Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big Boy Bed

  We had been discussing moving William to a "big boy bed" for some time now.  He was having trouble going to bed and waking early which we thought was due to the long naps at daycare.  I spoke with daycare and he is now napping about 30 minutes less each day.  However, William decided that he was not taking a nap this past Sunday (thanks 5 minute nap in the car) and he was going to get out of his crib.
  Rudy came downstairs and said, "Oh, by the way I think the bud can climb of his crib."  I then ran up there and sure enough he was throwing his legs over.  Then we had to decide on a toddler bed or just go ahead with a twin.  We went with the twin mainly because William is tall for his age and we do not want to buy another bed in about a year.
  Overall, he is doing great in his new bed.  It is more difficult getting him down because we can not leave him  or he will scoot out.  Hopefully with time William will learn the new bed still means bedtime.  He loves playing in his bed after bath time and I think he sees it as "fun" more than a place to sleep.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


  William has 3 cousins on Rudy's side: Grace, Audrey, and Mia.  They only see each other about once a year (maybe longer) so pictures are a must.

Their first visit...

And today...about 16 months later...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting to Maine

  We woke up before 5AM on Friday to give us just enough time to get to the airport.  William woke up in a pretty good mood and after getting him dressed we were out of the door.  The roads were still icy and there were a lot of accidents.  I will say that if I lived in a climate where there was constantly ice on the roads I would need to be medicated.  I was extremely nervous and could not wait until the sun came out and melted it all.  Part of it is the dumb drivers that feel like 80 MPH on ice is the cool thing to do and thus making other people have panic attacks. 
  Anywho, back to the trip.  The line for security was riduiculously long so Rudy had to rush out of the car.  All I could do is quickly kiss my bud's face as Ru was taking him out of his seat.  I still remember the kiss and his hair moving across my face.  As I was leaving I teared up a bit and then calmed down (mainly because I needed complete focus for the roads).  Rudy kept me updated with texts when they landed or took off. 
  Rudy said William did very well for an almost an 2 year old but he definitely needs his own seat.  The next few pictures I stole from Rudy's mobile uploads which I will continue to do.  I already miss them and it has only been two nights.  Hopefully, once the work week starts it will go by super fast...

Happened 10 minutes before landing...

I will never know how Rudy fit our bud on this changing table...

Already getting new clothes...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My New Job

  I have been a Collections Rep. for about 15 months now and have actually enjoyed it for the most part.  I have gained a great deal of real estate experience as well as made some good friends.  The best part of my job is when someone that truly needs assistance gets it and is current on their loan.  The worst part of my job is when people are incredibly rude to me and play the blame game.  I have been working very hard in my currrent role in hopes of making a career change within the company. 
  After trying to get a new position for several months I decided it was best not only for me but for my family to apply at other companies.  I applied for a Home Preservation Specialist over the holidays and within a couple of days I was extended an offer.  I had a phone interview, and after my face to face interview I received an offer through email.  The position is exactly what I want to do:  help people stay in their homes.  Like I said, I do not hate my job as a Collector but I know I can do more for the customer. 
  One of the biggest perks besides all of the incentives is I work 7-4 Monday-Friday!  Bam!  I am absolutely floored with this blessing.  I will be home with my friend in time to possibly cook a meal.  We will not be rushed in the evening and I can avoid some of Birmingham traffic (morning and evening).  I start in a couple of weeks and I did have to cancel my Maine trip.  In order to give an appropriate notice at my current company I had to work.  I have worked too hard to leave without a proper notice and I will start my new role without guilt. 
  I am already nervous about starting over but I know I will do well.  As long as the training program is up to par I will be a pro in no time.  I will also miss my friends I work with each and every day.  Every one of them has made an impact on my life and has taught me something I will never forget.  Hopefully the update on my career change will be a positive one; be on the look out! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

First Tummy Virus for the Bud

This is how it went down...

  Budsy has had a tough week with going to bed too late and waking up extremely early.  We were getting frustrated, tired, and brainstorming what had changed.  On Wednesday night he threw up and we figured it was because he was being so restless in his crib.  Well, he did okay Thursday but was still having issues going to bed and woke up this AM around 5:30.  Eeks!!
  He also woke up screaming which is not normal at all and it took awhile for him to calm down.  Finally William started watching Mickey and began acting normal once again.  Not long after leaving Rudy calls me and said (nonchalantly) that he threw up.  Later on in the evening Rudy said it was a lot and he probably should not have gone to school.  Awesome!
  Rudy picked him up and needed sick supplies but with a vomiting bud I suggested he let me go after work.  Nah, he went and notice the pic of our friend...he puked all over my car less then 5 minutes after this...womp, womp.  Live and learn!  William vomited a couple of more times and Rudy handled it like a pro.  I missed every episode and I'm thankful because it would have broke my heart.  He seems to be better but not 100% bud yet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

William vs. Cereal

Well...I gave my bud fruit loops for dinner and he was content eating like a normal person until...

He moved the fruit loops to the plate and ate them with his hands. Of course they were mushy at that point but he loved it. And the bagel you see he only touched long enough to move out of his way.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

23 Months

Hopefully his 2 year old picture in the chair will be perfection because this past year has been pretty comical.
  Let me begin by saying what all moms say, "Are you almost a 2 year old?"  I just looked at the date and thought to myself, he is 23 months old in 2 days, what?  As of right now he is refusing to sleep, William is a great sleeper and I do not know what his deal is this evening.  I usually begin these monthly updates a week or so before so I can remember everything.  Well, not the case being that today is the 3rd. 
  I better enjoy these next two monthly updates because I will no longer being doing monthly posts after 2.  Of course, there will be updates on our Bud but not planned each month.  This is where we are at 23 months old:

  • Lots of teeth-I did see another molar coming in the other day.  I believe there are 6 across the top and bottom.
  • 24 months or 2T clothes and Size 5 diaper day and night (could fit in 4 still; jumped the gun on that one)
  • Between 27 and 29 lbs. which has not really changed in months.
  • Size 7 shoe
  • Beautiful, straight blonde hair and big, blue eyes
  • Bedtime around 8pm and awake around 7pm.  Naps between 1 and 2 hours.  William naps longer at daycare or so his sheet tells us every day.  He also eats better there, ugh!! 
  • Speaking of eats our man ate his first McDonald's happy meal cheeseburger style.  He loved it!  Judge, judge because I am fine with him eating that on occassion.  Do you see his weight?  He loves fruits and veges; the boy needs a cheeseburger.  Not to mention his Mommy and Daddy love some fast food so of course our bud is jumping on that wagon.  My saying is, "moderation."  William also enjoys a nice bowl of soup, peaches, bananas, muffins, peas and carrots.  He has even started eating toast. 
  • Uses utensils better than me.  Started dumping food out when done--me screaming--why??
  • Picked up a few new words and I am not looking back to see if he has said them before so we have-"cheese," "eat" (only when prompted), "Elmo," "no" (not consistent), and maybe another one on occassion but not enough for me to note.  William has no issue with hearing us because he grunts but when we say what he wants he nods.  For example, he likes his food in bowls so he points at his food and cabinet because he needs a bowl.  We will ask, "Do you need a bowl?" He nods.  Anywho, we try and try.  William will speak when he wants to and I feel as long as he picks up new words we are on the right track.
  • Getting closer to potty training.  He knows what is done on the toilet, points to his diaper when he goes and lays on changing pad.  I can say, "Go lay on your monkey (on his pad)" and he will prance over (most of the time) and lay down for a change. 
  • Not a fan of the carseat and I pray our next kid will be.  Both of my dogs hated the car; is that sign that all my kids will?  Ha.  We do not use the stroller much anymore.  William is a good walker but not a hand holder (fits are thrown). 
  • He pokes you with his little finger, you turn around, and he looks like he just stole a cookie.  The expression is priceless.  William has now starting closing his mouth for kisses, loves a good morning hug, and will share food that he tasted but does not care for. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Changes in My Diet

  Let me start by saying I know I am a petite lady (woman, girl, whatevs) but I actually have to try to stay "small."  I am only 5'3 (with shoes) so even a pound shows and the one person who is kind enough to tell me:  Daddy.  Of course it is in the nicest possible way, "Those pants getting a little tight, huh?"  If you know my dad then he says it in the funniest way.  It makes me take a look at what I have been eating and weigh myself (first thing in the AM, very naked, and just peed).  I then hold back on the ole vending machine trips at work even when I am about to slap an idiot.
  However, once I get back to my "eat" weight I indulge in the vending machine snacks and the idiot does not get that slap.  I say, "heck yes" to the 5 dollar meal deal that the hubs would die for until I creep by my mirror (in all my nakedness) and my belly actually talks to me.  Really it is just bloated from the crap I eat: fast food, 100 cal snacks (not just one), lots of bagels and cereal.  But I walk at a seriously fast speed and my bud's only switch is ON.  I have decided the bod needs more protein and less sugary, processed, food that does not mold when dropped on the floor.  Yes, the cheeze-it my bud dropped like a month ago looks the same. 
  I will say my motto is, "moderation."  I understand life happens and you have to eat something that is "bad."  As of right now I am cutting out breads, cereals, and snacks like cheese crackers and oreos.  I have done sugar free fat free pudding instead (I crave sweets after meals).  Overall, I know I will not always have a high metabolism or I will stop weighing as often and I will gain weight.  So I am trying to start healthy habits that I hope will stick forever. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

  You see my hair is down!! I did get the straightening treatment and I see a difference but not enough to pay over 100 bucks again.
  I bought the sweater on sale at Macy's New Year's Day, jeans from Old Navy, boots are Target, and the earrings I have no clue. I prefer brown leggings but couldn't find any and the Bud was getting ready for dinner.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In a Box and A Meal Idea

William decided to sit in a bag my mother gave me.  It would be useful for groceries because it has flat, hard bottom but William feels differently.

I have been fighting William over meals for a while now.  I am over giving him the Gerber toddler meals because he only eats the ravioli ones and that is gross every day.  Soup seemed like a great idea because he gets veges but I was nervous about the broth.  So...

I heat up a can of soup (usually with noodles) and I drain it.  Then...

I pour in a PLASTIC bowl and pour some of the broth over it to keep it from tasting dry. 

**We would love William to eat what we do but with Rudy's late hours it does not happen.  We eat late and William is hungry after school so this works for us.  Not to mention we love spicy food and he can not have that.  I keep saying its a phase and he will be less picky one day as long as we keep putting healthy choices in front of him.