Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daddy and William vs. Zoo

The bud's daycare was closed Good Friday so that meant a Daddy/son day. It began with a quick trip to Home Depot and ended with dinner at the mall. They did not stop all day and I still do not know how Rudy does it.
He took him to the Zoo then had to stop by the car repair shop because the AC went out. Since Daddy still was not tired enough he tackled the park. My parents then suggested dinner at the Galleria. The bud was blessed with new shoes with one pair being Crocs. I am totally ok with them on kids but not adults! His are Lego themed and super cute.
After the mall we went home, took showers and had dessert. We decided on an early bedtime for the bud after such a long day but he was up before six this AM. A mistake? We are off to Meme's tomorrow for Easter. Have a great holiday!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

William's 1st Listening Chart

  Literally in the last few days the bud has stopped listening. Ok I am exaggerating a bit but he knows the word, "no." He uses it when I ask him to eat, get ready for bath, go downstairs and more! I decided we needed to introduce a listening chart ASAP!
 In my "teacher" brain I had the best idea and the chart would be amazing. However I have no supplies so I had to work with what I had. The super creative chart will be made this weekend, I hope. Basically this one is marker and poster board. When the bud LISTENS he gets to mark in a space. He loves it but does not want to put the marker away. I will say he has caught on very quick. He is working towards a juice box.

Looking at the chart in a picture...WOW...I made this in less than 5 minutes with the bud standing on it. I am definitely upgrading this weekend :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Typical Day (Evening)


4-4:30:  Get my bud or if I am feeling like I'm single and in college I get my eyebrows done.  One time I went to the mall for makeup and walked so fast people looked concerned.  Geez, do you people not have other things to do then meander through the Galleria on a week day?
5: In the driveway and begging the bud to come inside for dinner.  He would rather play outside and it would not matter if we were 10 ft. under snow.  William listens for the most part.  I then try to cook something and again beg the bud to eat.  We beg a lot in the evenings.
6:  Rushing upstairs to take the hubs food while William blocks the bottom of the stairs.  It is now a game-when I take food up, he blocks stairs, I beg to come out, he smiles big and lets me in.
I then shovel food in while sitting on the rug at the coffee table.  William is probably stealing bites of my food or playing in the kitchen.
6:30-Try to watch Wheel of Fortune but I usually give in to the whines from my bud and take him for a bath.  I chase him around taking one piece of clothing off at a time and finally get his booty in the tub.  He says, "hot" and it is never too hot but he says it every time.  He then asks for soap, stands, lifts
each leg and tries to bathe.  I have no clue how he learned that.
Around 7:  We make it downstairs usually by going down each step on our butts.  Sometimes he will walk down holding the wall.  I try to feed him yogurt but sometimes he does not eat dessert.  More playing and more yelling for Daddy.
Around 8: Bedtime, sometimes he is in bed before Daddy gets off work.
After that routine: I shower, wash hair every other night.  Then, I eat my coner, play on the computer, watch TV with the hubs.  I also clean kitchen, possibly wash and fold clothes.  I am usually in bed by 9 if not earlier.  The hubs stays up and watches more TV, plays on the iPad, and comes to bed around 10.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Typical Day (The Work Part)

For my records because I know not a single person really cares about our daily schedule but,

Around 5:15-I get up and throw water on my face.  No, I do not wash my face because I think that was causing some serious flakiness.  Makeup is put on and if I had washed my hair the night before I Chi the hair.  Otherwise, I put in a pony tail and done!
Around 5:35-I cross over the gate at the top of the stairs.  Yes, throw my body over it in the dark because I can not imagine waking him at that hour.  I then have at the very least 2 cups of coffee and catch up on any craziness that happened while I was asleep via Instagram or FB.
Around 6-I make my way to the kitchen to finish (possibly make more) coffee and ready my Bible and pray to the Good Lord for my family, health, etc.  I am really trying to read and pray each morning as well as in the evening.  I have found it makes my life so much better (duh).
Around 6:15: I grab my lunch or if I am not taking lunch I still take 2 coke zeros every day.  No joke!  Just think about the savings of packing your own sodas everyday because I am gonna drink them!
Around 6:35: Make the morning call to my dear ole Dad and talk his ear his off.  Bless his heart!
Sometime before 7: I arrive in the parking lot and either read, play on the phone, or continue talking my Dad's ear off.
Between 7 and Noon:  Work it for the salary that pays my bills.  I also take brisk walks through the building, speak to my FRIENDS, ask questions, talk to folks about paying their mortgage, drink sodas, have snacks, pee a lot, and other random things.
Nooner-Spooner:  It is lunch time with Stephani, or friend.  We gossip talk it up about work, current events, and the men in our lives (being her fiance, and for me the bud and Ru).
Between 1-4:  Please see above- 7-12 but add in-checking the time one million times, taking a few more brisk walks, and begging people to pay their mortgage.

***Are you wondering about my bud?  Well his Daddy works a ridiculous shift-til like 8 in the evening so he spends the morning with him.  They run errands, eat breakfast, get dressed (William sometimes wears brown pants, a gray shirt, and sperrys) and goes to school.  Rudy then has extended convos with the women there and I still can not fully comprehend that.  I have said barely 10 words to the asst. director (she hates me I swear for no reason) and I am so ready to be home in the afternoon I have very little to say to his teacher.***

The evening part of my day is next...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Bunny

William loved the Easter bunny for the most part. He waved to him at first then walked up and sat in his lap. Then as we got the camera ready he squirmed to get down. We did manage to get a decent picture and he looks so big. William had just got a haircut before the picture and he did great! The beautician let him spray the water bottle the entire time which makes any 2 year old happy. Hopefully she will be there the next time!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rest of our Saturday

  On the way home from the zoo William fell asleep but only slept about 30 minutes :(  We had some lunch and went outside to play.  We walked around, visited the neighbor, and went on a stroller ride.  Rudy let me nap and played with the bud (outside of course) on his lunch break.  After my nap we went to Target...
 and got these sandals in a size 8.  I think his foot grew over night.  I also went ahead and bought some finger paint and this happened...
 loves to paint, loves to get messy, loves being outside...  I then stripped him down and yes the paint is washable and I taught him how to glue...

  He caught on to the glue skill immediately but we are still working on the scissors.  We had a blast on Saturday but I can not say the same about today.  I was wondering all day how he went from 100% happy to very irritable.  Yep, another molar is coming in up top.  I am ready for the teething to be over and done.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Zoo-Solo Style

Rudy works about 2 Saturdays per month which leaves just me and the bud. I never thought much about the weather getting warmer until I had a child. It can get a bit nuts inside all day without Daddy helping entertain the bud. Today is absolutely gorgeous outside so I decided to tackle the zoo-solo!
Besides the drive out there William was amazing! He walked around like a big boy and was a great listener. We were not there very long but we are members so I am fine doing a few exhibits at a time.
We did the train as soon as we got there and the bud loved it. He was so quiet I thought he was bored but he was just taking it all in. Another bonus of warm weather is the animals were very giddy. William watched the painted dogs for a good 5 minutes or so!
Overall it was a great trip but is always easier with Daddy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hair Color

  I went in thinking more blonde and left with super dark hair (underneath)! I am still getting used to it even with the compliments I have received which I appreciate A LOT. It is very dark!
  I am also trying to grow my hair back out (future Jennifer-never cut your hair off) so not much changed with the style. My goal is to get long layers once everything catches up. The only thing I hate about getting my hair done is it always takes at least 3 hours. Thick hair!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

William Loves the Park

With the weather getting warmer we try to visit the park as often as possible. Budsy loves to walk around, feed the geese, and play on the swing set.
He loves the geese so much that when we tell him we are going to the park he says, "gee." William is growing up too fast because he can climb the stairs to the slide and go down by himself. This makes Mama a lot more nervous than his Daddy.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Holding Hands

  On occasion the bud will stick out his tiny hand for me to hold...

  and I place it in mine.  It goes by quick because the boy wants to be independent; he wants to do all things by himself.  Then there are times where he is fearful, yet curious, and wants the security of his Mama's hand.  This makes all the tough, exhausting moments of motherhood vanish and it is just us in that memory.  The memory where William wants to check out the ditch behind our fence but he wants to with the security that his hand is being held tight by Mama.