Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Typical Day (Evening)


4-4:30:  Get my bud or if I am feeling like I'm single and in college I get my eyebrows done.  One time I went to the mall for makeup and walked so fast people looked concerned.  Geez, do you people not have other things to do then meander through the Galleria on a week day?
5: In the driveway and begging the bud to come inside for dinner.  He would rather play outside and it would not matter if we were 10 ft. under snow.  William listens for the most part.  I then try to cook something and again beg the bud to eat.  We beg a lot in the evenings.
6:  Rushing upstairs to take the hubs food while William blocks the bottom of the stairs.  It is now a game-when I take food up, he blocks stairs, I beg to come out, he smiles big and lets me in.
I then shovel food in while sitting on the rug at the coffee table.  William is probably stealing bites of my food or playing in the kitchen.
6:30-Try to watch Wheel of Fortune but I usually give in to the whines from my bud and take him for a bath.  I chase him around taking one piece of clothing off at a time and finally get his booty in the tub.  He says, "hot" and it is never too hot but he says it every time.  He then asks for soap, stands, lifts
each leg and tries to bathe.  I have no clue how he learned that.
Around 7:  We make it downstairs usually by going down each step on our butts.  Sometimes he will walk down holding the wall.  I try to feed him yogurt but sometimes he does not eat dessert.  More playing and more yelling for Daddy.
Around 8: Bedtime, sometimes he is in bed before Daddy gets off work.
After that routine: I shower, wash hair every other night.  Then, I eat my coner, play on the computer, watch TV with the hubs.  I also clean kitchen, possibly wash and fold clothes.  I am usually in bed by 9 if not earlier.  The hubs stays up and watches more TV, plays on the iPad, and comes to bed around 10.

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