Thursday, January 16, 2014

2 Weeks with Hannah

  Hannah had a good checkup today!  She is average for weight and head.  However, in the 90 % for length just like big brother was at this age.  I don't see her staying in that percentile because her Mom is on the short side.  
  I was still concerned about her reflux because I haven't seen a lot of improvement with the formula change.  The doctor ordered an upper GI test for tomorrow and then she will make a decision on what is next.  Honestly, I think she needs a little Zantac or another reflux medicine and we could all move on.  I appreciate the doctor covering all the bases though.  

  This is from William's 2 week post---William now weighs 7.14 oz which is 1 pound over his birth weight!  He is 22 inches long which is a big leap from 19.5 inches!  Hannah was 7.7 lbs. and 20 inches long when she was born.  William did a little more growing than sister.  Hopefully she will get some relief from the reflux and start putting on the pounds.  

Fresh from a bath at 2 weeks old!  I think we have another paci lover but she's into the soothie.  

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