Sunday, August 12, 2012

On Golf Mornings

When Rudy plays golf which is usually once a week William and I have the house all to our selves.  Usually we play outside, or even a stroller ride but William had a great morning so we stayed inside.  William read books, emptied all the toy containers, danced, and random other things.  He only got frustrated when it was time for a diaper change.  I decided I should take some pics while he was in such a good mood.

This was entertaining but just FYI he had his snacks in there.


Again, if William had a weight problem he would not have access to food all of the time.  The problem is he does not eat!

He just likes to play with the bowl and put his snacks in then out of the bowl.  Even a foot every now and then.

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  1. Hi!! Just randomly came across your blog and have enjoyed reading about your little man. I have a daughter a few months older! Just wanted to say something about weight issues etc. I freaked out too as my babe was down to 7th percentile. This caused so much strife as I would force breastfeeding etc and she would clam up. After some time of incredible stress I realized that actually we shouldn't be worrying about weight. Your boy is tall, but skinny. That's ok! Genetically, he doesn't have to be tall and built! For sanity's sake, I would stop worrying too much about him having to be at a certain percentile. It's a curve and most kids either fall above or below the norm. I even went as far as refusing to have my child weighed and honestly was the best thing I ever did. Turns out, my sister and I were tiny too. You can't change genetics, and relaxing a bit will hopefully give him a better attitude about meals. I also cut down snacks and meals improved. My little one went from being the WORST bfeeder to an amazing solids eater. Your child doesn't have to be average in weight. It's like trying to fit a circle in a square! Just think, African kids are really starving and that's cause for concern! Fussy eaters too, will change in time! Good luck and keep up the good work! Ps. I'm also a speech language therapist and appreciatethat you're keeping an eye on his ears! Read lots of stories and seek help from a speechy if words don't start coming after 2 years. :)