Saturday, March 31, 2012

More than Teething

William was having a few more issues than teething last weekend.  I began to suspect the ears due to the fever getting higher.  He was very whiny and wanted lots of loving (pulling on ears as well).  I decided to call and make an appointment on Sunday around noon.  I seriously was trying not to be the crazy mom that takes the babe in with any sign of sickness.  Side note:  I am done with that; fever over 100 he is going because its an ear infection every TIME.  Anywho, the doctor was booked (closing) and was called back by the nurse.  She gave me a referral to the After Hour's Clinic and our appt. was at a PERFECT time of 5:45PM.  After being at the doctor and getting the meds William did not make it to bed until after 8PM.  Amazingly he was not that fussy but had been cat napping all day from the on and off fever.  Fast forward to Tuesdayish and William has thrush and a rash all on his body.  I knew the dose of antibiotics was wayyyy too high but I did not go to med school, blah, blah, blah.  Rudy calls our pediatrican and we are to stop meds but keep with the drops until the ENT appointment.  Moving on to the ENT on Thursday: ears are clear and tube is no longer clogged; stop the drops.  William's left ear was a little dry and he was given different drops for that issue.  Before the appointment with the ENT I got a lovely VM from his nurse suggesting peroxide for unclogging the tube.  Brilliant I say and immediately start the process.  Yes, the peroxide works, yes it made the bud better but be PREPARED for some serious tears for about 20 or so minutes. 

William is still snotty and battling a cough so I feel trouble with the ears are in the near future.  We see the pediatrician in about 2 weeks for a re-check and I will be begging for allergy meds.  He may be re acting to all of the pollen around here; I know I am. 

**I will be back next week with the 14 month post and hopefully some pics. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I came home from work yesterday and saw Rudy sitting on the floor.  This is normal; we both play with William on the floor.  Then I see William on Rudy asleep (very unusual, William only likes his bed).  Rudy eventually makes it to the recliner and William sleeps for probably another hour.  I checked his temp and he was running a low grade fever.  After he woke up I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt 4 new teeth coming in.  I knew one molar was coming through but just a couple of days later we have 3 more.  Poor baby!!!  We ran a few errands which he was happy for the most part but fell asleep on the way home.  This is his 3rd nap!!!  He did have a rough night Friday and was running a low fever so I figured he was sleepy.  It took a while to calm him after the 3rd nap; his teeth were hurting!  A popsicle helped as well as watching his Daddy mow the grass.  So after these 4 break through he will have 8 teeth: 6 on top and 2 on bottom (unless I'm missing a tooth somewhere; its scary going in his mouth he bites). 

And off the subject---I gave blood Thursday at work.  It truly felt good knowing that my blood will hopefully save lives!!  I was also away from my desk for quite a while...which is like saving my life.  Win-win. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Parkin' It

This swing was awesome...

Pointing at Mama

William is not feeling the slide yet...

This will be him at 16...scary!

Quick Update

We are still here but with work and spending time with this guy there is very little time for anything else.  William is everywhere!  He loves windows, feeding the dogs his food, pulling up, his MAMA, and waving.  Once we were in a store and Rudy comes up to me and says, "William's feelings are hurt; people are not waving back at him."  His ears are dry but either he has another cold or allergies like his Mama.  Green snot and coughing are back in full force.  I finally gave in to all the comments about his early bedtime and now it is 7!  He does fine with this if he naps during the day but those are hit or miss.  Like right now he is fussing but yesterday he took a 2 hr nap I had to wake him from.  Who knows?  Suggestions are always welcome!!  That is about it; just enjoying the warmer weather. 

He uses the treadmill more than I do...

William loves throwing himself on the floor and playing...

Beautiful eyes...

Monday, March 5, 2012

13 Months

  • Size 4 Diapers
  • Still 4 teeth
  • Drinks around 24 oz. whole milk per day out of sippy cup-somedays he has nothing to do with milk others William can not get enough
  • Juice-usually 2 servings a day-William has A LOT of trouble pooping and we mix miralax in with the juice
  • Eats throughout the day.  William has a snack or banana before daycare with milk or juice.  Once he gets to daycare he has Stage 3 baby food and some of the food off their menu.  He also gets snacks 2x a day at daycare.  William always seems hungry so he gets lots of snacks especially when we are running errands.  He also eats Stage 3 baby food at night and usually some kind of finger food.  William does not mind the baby food and this allows us to know he is getting plenty of calories. 
  • Sleeps anywhere from 6:30 PM to somewhere in the 5AM hour.  I am hoping once he gets completely well he will stay up later and sleep in a bit.
  • Naps are sometimes great and at times horrible.
  • Babbles a lot but only "Mama" and "Dada" are clear.
  • Started "dancing."  Bill (Abuelo) twists his upper body and William copies him.  It is funny because now just seeing Bill causes him to "dance."
  • Prefers Rudy or myself to anyone else.  William is also getting clingy which I believe may be from being so sick.
  • Began cruising along the coffee the table and moves forward A LITTLE in the walker.  LOVES crawling up the stairs and understands that to get down you have to be backwards.  Funny thing is he does one step then crawls right back up.
  • Holds his lovies at bedtime and when I get him out of the crib he has to take one with him.  William is not what I would call "attached" to any one lovie and does not have it at all times.
  • Put his hands in his hair while eating.  Yuck and I do tell him, "no."  I choose to pick my battles and do not make a big fuss out of this.  If he is 16 and doing it I will be a bit more serious about it.
  • Getting dressed and changing diapers is absolutely HORRIBLE for everyone involved.  We feel the same about the carseat.  However, we discovered Baby Einstein DVD's and they are amazing.  I think it is the classical music that relaxes William.
  • Bangs toys together. Wipes things down if given a towel.  Places toys into his dump truck.  Flips light switch on his play house.  Rolls a ball back and forth with us.  I am sure he does other things but I never remember when I am blogging.
  • Not a fan of TV but starting to show interest in books.
  • First about it here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

First Haircut

William has been in desperate need of a haircut.  We really wanted to do the salon experience but this kid has serious stranger anxiety so it keeps getting put off.  Today I had it with the hair; William is always putting his hands in it while eating.  Not to mention you could put his hair in ponytail (no good, no good).  He had to be out of daycare today because of a fever virus so when Rudy walked in the door I said either you cut it or I cut it.  William did great; he was not at all afraid of the razor.  He sat still for most of it but then got bored and wanted to check out the bathroom.  We will finish it tomorrow because he lost his patience with us and he had done so well we do not want him to hate haircuts in the future. 

Before the haircut; William has discovered windows.  He will stare out a window for what seems like forever in toddler time.

Trying to keep him entertained.

Looking like a big boy.

and no this was not all of it.

After a haircut and bath.