Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I Hope I Can Breastfeed Next Time

  Let me start on why it did not work out with William.  I may have posted about it when he was born but I do not remember.  Throughout my pregnancy I planned on breastfeeding and thought it would be easy-peasy.  I read about it but never took a class or reached out to someone that had been successful at breastfeeding.  I also did not buy a pump because 1) I wanted to make sure I was able to breastfeed and 2) I figured I would not even need one for awhile.  I was very wrong. 
  I should have invested in a nice pump and took it the hospital.  The hospital where I delivered were pro breast but not very pro assist the brand new Mommy.  I will never forget my fight for help in the hospital.  The nurses had no issue telling me to feed every 2 hours but had a lot of issue helping me every 2 hours.  I set my alarm and tried to wake up a very sleepy newborn to feed him.  He wanted nothing to do with eating and everything to do with sleeping.  I remember holding him and waiting for almost an hour for a nurse to help with the latch. 
  The only good feeding session was when a young lactation consultant came in and stayed the whole time.  I never saw her again after that feeding.  Again, I got a lot of "he is very jaundice and is losing weight quickly" but never any support.  They poured sugar water on me, formula on me, but nothing helped.  I was soooo discouraged by the time I went home.  Honestly, the time we left the hospital and the time he started formula is a blur.  I do not know if it was 24 hours or less or more.  He cried all night our first night home and had lost more weight when we saw the Dr. in the morning.  I do recall the doctor suggesting to nurse William then offer formula.  William had not urinated all day and when I called the office they said, "ER."  This was my last straw he started formula and I suffered through the pain of milk coming in.  Looking back maybe my milk was slow coming in and thats why it was so difficult.  Who knows what happened. 
  I will also say my parents were not very supportive.  They did not really see a point in breastfeeding when you have formula at your finger tips.  It was just hard.  I still think about it to this day.  What if I had taken a class?  What if I had bought a good pump and pumped until he got a good latch?  What if I had someone sitting beside me the whole time cheering me on?  These questions do not matter now.  William is very healthy and very happy.  Formula did not hurt him in anyway but I had wanted to breastfeed him.  I wanted that bond.  Next time I will take a class.  Next time I will invest in a pump and next time I will ask questions. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Weekend

  The weekend was pretty uneventful compared to our last one.  Rudy worked on Saturday so I did a little Christmas shopping with my parents.  My mom was kind enough to buy me (us) a new comforter set for Christmas.  I have been wanting to get something lighter because the brown makes our room seem so dark.
  After that I decided to get William a haircut since my mom's back is giving her trouble right now.  His hair was out of control and we could not wait on her to feel better.  She completely understood and even complimented it when she saw him on Sunday.  We ended up at the Galleria on Sunday because one of my 4 ear piercings no longer allows an earring to go in.  It happens to be my first (ear) hole because if it was the second one I would not even worry about it.  I can not imagine never being able to wear earrings again so my plan was to get it re pierced.  Well, you have to your ID (duh) and I left my entire wallet at home since I had the hubs with me.  That was a no go but my mother decided William was old enough for a Build a Bear.
  He loved it but our the customer service was definitely less than par.  The lady did not try to sell any additional items or upgrades and just seemed bored.  It made me sad because my mother really enjoys doing these things with William.  What I was thinking was this woman works at Build a Bear she needs to love kids more than life itself.  Have you seen this store when there is a birthday party?  We will definitely go back and lets hope we get someone with more enthusiam. 




Sunday, November 25, 2012

William Bakes Muffins

  William loves muffins for breakfast!  We buy the mini ones that come in a pack of 4 and he is obsessed.  Well, Rudy decided he needed chocolate chip muffins which kinda made me mad.  I am well aware that muffins are not the healthiest choice for our bud but CHOCOLATE CHIP ones!  Anywho, the only ones left right now are the "bad" ones and I really do not want him eating chocolate anything for breakfast. 
  William was extra cranky all morning and I honestly think its because he is used to his muffins.  Since I gave him oatmeal and toast he was getting back at me.  We ended up going to WM, spending over 70 bucks (all I needed was Splenda and Clorox wipes), but I decided to buy muffin mix.  Muffin mix is better than packaged muffins, right?  Probably not but that is not my point.  It is cheaper and a fun way to spend some time with my bud (baking opportunity).  When we got home I asked William to help me bake muffins and he was excited.  He went to the table and waited patiently.  He poured the mix and milk into the bowl then began to stir.  William preferred I stir and he lick the spoon.  All in all he did great and I know as he gets older baking will be more fun.  YES, I can bake with my son and he is still all boy.  I see it as a learning experience: measuring, pouring, temp on oven, time, etc. and all children need to learn. 



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful on Thanksgiving

  We go to Meme's on Thanksgiving every year and I am a horrible blogger who did not take pictures.  I do not see my family enough to worry about snapping pictures the entire time.  We were visiting, cooking, and chasing after the Bud.  William did great the entire time we were there even without his usual nap.  He rode on the golf cart, played outside, and entertained his family he rarely sees.  William did not eat much Thanksgiving food but sat in Grammie's lap without causing too much chaos.  On a random note...
  I am happy to say I got a little time with my cousin's IPhone.  My dad is getting me one for Christmas but I am lucky because he is letting me have it on December 1st.  We upgrade on the 1st and my dad is not going to make us suffer all month.  I was actually concerned I would not like the "high tech" IPhone but I loved it.  It will be easy to figure out and I will be able to take a lot more pictures.  Here are the only pictures taken today...

I NEVER dress up EVER so when I do I have Rudy take a pic.  Honestly, to some this is not dressed up but it was not a work day and you get this.  I have makeup on (WHAT?) and boots not sperry's or wallabees!
Sweater from Target (fav place), shirt, jeans from Ann Taylor Loft, and boots from AU days...

Of couse, this guy eating a snack on the way up!



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spoons and Slippers

William has become a "pro" at using a spoon and he prefers the real deal.  He does not like his spoons and forks (you know the safe ones) but wants the silver we use.  William knows where to get the spoons from and when its time to eat he gets one out.  If we are lucky we will hand him one of his before he gets to the drawer.  Yes, he is tall enough to stick that little hand in the drawer for his spoon.  Now he absolutely refuses help and will cry crocodile tears if you even come near his spoon.  However, if he loses his patience and really wants those last few bites he hands us the spoon.  I will admit its getting easier in some ways because now I can cook dinner.  It feels like yesterday when I poured his first bowl of rice cereal and was a nervous wreck.  Funny how fast time goes by with little ones. 

That is a serious eating face!

We decided to take yet another trip to the outlet mall in Leeds.  We had some coupons for Carter's and was hoping for a Thanksgiving shirt for the bud.  Not one store had Thanksgiving clothes but were willing to sell me Christmas shirts (really?).  Anywho, we did buy William some slippers which are a little big but he grows right?  Ha. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday "Funday"

  After Wal-Mart we decided to take William to the waterfalls in Helena.  He took such a good nap (on me) yesterday after the park we thought we should take him again.  William loves the park and walks around until you literally put him in the carseat.  The slides at this park were super fast and after William went down the first one he no longer went down alone. 
  We also enjoyed some time on the seesaw until I lost balance I fell flat on my back.  I had William (like an idiot) but the only thing that happened to him was a scare.  Rudy said you held him like a football player holding a football.  Basically I let myself get hurt but would not let the bud hit the ground at all.  My head hit very hard, my chin is scratched, I bit the inside of my cheek, my jaw hurts, and I have ear pain.  Is that ridiculous or what?  All in all it was fun and now the bud is sleeping like a champ (in his crib).

Throwing rocks into the creek.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This guy makes me thankful in so many ways.  I am thankful for his health and my health so I can be there for him.  William makes me thankful for my job so he can eat those muffins he is holding.  I am thankful God chose us to be his parents. 

I am thankful he can pose for a picture.  Seriously check out that hand in the pocket just a little.  He is such a little man. 

What I Wore Tuesday--I Dressed Up

So...I work in a call center and the dress code is very relaxed. Some people take "relaxed" a bit too far and their outfit is only suitable for the house. Seriously, faded sweat pants and a cat shirt is not appropriate for public wear even in a call center. I was actually happy I had the hubs take my picture because I should really my fix the hair. However, if I am going to wear my hair down I must Chi it and my hair is ridiculously thick so its takes forever.

I am wearing an Old Navy dress from last year (I only wore it once) and the boots are ankle high from Target.  I will also say if I plan to continue doing these posts I must stand differently.  Ha.  Do you notice how the dress looks "tucked in" at my waist?  Well, I blame that on my pedometer (look close) and that you will have to deal with.  Its a program I particpate in through work: your earn money for walking.  I earned 250 last year and just started over with much higher goals. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog Issues

To anyone who enjoys reading about our world on this blog I am letting you know I am having issues.  It seems that I may have to pay for more photo storage and this annoys me.  I am looking into this and will try to get back to posting ASAP.  Please leave any comments that may help me find a solution quicker. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Organizing

Next up is some of the cabinets in the kitchen and microwave area.  William gets sick pretty easily and if you read my blog you know he has an allergy to dogs.  His allergist made us try almost every OTC allergy med made before finally giving us a presciption.  So the first cabinet became known as "William's junk cabinet" which really started annoying me.  This is a kitchen not a pharmacy so I went through all the meds and got rid of a lot.  I hate throwing away money but since he is on a prescription why keep the OTC stuff?
I went through everything and put meds to keep in a big Ziploc and put under his bathroom sink (which is safety locked).  We have leftover ear and eye drops which are like gold.  William has had pink eye 2x and now with drops on hand we do not have to see a doctor.  I could open up a pharmacy with all the creams I bought for William since he was born.  Finally, we got a prescription for ezcema as well. 

This is the after.  I moved some kitchen appliances to the top and middle shelves.  I did have to leave a few meds we use enough to keep around.  I put liquid vitamins in William's drinks as well as probiotics.  Last time he was sick with an ear infection, pink eye, and a cold I started him on probiotics.  I feel like they are helping and I did research opinions.  Probiotics keep the "gut" cleaned out and also put "good" bacteria in the system.  They are expensive but less than a co pay at the doctor. 

No before pic because I did not plan on organizing this cabinet.  I ended moving a few appliances over to the cabinet in the above pic and just organized the other things.

I finally got rid of the drying rack I used for bottles the sippy cups (was on fridge in below pic).  William is very tall and was pulling the whole rack down.  So now I made room for his cups (above pic) in the dishes cabinet.  And now the microwave area looks a lot better.  I did not take a before pic because it was just embarrassing.  I was using the top of the microwave for random papers, coupons, etc.  If you are wondering about the mini fridge we use it for drinks.  I drink a lot of soda and there is not room in the reg fridge for my cases. Ha. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Time to Get Organized

  It is inevitable: you will accumulate clutter after buying a home.  It also very likely you will have no idea where it comes from.  We moved from a 2 bedroom apartment on our own (with the help of Ru's friend) into a 3 bedroom home (upstairs) and if we had to move we would have to hire movers.  I get more and more frustrated with the mess that is our cabinets.  I had vacation that had to be used so I took the day off and have spent the better part of it cleaning.  We will start with the Master bath because otherwise it is picture overload.

I keep all of my face "stuff" on the counter or in the drawer and it is a mess.  The only reason the trash is on the counter is because our little friend gets into it (yuck)!   

This just needed to be sorted and organized.

Rudy's side (before).  I decided to stick him with the meds and things like that.

My side is still clutterd but my goal is to pull the bag out for makeup and put back.  Also my face wash, lotions, etc. will no longer be on the counter.  The bottom two drawers have Rudy's razor kit (he is too cheap to get his hair done plus they always mess it up), wash cloths, hair dryer and straightner.

Ru is stuck with the items that do not fit on my side-medical necessities, toothpaste, etc.

I added a container in front with small items like nail polish, and samples. 

Can I keep it this way?

**Check back soon for more organizing-I am working on the kitchen, pantry and eventually I will be completely organized.  Then I will have start over, ha!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

13 on Thursday (Thankful Edition)

1.  I am thankful that my Dad's 6 month heart check up went well.  His good cholesterol is up which is what the new meds were supposed to accomplish.  Yay.  His ultrasound on his heart looked good as well. 
2.  Thankful for the possibility of refinancing our home.  We could save about 200/ month!
3.  Heat.  My only concern is William and because of that I am constantly checking the temp in his room.  Our heat runs now way more than before he was born.  Maybe once he learns to actually cover up with a blanket and not just hold it we can adjust the temp.
4.  Parents that are so giving around the holidays.
5.  Thankful to talk to my Dad every morning on the way to work.  This is where I secretly get smarter because I ask him questions I would be embarrassed to ask anyone else.  Ha.
6.  Thankful that co-workers have turned into friends. 
7.  I am thankful we both have cars.
8.  Our bills are paid on time (sometimes I forget) and for that I am thankful.
9.  Thankful for my family in Muscle Shoals and Ru's in Maine.  I do wish his family was closer!
10.  Thankful to able write out my thoughts on this blog and post for anyone to see.
11.  I am blessed to have a husband that cooks dinner on his lunch break. 
12.  Thankful that I was able to walk for Christopher last weekend.  It made me really start to think about him again.  I was also sad when I looked at the pictures because I am forgetting details of his looks.  I need to look at pictures of him all the time!!
13.  Thankful that I have a husband that can make William laugh so loud.  He balled him up in a blanket (yes his head was out, geez) and ran around the house.  William coud not stop laughing and then once he put him on the floor he kept putting the blanket around him so Daddy would do it again.  Those moments are precious!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

21 Months

Could these monthly pictures get any harder to take?

  • 24 Months/ 2T clothes.  This is the problem-pants are too big in the waist and after one or two washes it seems like William needs 3T in shirts.  Very tall, very skinny (little) man I am blessed to call my son.
  • Size 6 shoes still fit but the new Sperry's my Dad bought him are a 7.
  • Size 4 Diapers and 5 at night.
  • 16 Teeth because those 4 eye teeth are basically all the way through.  Count down to being over teething is on!
  • Bedtime is around 8 (closer to 9) and wake up is around 7 (a little earlier because of time change).  Naps at daycare range between 1-2 hours but at home we are lucky to get an hour.
  • Muffins or bananas for breakfast (sometimes I can persuade him to eat oatmeal).  Lunch at school during the week but at home usually a toddler meal.  Dinner is a toddler meal or PBJ.  He will eat spaghetti when we cook it.  Go ahead call me a lazy mother but William will not eat meat or anything we cook.  I do not know how daycare gets him to eat their homemade food.  William still puts away a Publix cookie in about 5 minutes.  He LOVES bananas and now if he sees a picture of one he has to eat one.  Still loves his milk but now drinks straight water during the day.  There are days when he does not eat much AT ALL and nothing we offer works. 
  • William is better with his coloring skills and now gets color on the page.  Before he held the crayon on its side so there was not much color getting on the page.  He is also feeding himself with a fork.  William does lose patience with it half way through the meal and I finish feeding him.  He can also pull his pants up and down.  Now that its colder he is wearing footie pjs and unzips those in his sleep.  Ha.  Safe to say his fine motor skills improved over the past month.
  • Brand new very clear word-"bye."  He tells everything bye now and I mean EVERYTHING.  William says "bye" to water draining from the tub, toys when he is leaving the room, people, food, etc.  I absolutely love hearing his voice.  He is improving with communication and copying sounds better.  All in his own time!
  • William loves sharing.  He will put his forkful of food into our mouths (yuck) and offer his drink.  He always gives us our own crayon.  William has a big heart.  He has just started holding out his hand for us to hold.  Melts my heart. 
  • He pitches his share of fits but I usually can blame it on something.  I am not taking up for him because sometimes he is just being defiant.  His behavior improved tremendously once his eye teeth came in.  If he sleeps well he is a lot happier.  Also lack of words contributes to his frustration.  He will bang his head on floor which makes us very sad!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Show and Tell: My Job

1. Tell us what you studied in college. Is your job now related to what you studied?
I went to Auburn University from 2003 to 2008 and went through several degree programs.  Blah.  I am still sad about how immature I was because I could have done nursing.  I was young and just wanted to enjoy the "college life" and not study my buns off.  So I finished with a Marketing degree and started working at Enterprise Rent A Car.  I HATED IT; enough said.  I went back to school at Montevallo for a Master's in Elementary Education and again I guess I was still young and lazy.  Why did I not become a nurse when I had a second chance?  I am thankful for my degrees and I do enjoy both subjects.  However, no to answer the question; I am not working in either field.  I work in Real Estate Collections. 

2. Tell us what your everyday job looks like.
Hmm..well like I said I work in Collections.  After working in this department for a year I do not see myself as a "bill collector."  I truly try to help folks stay in their homes.  Basically my day revolves around a "dialer" which is what automatically calls customers in Collections.  Its not my fav but its part of my job.  When I am not "smiling and dialing" I am talking to customers about payments, assistance options, or trying to find customers who do not want to talk to me.  Ha.

3. Do you have a picture of you at work? Show us.

4. In 10 years, what do you see yourself doing? Same thing? More? Tell us.
I will be 37 years old and I see myself either in a supervisor position in Collections or another part of the bank doing something completely different.  I do not and will not see myself doing this in 10 years.  I work very hard every day and I will advance my career.  I would like to work with mortgages but on the happier side.  :)

5. Tell us what you have learned, and what {if any} recommendations you may have for those looking to go into the field you are in.
I have learned a lot about the Real Estate world.  I know the steps people go through before going into Foreclosure.  I have learned how banks try to help people.  I recommend having a tough skin which comes with time.  The job tugged on my heart at the beginning then eventually you become somewhat immune to the "sob stories."  Not every situation is a "sob story" but you can not let each and every call get you down.  If you have offered every possible way to keep the customer in their home and its just not in the cards do not blame yourself. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Walk for Christopher

For the last couple of weeks the banner for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has caught my eye coming home from my parent's house.  Anyone who knows me personally knows I lost my brother to suicide in 2008.  I am not going to go into it at this time beause that is not what this post is for.  This is not the first time I have noticed banners for walks to prevent suicide but this is the first time I got involved.  I am so thankful I did because it opened my eyes to how big this is in Alabama.  Just this year over 600 people have lost their life to suicide and the age ranges from 10 to over 80.  That is truly heartbreaking.  There were signs all throughout the walk with facts on suicide and each one spoke to me.  After completing that walk I know I have to do more.  I need to research the AFSP and find out exactly what donation money funds.  I will search out more walks and next time I will volunteer.  I do not want another person losing a sibling.  I do not want another child not to have an Aunt or Uncle.  I do not want this for anyone!  Christopher is gone but not forgotten.  I will be his voice and I will help where and when ever I can. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


My goal for November is to post weekly on what I am thankful for in my life.  I may repeat myself which just means that particular thing is very important to me.  Here it goes and of course in no order:

  1. My hubs because he puts up with me each and every day.  I admit that I have moments when he has to center me (usually when I need sleep).
  2. The bud because he not only makes my makes me smile but he is teaching me how to be a Mommy.  The biggest thing so far is patience.  I do not have a choice but to be patient with my son.
  3. My parents because they do so much for us.
  4. My job because it supports my family and it is the beginning of an amazing career.  I have faith!
  5. The roof over my head.  I work in Collections and I am more than thankful for my home!
*Keeping it to about 5 a week because ya know I am thankful for more than 5 things!!

  Leaving you with a few pictures--

We did not pose like this on purpose but I LOVE it!