Monday, December 1, 2014

11 Months-Hannah

  Oh my, oh my!  Baby sister is almost a year old.  She is super busy now and rarely sits still.  Hannah has been fighting a bad cough and runny nose for a month. 

  Finally after a different antibiotic we are on the road to recovery (I hope).  She is also fighting teeth coming in at a rapid pace.  I think there are more than I can see.  Her bottom 2 are fully in and I can see pieces of the top 2.  Yes, pieces!  I have seen pieces all month.
  Speaking of teeth...having only 2 hasn't stopped her from eating.  She eats lots of
table food including hamburger meat.  As of right now she is doing much better than big brother was in the eating department.  
  Hannah is fully walking; trying to run.  She is a mess all the time and has taken many falls.  I literally have to be on her constantly.  She is playing with William more and looks for him.  He is very patient with her for the most part but we still have to remind him, "easy."  
  She is too busy for diaper changes and getting dressed.  It's a fight every time.  I have a feeling she'll be potty trained sooner than the bud.  Hannah is around 19 lbs., wears a size 3 diaper and 9-12 month clothes.  She is tiny!

  Some of Hannah's favorites include:  Me (I'm not being boastful ask anyone), her paci, climbing, yogurt melts, baths with brother to name a few.  Her attachment to me is bad!!!  I actually have had to bring back some sleep training due to separation anxiety.  

  We look forward to her birthday next month but not to taking away her bottle.  This was a hard transition for William
as well.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

10 Months-Hannah

Baby sister is ten months old!!  She is fierce and always on the move.  Hannah has quite the attitude when it comes to diaper changes and getting dressed.

Hannah wears size 3 diapers and 9 or 12 month clothes depending on brand.  She is taking 4-6 oz. bottles a day and eating 3 meals.  I have started circling items on the menu at school for her to eat.  Hannah prefers finger foods but she just can't eat enough of them to get full.  She has tried bananas, peas, shredded cheese, mashed potatoes, eggs, and maybe some things I forgot.  

Hannah sleeps from about 6:30 to 6.  She usually doesn't need me but if she does its for a paci.  Hannah recently started throwing them out so I'm using her clip at night.  She has 2 teeth but has started showing signs of getting more.  That also keeps her up so I give her tylenol or Advil when I can see a tooth trying to come in.  

Hannah naps 2x and is doing pretty good at school as well.  I still keep in her a sleep sack mainly because it detours her from standing in crib.  Plus it keeps her warm.  She is basically walking but gets too excited and falls over.  Hannah is standing alone most of the time and pushes all the toys everywhere.  

She does not like the car seat for more than a few minutes.  Hannah is too busy to stand being strapped down.  She's better if the bud is back there and even better if I am.  She is my climber.  William was never really into climbing.  Hannah can climb into his little chair and onto his table.  So scary!

One thing I want to remember is how laid back I am with her diet.  I gave her a chick fil a fry the other day and although she didn't really eat it it kept her happy while I ate.  I guess since William is such a poor eater and I didn't break one rule with him I'll break all the rules with Hannah and she'll be a great eater! (Run on sentence maybe)

Hannah is awesome and keeps all of us on our toes!  She is gonna make for a crazy Christmas because I know she'll be walking...probably climbing up the tree. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hannah's 9 Month Checkup

Everything went great at Hannah's checkup.  She is on track with all milestones and I'm still thinking she'll walk by next month.

The doctor said introduce whole milk around 11 months and that makes me one happy mama.  Hannah hates formula so I really hope I don't have to fight her once on cow's milk.  She also drinks great out of a sippy cup and I plan to have daycare try her afternoon bottle in a sippy cup soon.

Hannah is super tall and not so chunky just like big brother was at her age. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

9 Months-Hannah

          This lady has my heart!! 

   She was not impressed by our selfie!!!!

Hannah has had a tough month but I think I say that every month.  She is such a trooper through it all.  She was diagnosed with allergies to barley, rye, and oats.  

Hannah also had a fever/cold virus which kept her home with Daddy.  

She is eating 3 meals a day plus snacks like yogurt melts or gerber sticks.  Puffs have oat flour so those are out.  She takes 4 bottles total of about 26 oz but she rarely finishes a bottle. 

Hannah sleeps from about 6:30 to 6 which is exactly what the bud fell into at this age.  She naps 2x a day and sometimes catches a 3rd on weekends.  She's wearing mostly 9 month clothes with some 12 month PJs.  Hannah hates shoes and the daycare always takes them off.  We will try again in a couple of months. 

She still wears a size 3 diaper: Target brand during the day and Huggies snug and dry at night.  Hannah's hair is growing fast and she must have a pony tail or its all in her eyes.  It is still red with some blonde throughout.  Big blue eyes and no teeth.  I have given her peas and shredded cheese but she does not like it.  Hoping she likes table food more this month and gets some teeth soon. 

Hannah is pulling up on everything and has even stood alone for a few seconds. She pushes her play table across the floor.  Hannah wants to be in the middle of the fun!  She will literally jump from a crawling position onto us.  Hannah is fighting the car seat more but she is so mobile now she just wants to play.  

As you can see she was about to jump out of this chair!!

        They will be the best of friends!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

8 Months-Hannah

Bless your baby heart because this month was hell on you!  
You have had hand, foot, and mouth 2x! On the second round you had a poop virus tagging along.  Of course I was on sick duty the second and worst time.  
Other happenings...  

Hannah is almost 19 lbs. of pure squishy baby!  It is funny though because she isn't busting out of clothes like William did at her age.  Some 6 month clothes fit but mostly in 9 month now.  She's wearing a size 3 diaper and 3 or 4 shoe.

Hannah's bed time is about 6:30 and takes 2 or 3 naps a day.  She doesn't nap at daycare well at all.  She is eating 4 or 5 6 oz bottles a day but doesn't finish every one of them.  Hannah loves her purées and is eating 2 jars a day but we are close to going to 3.  She has oatmeal in the morning but I think I'm just going to put a fruit there instead.  The doctor told me I could skip rice/oatmeal all together so I'm thinking we are about done. 

Hannah is a crawling machine!  She is doing everything so fast and ahead of big brother.  Nothing against the bud just a fact!  She has been pulling up all month or at least the last half.  She can not stand a diaper change or getting dressed.  I can not stress the hate she has for diaper changes; it runs deep.  Rudy and I have bets going on when she'll walk...thinking she's going to by 10 months.  

Her hair is getting blonder but her eyes are staying blue.  Hannah is such a go baby! She's pretty good in the car and enjoys the zoo, mall, etc.  So thankful for this because with William we have to stay busy! She still thinks the bud is hilarious.  Hannah isn't the biggest fan of the exersaucer which I could stick the bud in for like an hour at a time.  She wants to crawl into the kitchen instead.  Hannah can use the walker and I think runs over us on purpose.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

7 Months-Hannah

  Hannah is probably about 18 lbs. and wears size 3 diapers.  We bought her some Sperry's in a 3.  6 month clothes fit but PJ's should be 9 months.
  She doesn't have any teeth but she's working hard to get some!  Hannah has mostly red hair but some very white high lights.
  Hannah is not the greatest sleeper or the worst.  She fights sleep like crazy and  sleeps very light.  Takes about 3 naps a day but could pass w 2 if took longer naps.  Hannah is ready for bed before 7 which causes night wakings but she's exhausted.  She needs her paci a couple of times a night then comes into our bed around 4.  So yep not great!
  She takes about 28-30 oz. a day and eats at least one stage 2 food.  We are getting close to having 2 solids a day (baby sister can eat)!

  Hannah is developing much faster than William which is nuts to me.  I'm not ready yet but she doesn't care.  She sits up perfectly and can also sit in grocery carts and restaurant hi chairs.  She's crawling but not a pro yet.  But we definitely don't find her in the same spit we leave her.  Hannah can almost sit from crawling.  
  She holds toys well.  Hannah loves the bath and splashes like crazy.  She doesn't like getting out and putting clothes on.  I think she'll start some puffs and possibly other food by 8 months.  She's very interested in our food.  

  We take her out of the car seat now because she's so heavy in the seat.  She prefers this so she can see everything go on around her.  Hannah still thinks William hung the moon and gives him her best giggles. Besides being a stinker at sleep times she's pretty laid back and we love her more every day! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hannah's 6 Month Checkup

  Her appointment went great except she hadn't napped well at school so she was exhausted.  By the time the doctor came in Hannah was done.
  She is above average in her stats just like big brother was at her age.  Somehow we make big babies but William definitely thinned out and I assume Hannah will do the same.
  The doctor agreed with me regarding her reflux meds- time to get off it.  We are weaning her this week and if there isn't a big mood change we will be done.  I was worried about her taking it so long but the doctor said it was fine.  
  She will stay on the added rice starch formula because she does have reflux and there is no need to switch.  Hannah is moving onto Stage 2 baby food but the doctor isn't worried about her eating a bunch at her age.  By 9 months she should be eating more solids and to be honest Hannah doesn't seem to miss it when we skip them.  This is definitely the opposite of the bud!  
  Her formula intake (30 oz/day) is perfect.   The doctor did ask me to speak with daycare about her nap routine because obviously they aren't trying hard enough to help her sleep.  
  Everything looks great and she's even a bit ahead of the game due to sitting all by herself! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half Birthday- Hannah

 • Hannah is in a size 2 diaper but we are moving to 3's.
•  She is in 6 month clothing but some pieces are getting too tight.
• No teeth but definitely working to get some!
• Red hair but has white blonde highlights.  Can sport a pony tail on top!

• Hannah has been rolling over for a while now and I should have noted that last month.  She even ends up on her tummy during the night.
• She can almost sit up all by herself.
• Sleeps anywhere from about 6:45 to 5 or so in the morning.  Tubes have helped tremendously plus I bought her a Zipadeezip which is a swaddle transitioner.  
•  Naps are still not consistent.  She naps in car seat a lot on weekends or in my arms.  After her check up next Friday we will be doing nap boot camp!  William went through the same thing.

• Hannah still has 30 oz. of formula per day but now takes it in 5- 6 oz bottles.  This is hard to do especially on weekends but we make it work.  
• She has a fruit or vege at school and most of the time a serving of oatmeal in the evening.  I'm asking her doctor about increasing her solid intake in order to keep her bottles 4 hours apart.  I think she's ready for more solid food; she lunges at our plates!
• Bananas are the only thing that gives her trouble- constipation.  So we are not doing those until she's older.  We still need to introduce carrots and prunes.  

• Hannah loves to play on her tummy or in exersaucer.  She doesn't like being in bouncy seat longer than to eat.  
• William and her Daddy are her favs.  I just take care of her 😁
• She is truly a happy baby until nap time.  Hannah is much more easy going then the bud unless she's tired then she wants to be held. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

5 Months

  • At the doctor for her ears she was 15.9 lbs. w/ clothes.
  • 3-6 and 6 month clothes.
  • Size 2 diaper

  • 5 oz/6 bottles per day.  Hannah moved up at daycare and they are working on a 4 hour schedule but it is not consistent.  I will have to up the ounces if she does this schedule but I liked 3 hrs. b/c now her bedtime bottle is too early. 
  • Has had oatmeal, sweet potato, green beans, banana, and squash.  Green beans are not a fav and bananas possibly gave her an extreme tummy ache.  Hannah is becoming very interested in food so I know she is ready for solids.
  • Sleep has not been great this month...  She had a stomach virus where she vomited for about 6 hours.  The very next weekend she was diagnosed with an ear infection then we flew to Maine.  While there she developed an all over rash and the dr. took her off the antibiotic (ominicef).  Hannah's rash went away but she still was not herself.  After taking her to the pediatrician when we got home and put on augmentin she is sleeping from about 8-5ish.

  • Naps are still inconsistent.  We are on the go every weekend with William so she sleeps in the car seat.  Hannah is somewhat of a cat napper and also a super light sleeper.  I'm hoping after we get her ears re checked we can train her to nap in the crib.
  • I have learned that Hannah doesn't like being held to sleep.  She will scream like crazy so I put her in the bouncy seat and soothe her til she falls asleep.  
  • She gets a bath every night due to excessive drool and spit up under her chin. Yuck!  Luckily the bath calms her down and she'll usually take a nap afterwards. 
  • William still loves her but must be reminded to be gentle.  Also he has issues w sharing: mommy, daddy, or any toy even if it's a baby toy.  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

4 Months-Hannah

  It seems like Hannah is getting bigger by the day.  She went from size 1 to 2 diapers literally overnight!  Mostly wearing 3 to 6 months clothing.  Hannah is still on 5 oz. bottles 6x a day; sometimes gets 6 oz. at bedtime.  
  Speaking of bedtime that's hit or miss.  She will sleep from around 8 to 5ish several nights then gets restless.  I honestly don't think it's hunger; I think she just wants to get up.  No mam!  Hannah is no longer sleeping completely swaddled but I have kept her tummy wrapped with her feet in the sack.
  Naps are horrible!!! Bless her heart!  Hannah cat naps all day at school then maybe a short one at night.  I think this may be part of her bedtime issues.  She is so exhausted and has trouble relaxing. There isn't really much I can do because she is at daycare all week.  I plan on putting her in the crib at nap time on weekends but we are always on the go!
  We went for her checkup and I asked tons of questions.  Her doctor doesn't promote cry it out until at least 6 months which I agreed with.  She suggested soothing, paci, etc. but don't jump right to a bottle.  Dr. Stewart said solid foods are fine and that we can skip oatmeal.  Her formula has added rice starch so I'm probably going to finish the oatmeal I bought then start purées!  She took her shots like a champ; didn't cry barely at all. 
  Hannah is developmentally on track...  Once we can get the nap thing figured out we will be golden!! 
  Hannah is the perfect piece to complete our family puzzle.  She is laid back most of the time (esp. for not napping like she should) and a complete blessing.          Hannah still searches for William and watches him while he plays.  


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Out and About

  I am all about getting out of the house til around noon then I'm exhausted!  We decided on a Mcwane Science Center yesterday since it's in the AC and Hannah could go.  
  Of course we were up early so we fed the geese and made a quick trip to Wal Mart.  After feeding Hannah we headed downtown.  
  Hannah slept most of the time but woke up at the end.  The bud needed shorts so we ended up at the mall for lunch.  By this time Hannah was losing patience!  She did great though because Rudy wore her facing out!  I can't believe she can already face out!  

Busted in and wouldn't sit by Rudy for a pic..

Get me out of here or I'm gonna embarrass you!! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3 Months-Hannah

5 oz. bottles/6x a day
0-3 month clothes but some are getting too short
Size 1 diaper
Red hair but has some light areas...wonder if she will turn blonde.
Blue eyes

Takes a paci but not near the fan that her brother was!
Sleeps swaddled but will bust out if it is not tight.
Sleeps from about 8 to 5:30.
Naps are not great at school and she is awake for hours at a time at daycare
Needless to say Hannah comes home exhausted and passes out for most of the evening
She naps like she should on the, wake, sleep cycle.

Does well in the car but really is not in there but to go to school and back.
Loves, loves William and always smiles at him. He loves her and only sometimes gets too rough.
Gets a bath every night because of the re-flux. Which by the way is terrible and I have not seen much improvement. I hope starting solid food in May helps it.

Hannah's favorite thing is to stand up!! William didn't put weight on his legs for a very long time! Every time she eats she wants us to stand her up. She also sits up with support no issues. Tummy time is no problem either but she tires easily.

We tried the bumbo and she is still too skinny for it. She grabs blankets and our shirts...

I occasionally call her "Hanny" or "Little Lady."

Hannah amazes us every day and as busy as life is we can't imagine not having her!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Days with 2 Kiddos

  This post will cover the work/school week and I will post a separate one for the weekends. 

Between 5 and 5:30 in the morning Hannah eats.  I also wake Rudy so he can shower.
After he gets dressed he holds Hannah while I get ready.  Sometimes William is already up sometimes not...

We then make our way downstairs to have coffee.  Rudy eats and I just wait til I get to work because I leave the house pretty early. 
Rudy and I pack our own lunches while Hannah is either in bouncy seat or car seat.  I get her bottles together and head out the door. 

Rudy is still home and cares for the bud.  He will dress him and William usually had muffins and milk.  Recently he hasn't wanted to eat muffins but asks for a treat.  What????
I drop Hannah off and get to work by 7. Rudy drops off the bud and is at work by 7:30.  Work, work til 4...
We don't decide on who's getting who from school til we leave work.  If Rudy needs to go by the store I get Hannah and he takes the bud with him.  However, if we are all going home one of us gets both babies.
Then chaos ensues!  Trying to cook, feed Hannah and William as well as play with him is chaotic.  Hannah eats around 5 every night which about the time dinner is ready.  Usually I feed her, Rudy eats, then I eat.  It works for us.  If she's sleeping on one of us we eat while holding her.  One day we will all sit at the table and reminisce about our day but that ain't today!!
After dinner I clean the kitchen and possibly do laundry.  Rudy holds Hannah because she's usually asleep.  I forgot to add that Hannah is bathed around 5 before she eats.  That's the best time because she passes out after eating and we have to wake her to eat around 8.
I shower (quickly) and take over the Hannah snuggles while Rudy hangs with the bud.  

William may bathe with Hannah or later in the evening.  He may skip a night.  He plays or watches his trash trucks on you tube.  William also loves to cut paper.  He is in bed (not asleep) by 8... 

I feed Hannah and put her to bed (in our room) by 9 usually.  She is moving to her room tonight so I won't be going straight to bed anymore....