Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Zoo-Solo Style

Rudy works about 2 Saturdays per month which leaves just me and the bud. I never thought much about the weather getting warmer until I had a child. It can get a bit nuts inside all day without Daddy helping entertain the bud. Today is absolutely gorgeous outside so I decided to tackle the zoo-solo!
Besides the drive out there William was amazing! He walked around like a big boy and was a great listener. We were not there very long but we are members so I am fine doing a few exhibits at a time.
We did the train as soon as we got there and the bud loved it. He was so quiet I thought he was bored but he was just taking it all in. Another bonus of warm weather is the animals were very giddy. William watched the painted dogs for a good 5 minutes or so!
Overall it was a great trip but is always easier with Daddy.

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