Thursday, January 30, 2014

1 Month-Hannah

  Wasn't I just writing William 1 month post?  

  This month has been absolutely crazy for little miss!  She has gone through several formulas, had an Upper GI test, and placed on Zantac for reflux. 
  Finally after changing to Gentlease due to fussiness and constipation she seems a lot happier!  We still do Zantac but the formula with rice was too much and I hate the doctor ever put Hannah on it. 
  Things to remember:

  Should be at or close to 9 pounds now.
  Newborn clothes are too short and 0-3 months too big around tummy.
  Tried size 1 diapers and had to buy more newborn diapers.  Looks like we are back to size 1 even though they are big.  Can I get newborn and a 1/2? 
  Eats between 3 and 4 oz. every 3-4 hours. 
  Red hair and blue eyes! Daddy much?
  Bath time usually goes well until I take her out then all hell breaks loose. 
  Takes a pacifier and finally found one other than soothie.  It's the same brand name just not as dangerous (check the news).  As of today she also takes the Mam!  
  Sleeps in car seat when we go out which is very rare.  The weather has to get better before we venture out more.
  Goes to bed anywhere between 9 and 10 and usually eats 2x.  One of the feedings is around the time Rudy gets up for work.  I'm really hoping she starts sleeping as close to our wake time as possible for when I go to work.  Sleeps in pack n play by my bed. 
  I swaddle her at night but hold her during naps.  Don't judge I go to work in 2 weeks and I had the bud at home for 8 months! Occasionally I put her in the swing once she falls asleep.
  Holds head up a lot more than William did at this age and puts weight on legs when mad.  
  Likes to lay on changing pad and look around during wake times.  
  William loves her!! He helps as much as I will let him.  He will ask to hold her then not want to.  Rubs her head and back.  Tells me if she spits up...
  Only gets jealous during feedings when he can't get right in her face. At that time he wants to sit as close to me as possible.  Rudy has been great with William during this adjustment.  They do lots of things together! 

  Looking forward to Carmen flying in Thursday.  The bud's birthday is the 5th and he will be 3, what??? Hannah is getting her 2 month check up early since she starts daycare.  She will get her shots at that time as well... tears!  I start work on the 18th... lots of tears! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2 Weeks with Hannah

  Hannah had a good checkup today!  She is average for weight and head.  However, in the 90 % for length just like big brother was at this age.  I don't see her staying in that percentile because her Mom is on the short side.  
  I was still concerned about her reflux because I haven't seen a lot of improvement with the formula change.  The doctor ordered an upper GI test for tomorrow and then she will make a decision on what is next.  Honestly, I think she needs a little Zantac or another reflux medicine and we could all move on.  I appreciate the doctor covering all the bases though.  

  This is from William's 2 week post---William now weighs 7.14 oz which is 1 pound over his birth weight!  He is 22 inches long which is a big leap from 19.5 inches!  Hannah was 7.7 lbs. and 20 inches long when she was born.  William did a little more growing than sister.  Hopefully she will get some relief from the reflux and start putting on the pounds.  

Fresh from a bath at 2 weeks old!  I think we have another paci lover but she's into the soothie.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hannah's First Week

  We were discharged Saturday from the hospital and came home as a family of four.  William has been great with sissy.  He "pets" her and kisses her hair.  Hannah came home nursing and on a supplementation formula.  She was doing ok with this but was always acting hungry even with formula.  
  She eventually started spitting up pretty bad and we could not soothe her.  On Wednesday I began to think it was reflux so I put her on sensitive formula.  
  Things did not really improve she would spit up after nursing, formula or pumped milk.  I say spit up but this seemed like the whole feeding coming up.  It also was coming out her nose.  So I called the nurse.
  The doctor wanted to see her on Friday morning...
  She was diagnosed with reflux and put on Enfamil AR.  I asked about Zantac but the doctor wants to try other methods first.  Hannah is doing so much better!  Her feedings are consistent (about 3-4 hours) and she sleeps well. 
  She is held a lot for naps but occasionally will be in the swing.  I swaddle her at night and she sleeps in the pack n play by our bed.  I'm not beating myself up about holding her because I go back to work next month.  I'm getting in all the cuddles I can!  
  Hoping to get posts up on how we are juggling 2 kids, and her 2 week checkup by the end of next week... 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hannah's Birth Story

  I went on Wednesday night to get things started.  However, since they didn't have a room when I got there I only got 2 doses of the meds to thin my cervix instead of the usual 3.  This I'm sure prolonged my dilation progress on Thursday.  
  The pitocin was started on Thursday and my doctor broke my water.  She immediately ordered the epidural so I thought for sure I would dilate fast (at 2 at this point).  Progress was slow all day until finally they had me sit up in bed.  
  This let gravity take over.  If I had known this I would have done it a lot earlier in the day.  They checked me again and I was around 7 so my parents went to get William from school.  I was thinking she would get here by 8 but soon after I was checked I felt intense pressure.
  The nurse came in because Hannah's heart rate dropped so I told her about the pressure.  She checked again and I was a 9!  My doctor stayed late to deliver her and I began pushing around 5:15 and she arrived at 5:46!  
  No details other than I used the mirror this time and I am so glad I did!  What a miracle birth is to see in person especially my own daughter!  However, Rudy did not take a peek at all.  
  Everything was great except they were short staffed so it took a while for them to give me Hannah.  Since the epidural was still in me I could not move; that part sucked!  It also took a lot longer for the epidural to completely go away than with the the Bud.  
  So there you have it.  I will continue with getting home, first few days and more when Hannah allows it.  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

And Hannah is Here

  She made her appearance after about 12 hours of labor and less than 30 minutes of pushing on Thursday.  She was born at 5:46 PM weighing 7.7 pounds and 20 inches long.  We are home and adjusting to life with a newborn again. More on the delivery and hospital stay soon...hopefully.