Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Weekend

  The weekend was pretty uneventful compared to our last one.  Rudy worked on Saturday so I did a little Christmas shopping with my parents.  My mom was kind enough to buy me (us) a new comforter set for Christmas.  I have been wanting to get something lighter because the brown makes our room seem so dark.
  After that I decided to get William a haircut since my mom's back is giving her trouble right now.  His hair was out of control and we could not wait on her to feel better.  She completely understood and even complimented it when she saw him on Sunday.  We ended up at the Galleria on Sunday because one of my 4 ear piercings no longer allows an earring to go in.  It happens to be my first (ear) hole because if it was the second one I would not even worry about it.  I can not imagine never being able to wear earrings again so my plan was to get it re pierced.  Well, you have to your ID (duh) and I left my entire wallet at home since I had the hubs with me.  That was a no go but my mother decided William was old enough for a Build a Bear.
  He loved it but our the customer service was definitely less than par.  The lady did not try to sell any additional items or upgrades and just seemed bored.  It made me sad because my mother really enjoys doing these things with William.  What I was thinking was this woman works at Build a Bear she needs to love kids more than life itself.  Have you seen this store when there is a birthday party?  We will definitely go back and lets hope we get someone with more enthusiam. 




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