Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minus Electricity Plus Infant=Life

This is what Rudy and I did last night while the electricity was out.  Yes, out for over two hours.  We got home from my parents' around 7:45 and it was William's bath and bed time.  These last couple of nights have been unusual; William is not sleeping through the night.  We give him the bottle, put him in the bed, and he laughs then cries.  I have talked to friends and they think he is to old to be napping as much as he does during the day.  So we are trying to cut out the after dinner nap (6PM) but it is tough.  That being said we woke him up last night at my parents so we could give him a nice warm bath and bottle before bed.  Thank you electricity for going out and ruining our well thought out plan.  We wait for a while then put a T-shirt on William (no PJ's because it was ridiculously hot upstairs) and give him a bottle.  Remember we are doing all of this by candlelight and two tiny flashlights.  He takes the bottle and is ready for a 5K.  Off to the crib we go; he laughs then cries.  Rudy checks on our sweet one and I hear, "I think he pooped."  He has not pooped after the last bottle since he was a newborn but YES he did poop.  William had not had a good poop all day and he decided this was the time (without electricity).  I change this huge poopy diaper by the light of a tiny flashlight and back to bed he goes.  Luckily for the most part he just plays and talks until he falls aslleep around 10.  Rudy and I play scrabble while trying not to sweat (we are playing on the bedspread because I had changed sheets that morning) and I am thinking how funny life is.  The electricity graced us with her presence around 10:30 and after finishing our board game (makes me smile, "board game," we usually play Scrabble on Rudy's phone but it died) we went to bed.  William woke up at his usual time but I put him in our bed and cuddled him.  He fell asleep for at least another hour.  I do not know if I can honestly say I would deal without electricity every night for William to sleep until 7AM but it was a sweet gift.   

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