Sunday, August 2, 2015

18 Month Checkup and More

Hannah had a great check up.  She's a big eater and is growing well (obviously).  The doctor was surprised by how well she eats as most kids get picky at this age.  

Her only concern was her speech or lack thereof...  
William had a few words by this point and he was still considered behind.  Hannah doesn't say much at all...she only uses mama when extremely frustrated.  The doctor had her hearing tested then refereed us to Early Intervention.  

Hannah passed her hearing test with no issue.  For early intervention she was 18-24 months in all areas but communication.  She will get speech therapy at school 2x a month for one 
hour.  This was the same therapy William received but he was 2 when it started.  So hopefully little miss will start talking our ears off soon.  

Also worth noting---
A week after this checkup she had a bug bite on her arm with a streak going down it.  I knew that possibly meant infection but honestly thought it was a bad bug bite that was trying to heal.  I was going to give it one more day then go to the doctor.  The daycare director was concerned and suggested I call the nurse ...who immediately had me bring Hannah in to be seen.  It was cellulitis which is a serious skin infection.  Luckily Hannah reacted quickly to antibiotics and began healing the same day!!!

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