Friday, November 9, 2012

Time to Get Organized

  It is inevitable: you will accumulate clutter after buying a home.  It also very likely you will have no idea where it comes from.  We moved from a 2 bedroom apartment on our own (with the help of Ru's friend) into a 3 bedroom home (upstairs) and if we had to move we would have to hire movers.  I get more and more frustrated with the mess that is our cabinets.  I had vacation that had to be used so I took the day off and have spent the better part of it cleaning.  We will start with the Master bath because otherwise it is picture overload.

I keep all of my face "stuff" on the counter or in the drawer and it is a mess.  The only reason the trash is on the counter is because our little friend gets into it (yuck)!   

This just needed to be sorted and organized.

Rudy's side (before).  I decided to stick him with the meds and things like that.

My side is still clutterd but my goal is to pull the bag out for makeup and put back.  Also my face wash, lotions, etc. will no longer be on the counter.  The bottom two drawers have Rudy's razor kit (he is too cheap to get his hair done plus they always mess it up), wash cloths, hair dryer and straightner.

Ru is stuck with the items that do not fit on my side-medical necessities, toothpaste, etc.

I added a container in front with small items like nail polish, and samples. 

Can I keep it this way?

**Check back soon for more organizing-I am working on the kitchen, pantry and eventually I will be completely organized.  Then I will have start over, ha!

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