Sunday, November 25, 2012

William Bakes Muffins

  William loves muffins for breakfast!  We buy the mini ones that come in a pack of 4 and he is obsessed.  Well, Rudy decided he needed chocolate chip muffins which kinda made me mad.  I am well aware that muffins are not the healthiest choice for our bud but CHOCOLATE CHIP ones!  Anywho, the only ones left right now are the "bad" ones and I really do not want him eating chocolate anything for breakfast. 
  William was extra cranky all morning and I honestly think its because he is used to his muffins.  Since I gave him oatmeal and toast he was getting back at me.  We ended up going to WM, spending over 70 bucks (all I needed was Splenda and Clorox wipes), but I decided to buy muffin mix.  Muffin mix is better than packaged muffins, right?  Probably not but that is not my point.  It is cheaper and a fun way to spend some time with my bud (baking opportunity).  When we got home I asked William to help me bake muffins and he was excited.  He went to the table and waited patiently.  He poured the mix and milk into the bowl then began to stir.  William preferred I stir and he lick the spoon.  All in all he did great and I know as he gets older baking will be more fun.  YES, I can bake with my son and he is still all boy.  I see it as a learning experience: measuring, pouring, temp on oven, time, etc. and all children need to learn. 



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