Thursday, August 16, 2012

18 Month Checkup

William's checkup went well.  I did not get to go but his Daddy handled it.  No shots today!  William is tall and skinny (still).  I had given Rudy a list to go over with the doctor.  William is too low in weight to change to 2 % milk.  I honestly thought he was closer to 30 lbs or I would not have even asked.  I was curious about the dentist and she suggested after his 2nd birthday.  Thank goodness because this bud is not on that insurance plan yet.  Things we are working on (the sheet states he should do at this age):

-Walking up stairs (he will if I am behind him holding under his arms but has no understanding of using wall for support)
-Talking (we all know that)
-Learning more body parts (he knows head, belly and when in the mood, his nose)
-We are not using time out and not because we are raising an animal.  We discipline but I do not think he would sit in a chair for any length of time and understand why.  I have read a play pen is useful for time out until the child understands completely what time out is. 

Sidenote for my future reference-
-Moved to Toddler 2 in school and his naps are golden.  Once a day after lunch and done.  Now on the weekends we usually have no issues with naps. 

Length: 34.5"  (95%)
Weight: 24.8 lbs. (25.5%)
Head: 20" (95%)

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