Thursday, August 30, 2012

13 on Thursday

1.  My MIL, Carmen, is flying in today.  I have to work but Rudy is picking up William early and meeting her at the airport. 
2.  We cancelled our beach trip for this weekend.  Why?  Well, we did not know William was sick and when he screamed non stop from Hoover to the house we knew it was no bueno.
3.  Oh and William is recovering from Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus.  Do I wish that own my worst enemy?  Probably not.  Poor baby was pitiful and hungry!
4.  I have been trying to clean the house for Carmen's arrival for over a month.  Now that I finished the last thing-mopping I need to start over. Ha.
5.  Working full time and having an almost 19 month old makes it near impossible to scrub a house for vistors.  Luckily she is family!
6.  I enjoy coming downstairs early before anyone else is awake and check up on emails, FB, and blogs.
7.  Today is the first time I actually wrote a post before work.  I think??
8.  William is up now and kicking really hard.  I have the monitor up super loud so Rudy can hear him, get clothes, and bring him down.
9.  William should be attending his first AU football game if work does not get in our way.
10.  Our yearly (almost this one is more like yearly and 1/2) trip to Maine has been booked.
11.  BTW, I am coming home early due to work so Rudy will be battling an almost 2 yr. old in his lap on a plane all the way home.
12.  That was Rudy's choice; I am going to miss my bud (yes and the hubs).
13.  Who is taking me out on my kid and hubs free weekend in January? 
14.   Curious if Ru got my bud.  No, they are not down here but William quit kicking but we have to leave very soon.  Geez. 

*Yep I know its 14 but I did not need anyone wondering about the kicking bud all day. :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

New 'Do

The last time William had any kind of haircut was here and it was shaved.  I hope to never do that again because I just love his long hair.  It was getting a bit like a mullet although I have noticed his bangs getting longer and thicker.  I have been trying to get to a stylist for over a month now but it has never worked out.  Finally my parents gave their "two cents" and Grammie cut his hair.  I have to say I think this was better because it took some serious entertaining on my part.  William kept trying to get up from the highchair. 

Getting ready...

A lot was cut from the bottom...

Shaping it up...

All done...enjoying a fruit cup...

The back...

I can not believe how much better William's hair looks.  I will have to keep it trimmed from now on; such a big boy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Potty Time

We bought William a cheap toilet from Ross.  I have no desire to potty train right now; he is not ready.  He really sees it as a toy.  He will take the bowl piece out and put things underneath it (not ready for the potty).  Anyway, he happened to pee but with the lid closed.  I just had to document the moment...

Such a cute picture of our bud!  Obviously this was cropped but he is on the potty with lid down.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday Nights

Rudy gets William from daycare and feeds him dinner.  I get home and then we eat standing up (sitting on a good night) feeding bites to the bud.  We play, sometimes walk around the yard, and dance.  Finally it is bath time.  William gets ready for a bath and will stand at the gate wanting to go upstairs.  After bath we have snack and milk.  Of course, he likes to sit in the "big boy" chair.

Hands free.

Copy cat; I was doing this on the couch.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Spaghetti Night

William's first time with cooked spaghetti.  He has had a taste here and there but he always eats before us so he has never had a meal of it.  This was leftover from last night and you can tell by these pictures he is a fan.  I have a thing about clean hands, clean face, clean baby, but recently he wants to do everything himself.  So this is why he is using a "big boy" fork and he is a mess.  However, he knows exactly what to do when he sees the camera which makes this Mama's life a bit easier.  I think I may have to start making more spaghetti and freezing it for when Daddy feeds him.  He actually got some red meat in his little belly.  Of course he has his "snacks" with him. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

18 Month Checkup

William's checkup went well.  I did not get to go but his Daddy handled it.  No shots today!  William is tall and skinny (still).  I had given Rudy a list to go over with the doctor.  William is too low in weight to change to 2 % milk.  I honestly thought he was closer to 30 lbs or I would not have even asked.  I was curious about the dentist and she suggested after his 2nd birthday.  Thank goodness because this bud is not on that insurance plan yet.  Things we are working on (the sheet states he should do at this age):

-Walking up stairs (he will if I am behind him holding under his arms but has no understanding of using wall for support)
-Talking (we all know that)
-Learning more body parts (he knows head, belly and when in the mood, his nose)
-We are not using time out and not because we are raising an animal.  We discipline but I do not think he would sit in a chair for any length of time and understand why.  I have read a play pen is useful for time out until the child understands completely what time out is. 

Sidenote for my future reference-
-Moved to Toddler 2 in school and his naps are golden.  Once a day after lunch and done.  Now on the weekends we usually have no issues with naps. 

Length: 34.5"  (95%)
Weight: 24.8 lbs. (25.5%)
Head: 20" (95%)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

On Golf Mornings

When Rudy plays golf which is usually once a week William and I have the house all to our selves.  Usually we play outside, or even a stroller ride but William had a great morning so we stayed inside.  William read books, emptied all the toy containers, danced, and random other things.  He only got frustrated when it was time for a diaper change.  I decided I should take some pics while he was in such a good mood.

This was entertaining but just FYI he had his snacks in there.


Again, if William had a weight problem he would not have access to food all of the time.  The problem is he does not eat!

He just likes to play with the bowl and put his snacks in then out of the bowl.  Even a foot every now and then.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

1.5 Years Old

  • Wakes up between 5:45 and 6:30 but we do not go to him til at least 6AM.
  • Naps one or twice at daycare depending on the day.  One nap at home unless we are running errands and the possibility of sleeping in the car is very high.  He will be moving up to Toddler 2 sometime this month and there will only one nap a day.  I am hoping at this point he will adjust to one nap and we can run errands without concern of only one super early nap.
  • Bedtime between 7-8PM and a bath each night.
  • Eating is about the same.  He still has something here before daycare and then eats breakfast, lunch and snack there.  We stopped sending yogurt to be included in the snack because in Toddler 2 they do not feed the kids (by hand).  We have noticed that William eats better at dinner now.
  • Milk before daycare, 2x at daycare, and before bed.  Juice mixed with water at home.
  • 18 months, 2T clothes, Size 4 diapers but the night time diapers are being moved up to 5 this month.  Size 6 shoe for the most part.
  • Allergies seems to be finally under control.  He is on 5ML of prescription allergy meds 2x a day.  She also gave cream for eczema.
  • 12 teeth I know of--4 molars---4 top front and 4 bottom front teeth--I believe some more are coming through but he bit me very hard last time I checked.
  • Started running and still loves to dance.  William stopped crowds of people at Disney World with his dancing.  Side note: did great on the plane.  He was awake on the way but well behaved and slept the entire flight home.
  • Highly dislikes carseat. 
  • Started "loving" his friends and blankets.  Will lay his head on his blankets and hug his lovies.  He will kiss you (open mouthed) if you ask for a "kiss."  A big waver and I even found it helps when I have to take from something to tell him to wave "bye bye."
  • Too smart for us and testing his limits.  He will do the same thing over and over expecting a "yes" instead of "no."  Throws himself down but usually this stems for exhaustion or hunger.  If he is told no rested and with a full tummy he usually just moves on. 
  • Says "golf ball," "uh-oh," "touchdown," and he tries "thank you."  William does a lot of grunting when he wants something and I do my best to use words with him.  He will walk over to his high chair when hungry.  He nods head yes and no so this helps. 
  • William still has a tendency to put things in mouth and bite books.  I hope this passes; I cringe when he puts a stick in his mouth.  I want him to enjoy being outside but he gets annoyed because I am always right behind him.
  • Plays independently on occassion but also loves his Mommy and Daddy.  Wallets keep him busy and so much so that he lost a major credit card.  No worries we cancelled it and the William got his own wallet with junk cards.  He plays with books all the time and I want to read to him so bad but he always closes it.  One day he will want me to read to him and I am waiting patiently.
Wow!  I can not believe he is 18 months old!
In the hospital.

Sick baby on his birthday.

18 Months Old