Friday, July 22, 2011


  • We are still working on William's schedule but the evening without the nap is getting easier.
  • I will not be working full time until after the trip to Maine (maybe).  I may try to work full time at Publix but the other option is to work more hours when Rudy is home.  We may prefer this option. 
  • I have had A LOT of dental work done since William was born including 2 root canals.  No fun and very EXPENSIVE!
  • I can not believe it has been almost 6 months that we brought our sweet boy home!
  • The tough days usually fall on Mondays (because we are out all weekend and off schedule?)
  • Still trying to lose weight but need to exercise but where is the time?  It is toooo hot for William (and myself) to run outdoors so I my intention is to start in September.

Mommy needs a shower and some makeup but I love this kid and picture so there! :)
  • There is so much more going on but I feel this enough for now.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


We have made more changes to William's schedule.  He was starting to drink too much formula, again!  This time it was our fault.  Since we are STILL trying to cut out the evening nap.  I say "STILL" because it so hard to keep this sweet boy awake; it almost makes me want to let him sleep and put him to bed later.  I know I would regret the decision later.  So, if we want to bathe and feed him around 7 we can not stuff him with solids and milk at 5:30ish.  This makes me laugh because although William is a big boy he was not having any more food after the bath.  After stalking lots of blogs and researching "baby schedule" I decided no milk at dinner just rice and a veggie.  Surprisingly he does very well with this routine.  I have juice on hand if he wants it after dinner.  For the most part he eats and trys to play to bedtime.  He is still drinking plenty of formula and he eats his normal 8 oz. at bedtime.  Maybe he is just getting older but William is requiring more attention to get to sleep.  I have not let him "cry it out" but honestly if we rub his belly or head for a few minutes he falls asleep.  My main reason for this post is for future reference because I am going to put in our "day."  Not many people read my blogs (Hi, Erin) but if anyone has any suggestions I am happy to hear them.  

Our Day (Most of the time):

Between 6 and 7AM- Wake and eat 8 oz
  William usually wakes up around 5AM and I have to give him the paci and he goes back to sleep for a bit.
8:30-9-Start a nap which lasts up to 1.5 HRs
10:30- 6 oz and 2 TBSP oatmeal w/ jar of fruit
12-12:30-Start a nap which lasts up to 1.5 HRs
Around 2- 8 oz
Sometime before dinner William may take a 30 minute cat nap which is a tremendous help for solids
Around 5- 2 TBSP Rice w/ jar of veggie and possibly 2 oz apple juice
We are trying to stop napping after dinner.  Sometimes if we are coming home from my parents he fusses himself asleep :(
Around 7-Bath then 8 oz bottle and bed

  I do my best to keep him on a schedule but every weekend we are with my parents and things get a bit off.  Recently I figured out (hopefully) when he wants to nap and can lay with him in the bed at my parents during those times.  I do not go out much during the week because it is such a hassle to get all of his stuff together.  I prefer to go out with Rudy; so much easier.  Many people may think I am nuts for being so obsessive but I honestly think it makes our nights easier.  I know when he should be hungry and sleepy so I do not have to guess.  Now when I know he has had food, nap, and a diaper change I can conclude he is teething, has gas, etc.  This works for us right now and he changes all of the time so this next month I may be writing something completely different. 

Of course during the times we are not sleeping or eating we PLAY!  He loves the dogs and I have caught him holding onto Bax's leg.  Bax just tries to get away.  I can not keep him in one place; he rolls over every time I look away.  He smiles and laughs a lot (mostly with Daddy). 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minus Electricity Plus Infant=Life

This is what Rudy and I did last night while the electricity was out.  Yes, out for over two hours.  We got home from my parents' around 7:45 and it was William's bath and bed time.  These last couple of nights have been unusual; William is not sleeping through the night.  We give him the bottle, put him in the bed, and he laughs then cries.  I have talked to friends and they think he is to old to be napping as much as he does during the day.  So we are trying to cut out the after dinner nap (6PM) but it is tough.  That being said we woke him up last night at my parents so we could give him a nice warm bath and bottle before bed.  Thank you electricity for going out and ruining our well thought out plan.  We wait for a while then put a T-shirt on William (no PJ's because it was ridiculously hot upstairs) and give him a bottle.  Remember we are doing all of this by candlelight and two tiny flashlights.  He takes the bottle and is ready for a 5K.  Off to the crib we go; he laughs then cries.  Rudy checks on our sweet one and I hear, "I think he pooped."  He has not pooped after the last bottle since he was a newborn but YES he did poop.  William had not had a good poop all day and he decided this was the time (without electricity).  I change this huge poopy diaper by the light of a tiny flashlight and back to bed he goes.  Luckily for the most part he just plays and talks until he falls aslleep around 10.  Rudy and I play scrabble while trying not to sweat (we are playing on the bedspread because I had changed sheets that morning) and I am thinking how funny life is.  The electricity graced us with her presence around 10:30 and after finishing our board game (makes me smile, "board game," we usually play Scrabble on Rudy's phone but it died) we went to bed.  William woke up at his usual time but I put him in our bed and cuddled him.  He fell asleep for at least another hour.  I do not know if I can honestly say I would deal without electricity every night for William to sleep until 7AM but it was a sweet gift.   

Thursday, July 7, 2011


William rolled from back to belly twice but got stuck then got mad.  I do not have video or pictures because I was cooking lunch at the time.  Hoping he continues to do this and we can get it on video.  He is amazing! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I would like to get done....

I have lots of things I would like to get done during the day or week but it so difficult with sweet William.  I know it would be easier to get things done if he actually napped in his crib.  Most of the time I sleep on and off with him during the first two naps of the day.  When I am awake and I watch him I am simply amazed.  He is perfect and we are so blessed.  I look at his eyes as he sleeps.  Although closed they move around and I wonder if his dreams include Mommy and Daddy.  William moves around a lot while sleeping and I have to hold his little arms and legs to get him to sleep longer periods of time.  I love the way when he wakes up next to me he SMILES so big (most of the time).  He is already 5 months old and his body does not fit all the way in my lap.  William will be too big for me to hold one day so those dishes and clothes that do not grow and become assets to this world can wait.  I will rock my baby, bounce my baby, sleep next to my baby because I can and many people do not have that chance.  Why should I want to do anything else than take advantage of this blessing that God did not have to give me? 

Things that I want to get done and will get done in time (maybe when William is in Kindergarten):

  • Sweep and Mop (on the same day, within a few minutes of each other)
  • Dust (take items of the shelves and really clean)
  • Organize my kitchen
  • Bathe my dogs (both on the same day)
  • Wash clothes, fold clothes, and put away in the same day (week)
  • Clean bathrooms (the whole thing; not the sink today, the tub 2 weeks from now)
  • Organize filing cabinets 
These things are so trivial on paper.  I do these things at least once a month :) when Rudy can watch William.  William is more important than any of these items; he is our son.  He changes everyday; the dust stays the same.  I am watching him on the blanket now and he is going to roll over from back to belly any day and why would I want to miss that while organizing the kitchen.  I was chosen to take care of this little person and I need to cherish every second.  I will try each day to become less OCD about the housework and be thankful for the life I have.    

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 Months!

Let's begin with a picture review of the last 5 months! 

I SERIOUSLY can not believe he is growing so fast.

  William has rolled over from belly to back but not much in the last month.  He is so close to rolling from back to belly but that silly arm gets in his way.  He is a scooter; I leave him facing a kicking toy and I come back to his entire body facing the television.  He talks a lot and LAUGHS at his Mommy and Daddy.  If I am having a "down" day and start making William laugh all of it just does not matter anymore.  William has found his feet and they are now a favorite teething toy.  He is constantly playing with them and has started to in his highchair.  Speaking of highchair, this big boy eats!  We have introduced cereal and oatmeal but I decided to put 1 tbsp. of cereal in the bottle at night.  We do oatmeal and a fruit at the second feeding and a vege at dinner.  He eats the entire jar of fruit and the vege.  The good news is he has quit drinking so much formula :) He is down from around 37 oz. to 30-32 oz.  William has obviously been a huge fan of his milk but recently he has been rejecting the powder but taking the ready to feed.  I think the Similac may be getting sour before 24 hrs. but the nurse said since he started solids he could be getting picky. 

Yes, that is my hand but we have not started strapping him in yet. 

  He wears mostly 6-9 month clothes but we prefer them super loose.  We do size 2 diapers during the day and size 3 at night.  After the rest of the 2's are gone (if we make it) he will be in 3's day and night.  His head and neck control is great.  Actually gets a bit frustrating during bottles; he looks backwards, sideways and has no interest in the bottle.  Just recently he has started pulling his head up in vibrating chair, swing, and car seat.  William absolutely loves his bath and has started chewing playing with his bath toys.  He wants to put anything and everything in his mouth.  He drools through multiple bibs per day but has yet to give us a tooth.    
  He still sleeps in his crib at night and does great 99% of the time.  Naps are getting a tiny bit better.  We have recently starting going upstairs after 1 or 2 yawns (if I catch them) and he goes to sleep on our bed.  I know this is not the ideal situation but I have tried his crib and he cries.  Also he wakes up during naps and if he sees me he will go back to sleep.  This is a step in the right direction and at least he is not in my arms. 

  We went to Meme's for a visit and he did GREAT in the car.  As much as he dislikes the car seat he did wonderful on this trip.  When we got there he got a bit scared of all the new faces but overall did great.  This was the same weekend we had our first experience with a little constipation (TMI, sorry).  Poor guy just could not go so we gave him a good bit of apple juice and he finally went.  I called the nurse and she told me to keep juice in his diet which I am not a huge advocate of but whatever works.  

  Sweet William,
    Your little personality is starting to show.  You are shy and scare easy.  You love your Mommy and Daddy; when we start daycare I will have to pray constantly for the workers.  I know your moods and have you on a decent schedule.  Each day I pray you will find your way in this world.  We love you more and more each day.  Please continue teaching us to be great parents!