Friday, June 21, 2013

The ER

...I walked into the ER and if it was not for the little life inside me I would have left.  It was dirty and very busy!  I signed in and waited for Rudy because luckily my parents were able to watch William.  After over an hour of waiting I was called back.  FYI: do not tell Triage pain level is a five but say ten!! I saw lots of people go ahead of me and they looked pretty healthy.
  I got back there and they ordered blood work, urine, and an ultrasound.  They would not let Rudy in for the ultrasound which broke my heart.  I was thinking if I am in the ER this is not routine and if something is wrong with baby I need my husband.  Of course she is training someone and they are just chatting it up while I'm laying there trying to be positive.
  They take me back to my room without telling me anything.  Finally after 4 hours I am released and was told it was probably due to the placenta taking over.  After all of that they did not even give me the ultrasound pictures!  
  Now that the news is out I will be posting pregnancy updates but I'm still deciding on weekly or monthly.  Stick around...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finding the Heartbeat

  Of course when I find out I was pregnant it was after hours and I could not call my doctor.  I was very nervous because of the medicine I had taken to induce my period.  The labels on the bottle have warnings against pregnant women taking the pills and the pharmacy always confirms if I am pregnant.  You may be thinking why did she not know she was pregnant?  I had taken a test at home the day before I went to my doctor for my annual and she took one the day I went.  It just did not show up on either test.  
  When I spoke to the nurse she had me come in for blood work that day and make an appointment with my doctor the next week.  It was confirmed through blood work that I was indeed pregnant and that the pills I took would not harm the baby.
  When I saw the doctor the next week she ordered an ultrasound and I was around six weeks pregnant with a due date of 1/8/14.  The only problem was they did not see the heartbeat which my doctor says is completely normal since I was very early.  She had me come in a week later and another ultrasound was performed.  I saw the flutter on the screen and felt immediate relief.  I made my next appointment for 4 weeks later and left without a care in the world.
  Until the morning sickness came on me like a ton of bricks.  I did not have any symptoms with William other than exhaustion and the heartburn late in the pregnancy.  So this was a shock for me.  I had to get a prescription called in and this helped some.  It got to the point that I could not eat much and was also dealing with upset stomach for 2 days. I left early from work, took a nap, and then had to call the doctor because I had spotting.  Of course with it being almost five she sent me to the ER.  Come back for that post...

12 Week Preggo Update

Weight gain: As of last appointment on 6/18 about 4 pounds.  

Size of baby: Peach (What to Expect App)

What William Thinks:  If you ask him where is baby he points to my stomach.  He will also kiss my belly.  We ask him on a regular basis: boy or girl?  He says, "Girl!"  We are also reading him a book about big brothers.

How I Feel: I started getting bad morning sickness soon after I found out but within the last week that has subsided.  I am still exhausted by the end of the day.  Not craving anything specific but having trouble finding something that satisfies me (if that makes sense).  However, coffee (which I was drinking at least 2 cups a day) makes me sick even thinking about it.  

Things to Come: My routine 4 week appointment in July, cleaning the nursery (probably will not happen anytime soon),thinking of names.  

The Day We Found Out...

  *This may be TMI for a few out there but this blog is to remember these things.**

  We had decided in December that it was time to get off the pill.  With William it took 3 rounds of Clomid before we got pregnant so I figured it would come to that this time.  In December after my last week of birth control my period came as normal.  Then nothing for over month then it came all by itself.  I was thinking positive thoughts at that point because I figured my body was back to normal.    
  Then no period for a while until I saw my doctor and she put me on pills to induce my period.  So of course that worked but it did not come back by itself.  To make things more frustrating my annual appointment was changed due to bad weather.  Before our vacation to Tennessee I had my annual and my doctor gave me medicine to induce my period and my first round of Clomid.  I came home ready to get started and got the pills immediately.  I took a pill each day of our trip and came home thinking I would need to take tampons to work Monday.  Nothing happened Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
  I came home from work and for some reason Rudy was not working late that night.  He was cleaning the car with William and I was cleaning the kitchen.  All of sudden I was so tired and thirsty I could not even think straight.  I sat down with two bottles of water and finished almost both bottles.  I then said to myself I still have not started, exhausted more than usual, and extremely thirsty.  I ran upstairs and took a cheap pregnancy test I had under the sink.  Before I could sit it down on the counter it was POSITIVE.  I ran outside and Rudy said, "Oh, you are ovulating?"  I said no, it is a pregnancy test and it is positive.  He then took me to Walgreen's for an "expensive" one to be sure.  Yep, I was still pregnant.  Stay tuned because there is more that went on before I let out the news...