Saturday, March 31, 2012

More than Teething

William was having a few more issues than teething last weekend.  I began to suspect the ears due to the fever getting higher.  He was very whiny and wanted lots of loving (pulling on ears as well).  I decided to call and make an appointment on Sunday around noon.  I seriously was trying not to be the crazy mom that takes the babe in with any sign of sickness.  Side note:  I am done with that; fever over 100 he is going because its an ear infection every TIME.  Anywho, the doctor was booked (closing) and was called back by the nurse.  She gave me a referral to the After Hour's Clinic and our appt. was at a PERFECT time of 5:45PM.  After being at the doctor and getting the meds William did not make it to bed until after 8PM.  Amazingly he was not that fussy but had been cat napping all day from the on and off fever.  Fast forward to Tuesdayish and William has thrush and a rash all on his body.  I knew the dose of antibiotics was wayyyy too high but I did not go to med school, blah, blah, blah.  Rudy calls our pediatrican and we are to stop meds but keep with the drops until the ENT appointment.  Moving on to the ENT on Thursday: ears are clear and tube is no longer clogged; stop the drops.  William's left ear was a little dry and he was given different drops for that issue.  Before the appointment with the ENT I got a lovely VM from his nurse suggesting peroxide for unclogging the tube.  Brilliant I say and immediately start the process.  Yes, the peroxide works, yes it made the bud better but be PREPARED for some serious tears for about 20 or so minutes. 

William is still snotty and battling a cough so I feel trouble with the ears are in the near future.  We see the pediatrician in about 2 weeks for a re-check and I will be begging for allergy meds.  He may be re acting to all of the pollen around here; I know I am. 

**I will be back next week with the 14 month post and hopefully some pics. 

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