Friday, March 2, 2012

First Haircut

William has been in desperate need of a haircut.  We really wanted to do the salon experience but this kid has serious stranger anxiety so it keeps getting put off.  Today I had it with the hair; William is always putting his hands in it while eating.  Not to mention you could put his hair in ponytail (no good, no good).  He had to be out of daycare today because of a fever virus so when Rudy walked in the door I said either you cut it or I cut it.  William did great; he was not at all afraid of the razor.  He sat still for most of it but then got bored and wanted to check out the bathroom.  We will finish it tomorrow because he lost his patience with us and he had done so well we do not want him to hate haircuts in the future. 

Before the haircut; William has discovered windows.  He will stare out a window for what seems like forever in toddler time.

Trying to keep him entertained.

Looking like a big boy.

and no this was not all of it.

After a haircut and bath.

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