Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just the flu.

I get a call on Tuesday on my lunch break that William is running a low grade fever (100.9).  She told me she would call back if it went over 101.  I was out last week with my little guy due to thrush.  I was hoping it was teeth and when we did not get another call I assumed as much.  William gets home from daycare, no fever, sleeps, no fever this AM.  Around 1:30 I get a call; please someone give us a break.  Nope, he has a fever of 101.2.  The pediatrician's office is closed for lunch until 2 so I call on my way to daycare.  The main thing I notice about the bud is his thirst.  He was very thirsty and drank all his juice on the way home.  I gave him a snack and he drank a pedialyte.  William was running a fever of 100.something when we got home.  Fast forward to doctor's appointment: ears look really good, but lets do blood work and a swab for flu.  William does not get a thrill from a pretty blue band aid and he was doing his best to rip it off.  He was tugging, waving his hand in the air, and biting the band aid.  For real blood was all over the place.  Finally he was entertained with a book long enough for me to apply pressure with a Kleenex.  Dr. Morgan said his blood work is fine but does look like he has the flu.  I said not possible; he gives me the crazy eye.  He had the flu shot!!??!!  It happens, he states.  Anywho we get tamiflu or whatever its called for a c-note.  My dad is funny because whenever he spends near 100 dollars he says he just dropped a c-note.  I use this now and I did not think I would be using it when referring to prescriptions (we have insurance)!  William actually seems better but we are keeping advil/tylenol in him every 4 hours and lots of fluids.  We will see how tomorrow goes. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Answer

Budsy and I went to the allergist this AM for some answers.  He has battled ear infections, coughs, etc. long enough and I wanted to rule out allergies.  He has recently developed ezcema on his cheeks and just from seeing that the doctor figured he had some sort of allergies.  She then looked in his nose and again said the lining in nose shows allergies.  Wow, really?  So, a skin test, screaming toddler, do not touch his back for 20 minutes, keep him occupied in this tiny, burning hot room with not a single toy later we get the results.  William is allergic to DOGS and I seriously thought it was a joke.  Maybe she knew we had dogs and wanted to be funny.  Nope, allergic.  The doctor comes back in with a to do list.  Get off Johnson and Johnson (I have tons of it from baby showers), get on Zyrtec daily, here are some inhalers if he gets a cough, you put in on his face like this and give two puffs, make sure he takes deep breaths, come back in 3 weeks. (Excuse my run on sentences in this post).  Oh my gah!!!  We are trying to find Patches and Bax a new home because after reading an article they really need to go in order for William to get well.  I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  It really does not matter how much I clean the dander is on the walls, baseboards, name it and dander is there.  Right now my goal is to keep them separated, sweep daily (shoot me), bathe dogs at least once a week, keep his toys wiped, and pray for new homes. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012


What Mama?

Loves any ball...

Notice the ball? 

Maybe there is something under here...

He is not a baby anymore :(

My shirt makes me mad...good picture is ruined.  FYI: The thick white strap is an undershirt!!

William: "Let me at it...I wanna bend the monitor backwards and hit every key."

Drool all over Daddy's face...check that one off my daily to do list.

Pitch it budsy!

Yay!!  Papa snuck behind me, picked me up, and Mama ran for the camera.  The least I can do is fake smile.

Yep, another ball. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter at Meme's

The car ride there was not bad; back: hell.  Just being real here.  William had fun at Meme's and did not sleep a wink (shoot me).  He fell asleep immediately in the car and woke up 27 minutes later (I timed it).  He got lots of gifts but not in an Easter basket; I plan on starting that tradition next year.  William finally ate white potatoes; I guess Meme has the magic touch.  We enjoyed spending time with family; I just wish he was one of those kids that just passes out.  He truly needs a crib which has a lot of pro's but also some con's.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

14 Months

At 14 months and we can not get him to sit still. 

  • Size 4 Diaper
  • Sleeps in sleep sack and has 3 or 4 lovies.
  • 18 month clothes (12 month pants still fit and even a pair of 9 month jeans)
  • Wears bibs, William makes a mess with liquids and still drools a ton.  Bibs do not bother him so why would I want to constantly change his clothes.
  • Eats table food for the most part.  Right now he has to eat dinner at daycare which they do not provide so he has a Gerber toddler meal there.  He eats a yogurt every afternoon.  William is TINY; its funny because he was a CHUNKY infant.  We let him eat whenever he wants. 
  • 4 teeth for sure, and I think 4 more coming in up top
  • Daycare until around 5:30 (hopefully Rudy will get an earlier schedule soon), naps around 1 hr or so there (between 2 naps).  William does not nap well at daycare and I still can not get over it. 
  • When we get home he has a snack while I unload my junk from the day.  He gets a bath and has milk while we watch Wheel of Fortune.  Bedtime around 7.
  • Does not show much interest in walking but crawls at lightning speed.  His doctor assured me that walking can happen as late as 18 months without cause for concern.  William loves to pull up and will move to other pieces of furniture if he can hold on.  Loves the walker.  He will walk if you hold his hands but only for a minute or so then back to all fours.
  • Started pointing like crazy but does not say much.  Says "da" for the dogs.  Knows what milk and juice means; be careful saying it around him. 
  • Rolls ball back and forth with us, has to have the doors and cabinets shut, into everything, puts toys away if he you show him how, pitches a good fit, tries to brush his hair, pulls up our shirts to touch our stomachs (I do not know where he learned this), hates diaper changes and putting on clothes, knows to put arms in sleeves, dances whenever he hears music, waves at everyone, still does not like new people, recognizes camera and will start to smile when he sees it, of course there is more but enough is enough for one post

13 on Thursday

1.  William goes to doctor for re-check on ears and possible Hand, Foot, and Mouth.  What????  The daycare called us to get the bud due to thrush; the nurse at the doctor's office said its HFM.  Its thrush and ears are clear.  We are seeing an allergist due to budsy always being sick with something.
2.  I had my annual with the OBGYN and we may or may not have discussed a second baby.  Remember I took Clomid for William.
3.  Eggs mixed with grits for breakfast.
4.  Budsy at home for 4 days.  Daycare won't let him back for 24 hrs. due to thrush and they are closed Good Friday.  I am working; Daddy is handling it.  Although Daddy is golfing on Saturday.
5.  Happy wih my weight; not happy with the flab for tummy and thighs.
6.  I love to snack at my desk; I force myself not to do it by imagining myself going in for gastric bypass.
7.  Love talking to Erin almost everyday!
8.  It is tough getting off at 5PM, getting budsy, maybe going to the store, cooking, cleaning, getting William ready for bed, etc. all before my bedtime of oh, 9PM.
9.  We have cable again.  Thank you!!!
10.  My house needs a serious scrub.  I can handle the basics; the on my knees scrubbing not so much.
11.  Thinking about cutting my hair off super short.  You know so short I gotta get the neck shaved.
12.  My eyelids are dry, really?
13.  I love my budsy more than I ever thought I could.  He amazes us everyday and we wonder what he could do if he was not sick every 2 or 3 weeks.