Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3 Months-Hannah

5 oz. bottles/6x a day
0-3 month clothes but some are getting too short
Size 1 diaper
Red hair but has some light areas...wonder if she will turn blonde.
Blue eyes

Takes a paci but not near the fan that her brother was!
Sleeps swaddled but will bust out if it is not tight.
Sleeps from about 8 to 5:30.
Naps are not great at school and she is awake for hours at a time at daycare
Needless to say Hannah comes home exhausted and passes out for most of the evening
She naps like she should on the, wake, sleep cycle.

Does well in the car but really is not in there but to go to school and back.
Loves, loves William and always smiles at him. He loves her and only sometimes gets too rough.
Gets a bath every night because of the re-flux. Which by the way is terrible and I have not seen much improvement. I hope starting solid food in May helps it.

Hannah's favorite thing is to stand up!! William didn't put weight on his legs for a very long time! Every time she eats she wants us to stand her up. She also sits up with support no issues. Tummy time is no problem either but she tires easily.

We tried the bumbo and she is still too skinny for it. She grabs blankets and our shirts...

I occasionally call her "Hanny" or "Little Lady."

Hannah amazes us every day and as busy as life is we can't imagine not having her!!

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