Thursday, January 30, 2014

1 Month-Hannah

  Wasn't I just writing William 1 month post?  

  This month has been absolutely crazy for little miss!  She has gone through several formulas, had an Upper GI test, and placed on Zantac for reflux. 
  Finally after changing to Gentlease due to fussiness and constipation she seems a lot happier!  We still do Zantac but the formula with rice was too much and I hate the doctor ever put Hannah on it. 
  Things to remember:

  Should be at or close to 9 pounds now.
  Newborn clothes are too short and 0-3 months too big around tummy.
  Tried size 1 diapers and had to buy more newborn diapers.  Looks like we are back to size 1 even though they are big.  Can I get newborn and a 1/2? 
  Eats between 3 and 4 oz. every 3-4 hours. 
  Red hair and blue eyes! Daddy much?
  Bath time usually goes well until I take her out then all hell breaks loose. 
  Takes a pacifier and finally found one other than soothie.  It's the same brand name just not as dangerous (check the news).  As of today she also takes the Mam!  
  Sleeps in car seat when we go out which is very rare.  The weather has to get better before we venture out more.
  Goes to bed anywhere between 9 and 10 and usually eats 2x.  One of the feedings is around the time Rudy gets up for work.  I'm really hoping she starts sleeping as close to our wake time as possible for when I go to work.  Sleeps in pack n play by my bed. 
  I swaddle her at night but hold her during naps.  Don't judge I go to work in 2 weeks and I had the bud at home for 8 months! Occasionally I put her in the swing once she falls asleep.
  Holds head up a lot more than William did at this age and puts weight on legs when mad.  
  Likes to lay on changing pad and look around during wake times.  
  William loves her!! He helps as much as I will let him.  He will ask to hold her then not want to.  Rubs her head and back.  Tells me if she spits up...
  Only gets jealous during feedings when he can't get right in her face. At that time he wants to sit as close to me as possible.  Rudy has been great with William during this adjustment.  They do lots of things together! 

  Looking forward to Carmen flying in Thursday.  The bud's birthday is the 5th and he will be 3, what??? Hannah is getting her 2 month check up early since she starts daycare.  She will get her shots at that time as well... tears!  I start work on the 18th... lots of tears! 

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