon.  

Also worth noting---
A week after this checkup she had a bug bite on her arm with a streak going down it.  I knew that possibly meant infection but honestly thought it was a bad bug bite that was trying to heal.  I was going to give it one more day then go to the doctor.  The daycare director was concerned and suggested I call the nurse ...who immediately had me bring Hannah in to be seen.  It was cellulitis which is a serious skin infection.  Luckily Hannah reacted quickly to antibiotics and began healing the same day!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

18 Months-Hannah


Hannah is a year and half!!! Say what?

She loves to eat and I mean everything in sight.  Hannah eats more than her four year old brother!!!

Hannah has a slight (insane) obsession with her paci and I dread when I take it away.  I hope to start at age 2.  She takes one nap after lunch and sleeps about 12 hours a night.  I still put her down around 6:20 and sometimes she fights it.  

She is in size 4 diapers and 18 month clothing.  I will probably buy 24 month pajamas when she needs new ones.  Hannah wears a size 6 shoe.  She has 16 teeth but all four eye teeth are only peeking through the gums.  

Hannah still scares us with her climbing and running at lightning speed.  She doesn't talk but babbles constantly.  Hannah loves to point and goes to fridge for a drink.  I will say she's super clingy to me and I hold her a lot.  Some days are better than others.  Hannah doesn't do this with Rudy... 

Hannah spent a night in a hotel last weekend and did great.  We had a pack n play brought up and she went right to bed.  It wasn't perfect as she was a bit restless but nothing crazy.  We are looking forward to the kid's first beach trip at the end of August and Disney in November.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

17 Months Hannah


 Hannah is doing great and keeping us busy!! She can now climb onto the couch, kitchen chairs, etc.  Once on these things she's gets all beside herself and falls off.  So we keep her on the floor as much as possible. 

  She is running after William, pitching big fits, eating pretty much any food, points instead of talks.  Hannah really doesn't say any words but understands everything.  She follows basic commands  and can point to the correct person when you ask her.  She knows where her belly, head, and shoes are.  

  Hannah moved up to the toddler room and that's been an adjustment.  She has never napped well and now on a cot it is almost impossible.   Other than that she does well at school.  She sleeps all night and still close to 12 hours.  
  Hannah is in size 4 diapers, 18 month clothes, 5-6 shoe, and has almost 13 teeth. She is still trying to cut the two eye teeth up top. 
It's hard to put into words her personality.  It is so different than the bud's.  She is very demanding and doesn't take no very well.  She has very little patience and hates to be kept still.  As much as she loves food she hates the hi chair.  Hannah is so girly and loves shoes and purses.  If she wants me to go somewhere she grabs my finger and leads me.  She very much has a jealous side and can't stand to see the bud loving on me. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

16 Months Hannah


  Hannah is Miss Personality to say the least.  She makes her wants known!!  She dances in the car, points at you and snickers.. Hannah never ceases to amaze us these days.

  She prefers to run and do every thing William does.  Climbing is a must because big brother does it.  Hannah is very smart and we cannot slide anything by her.  If Rudy and the bud head outside she goes for her shoes.  When there is trash she insists on taking it to the trash can.  

  Hannah is wearing a size 5-6 shoe and a 4 diaper.  She is in mostly 18 month clothing.  Not the worst eater but not the best either.  Hannah loves all the fruit with an occasionally a side of meat.  Most of the veges come from pouches.  

She sleeps a solid 12 hours at night sometimes more starting around 6:15.  Hannah is a pretty bad napper so her bedtime is super early.  She has all 4 molars, 4 across the top, and three on the bottom.  I'm hoping she starts napping longer once the top 2 eye teeth come on in.  

 Hannah is much more adventurous than the bud was at this age.  I blame it on the big brother.  She loves riding in power wheels which she fell out of today.  Hannah loved the zoo last week and fed the giraffe no issue.  

 She doesn't have any words besides the occasionally mama and dada.  William was the same way.  Hannah loves her paci, stuffed animals or dolls, and wipes. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hannah's 15 Month Check Up

She is very tall; opposite of her Mommy.  I always knew William would be taller than me but I'm almost positive Hanny will be as well.  
Average weight and a huge head!  The huge head is a Hester thing; big brains 😁.
In comparison to William they are about the same but since boys should be bigger the percentiles are different.  This makes sense because Hannah eats and William never did! 
The doctor was a bit concerned about her speech.  It was funny because she asked what she was saying and I said nothing.  She says mama and dada but that's it.  The doctor then asked, not uh oh or bye bye?  Did you skip vocabulary in school? Nothing!  She says nothing just like the bud.  
This time around I'm blaming genetics and not putting her through testing yet.  The girl runs and is meeting every other milestone she will not get approved for speech.  I feel like she will once she's two and is still behind because thats how it worked out for William.  They passed him by their choice for speech therapy.  Technically he didn't pass.  
Bottom line I'm not concerned, yet.  William talks our ears off now!

Friday, April 3, 2015

15 Months-Hannah

Hanny is 15 months old.  These were the best photos we could get with the sticker.

She just will not sit still ever even eating is a struggle!  Hannah is still much better with meals than William ever was (still is). Her favorites include chicken, muffins, and any fruit.  She rarely will touch veges so I give her pouches.
Hannah is in 18 months clothes and size 3 diapers but 4 at night.  I'm buying size 4 next time because they fit fine as well for day.
She loves stuffed animals and dolls.  She carries one around constantly and also sleeps with one.  Hannah is not the best napper but usually gives us 12 or more hours at night.  Bedtime is around 6 and at home I usually get 2 naps.  Daycare hates me and doesn't force 2 so she sleeps only about an hour there.  Hence the 6 bedtime!!!

And her brother.  At this point in her tiny life he's the love of her life.  She follows him everywhere.  Here he has the 15 month sticker and she ain't having it.  There is already some bickering but they truly love each other. 

Hannah is a dare devil and I say almost daily she'll be my kid with a broken bone.  She climbs, runs faster than any kid her age should, puts her entire face in the bath water, and more.  She isn't scared of anything except people! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

14 Months Hannah

Pictures are soooo difficult!  This one is cute but she has milk on her mouth.
She is wearing mostly 18 months clothes which are big but should last a while.  Hannah is still in a size 3 diaper and a 5 shoe.
Hannah has all four molars and the 4 teeth in the front.  I'm sure more are coming in but she bites!!!!
She has quite the attitude.  I am trying to get her to stand but she just wanted the chair.  Hannah isn't saying much other than "mama."   She points at grunts when she wants something.  
Hannah goes to bed around 6:30 and wakes by 6 if not earlier.  I thought she was dropping a nap down to one but definitely not.  She sleeps about an hour twice a day but usually only once at school.  

Not sure her weight but I have zero concerns with her diet.  She eats pretty much anything and still takes pouches for vegetables.  Hannah has milk a few times a day and a yogurt on the weekends.  

She keeps us busy!!  Hannah runs, climbs on everything, screams loudly when mad, and has the best laugh.  One thing to note is her love for baby dolls and stuffed animals. She carries one around all of the time and even takes one to bed. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Bud is 4

William had his 4 year check up last week and he is looking great! 

He hasn't gained much weight in the past year but he is still average so no concerns.  William did get 4 shots and we had prepared him so it really wasn't bad.  After 2 no tears he said I'm done now no more so after the last two he was upset.  

Less than 5 minutes and he was done crying looking for stickers.  The blue form doesn't expire until 2022 which is just crazy!!!  I can't believe we are at this point already; almost to Kindergarten.  Luckily I have over a year before I really freak out.  

William has the biggest heart (most of the time).  He worries about Hannah constantly and even wipes her nose.  He loves to buy things for others.  I hope he stays this way.  

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Birthdays at Meme's

We were stressed about the trip thinking Hannah would be fussy... Instead it was this guy...

He woke up super early and just wanted to get to Meme's as quickly as possible. 

We are so blessed to have family that loves our babies so much.  We had cake and pizza at Meme's then we did gifts.  

 I took her to get the pizzas hoping she napped and also hoping she would still nap on the way home.  I was wrong!!  William was great and she screamed.  

We had a great time.  The bud loves it there mainly because he gets to see Lauren! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hannah-13 Months

She just looks so big here!  Hannah got some new shoes-5 wide.  Her foot is chunky I guess because even the wide shoe is a pain to get on. 

Hannah is in 12 month clothes but needs 18 month PJs.  She is still in a size 3 diaper and probably will be a bit longer. I can not get a good count of teeth but she's got the 2 top and 2 bottom. She's got at least 2 molars coming in and possibly some side teeth up top.  

Hannah goes to bed around 6:15 and up no later than 6:30.  She's down to one nap and its a struggle to make it to noon.  When she's up she mostly happy unless tired or hungry.  She prefers to be in my arms so I'm on the floor most of the time to keep from holding her all day.  

She eats!  Hannah usually eats more than the bud!  Veges are a tough sell but thankful for pouches.  She definitely isn't attached to milk like William was at this age.  Her favs include: muffins, bananas, cheese, chicken tenders, and PBJ.  

Hannah will run away from you.  She knows when I'm trying to put her up and runs!  She waves, claps, shakes head no.  Hannah still climbs on everything.  She will grab her jacket or shoes and want them put on. 

As I've said before she's got quite the attitude and will let you know when something is bothering her.  I quickly learned she already needs discipline. Her least favorite thing is getting dressed after bath.  

She loved it but even being indoors the water was too cold for her.  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

All About Budsy

He truly loves Hannah.  William asks about her if she's in bed.  He lets me know if she has a runny nose or is doing something she shouldn't be.  He tells people that's his baby sister. 
William still eats on the counter.  He plays with bowls, cuts paper, helps Daddy cook every evening.  He pulls a chair over and stands there.  
William is getting so big but luckily can still pull off footie PJs.  
I bribed him for this picture! 
He is caring, tender hearted, loud, talkative, and pretty much the best little boy out there!
Pretty sure his Daddy is the fav!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hannah's 1 Year Checkup

Hannah is tall and skinny just like big brother (just like Daddy).  She is doing great and there is not much concern.  We are hoping she picks up a couple of words by the next checkup.
Of course she is above average on the walking/running area of development.
The doctor sees no reason to keep the bottle even if she spits milk out of the cups.  Hannah's weight is fine and they do not need as much milk at this age.

After the checkup...enjoying her fav: PBJ!