Wednesday, June 19, 2013

12 Week Preggo Update

Weight gain: As of last appointment on 6/18 about 4 pounds.  

Size of baby: Peach (What to Expect App)

What William Thinks:  If you ask him where is baby he points to my stomach.  He will also kiss my belly.  We ask him on a regular basis: boy or girl?  He says, "Girl!"  We are also reading him a book about big brothers.

How I Feel: I started getting bad morning sickness soon after I found out but within the last week that has subsided.  I am still exhausted by the end of the day.  Not craving anything specific but having trouble finding something that satisfies me (if that makes sense).  However, coffee (which I was drinking at least 2 cups a day) makes me sick even thinking about it.  

Things to Come: My routine 4 week appointment in July, cleaning the nursery (probably will not happen anytime soon),thinking of names.  

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