Monday, March 25, 2013

Typical Day (The Work Part)

For my records because I know not a single person really cares about our daily schedule but,

Around 5:15-I get up and throw water on my face.  No, I do not wash my face because I think that was causing some serious flakiness.  Makeup is put on and if I had washed my hair the night before I Chi the hair.  Otherwise, I put in a pony tail and done!
Around 5:35-I cross over the gate at the top of the stairs.  Yes, throw my body over it in the dark because I can not imagine waking him at that hour.  I then have at the very least 2 cups of coffee and catch up on any craziness that happened while I was asleep via Instagram or FB.
Around 6-I make my way to the kitchen to finish (possibly make more) coffee and ready my Bible and pray to the Good Lord for my family, health, etc.  I am really trying to read and pray each morning as well as in the evening.  I have found it makes my life so much better (duh).
Around 6:15: I grab my lunch or if I am not taking lunch I still take 2 coke zeros every day.  No joke!  Just think about the savings of packing your own sodas everyday because I am gonna drink them!
Around 6:35: Make the morning call to my dear ole Dad and talk his ear his off.  Bless his heart!
Sometime before 7: I arrive in the parking lot and either read, play on the phone, or continue talking my Dad's ear off.
Between 7 and Noon:  Work it for the salary that pays my bills.  I also take brisk walks through the building, speak to my FRIENDS, ask questions, talk to folks about paying their mortgage, drink sodas, have snacks, pee a lot, and other random things.
Nooner-Spooner:  It is lunch time with Stephani, or friend.  We gossip talk it up about work, current events, and the men in our lives (being her fiance, and for me the bud and Ru).
Between 1-4:  Please see above- 7-12 but add in-checking the time one million times, taking a few more brisk walks, and begging people to pay their mortgage.

***Are you wondering about my bud?  Well his Daddy works a ridiculous shift-til like 8 in the evening so he spends the morning with him.  They run errands, eat breakfast, get dressed (William sometimes wears brown pants, a gray shirt, and sperrys) and goes to school.  Rudy then has extended convos with the women there and I still can not fully comprehend that.  I have said barely 10 words to the asst. director (she hates me I swear for no reason) and I am so ready to be home in the afternoon I have very little to say to his teacher.***

The evening part of my day is next...

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