Saturday, July 16, 2011


We have made more changes to William's schedule.  He was starting to drink too much formula, again!  This time it was our fault.  Since we are STILL trying to cut out the evening nap.  I say "STILL" because it so hard to keep this sweet boy awake; it almost makes me want to let him sleep and put him to bed later.  I know I would regret the decision later.  So, if we want to bathe and feed him around 7 we can not stuff him with solids and milk at 5:30ish.  This makes me laugh because although William is a big boy he was not having any more food after the bath.  After stalking lots of blogs and researching "baby schedule" I decided no milk at dinner just rice and a veggie.  Surprisingly he does very well with this routine.  I have juice on hand if he wants it after dinner.  For the most part he eats and trys to play to bedtime.  He is still drinking plenty of formula and he eats his normal 8 oz. at bedtime.  Maybe he is just getting older but William is requiring more attention to get to sleep.  I have not let him "cry it out" but honestly if we rub his belly or head for a few minutes he falls asleep.  My main reason for this post is for future reference because I am going to put in our "day."  Not many people read my blogs (Hi, Erin) but if anyone has any suggestions I am happy to hear them.  

Our Day (Most of the time):

Between 6 and 7AM- Wake and eat 8 oz
  William usually wakes up around 5AM and I have to give him the paci and he goes back to sleep for a bit.
8:30-9-Start a nap which lasts up to 1.5 HRs
10:30- 6 oz and 2 TBSP oatmeal w/ jar of fruit
12-12:30-Start a nap which lasts up to 1.5 HRs
Around 2- 8 oz
Sometime before dinner William may take a 30 minute cat nap which is a tremendous help for solids
Around 5- 2 TBSP Rice w/ jar of veggie and possibly 2 oz apple juice
We are trying to stop napping after dinner.  Sometimes if we are coming home from my parents he fusses himself asleep :(
Around 7-Bath then 8 oz bottle and bed

  I do my best to keep him on a schedule but every weekend we are with my parents and things get a bit off.  Recently I figured out (hopefully) when he wants to nap and can lay with him in the bed at my parents during those times.  I do not go out much during the week because it is such a hassle to get all of his stuff together.  I prefer to go out with Rudy; so much easier.  Many people may think I am nuts for being so obsessive but I honestly think it makes our nights easier.  I know when he should be hungry and sleepy so I do not have to guess.  Now when I know he has had food, nap, and a diaper change I can conclude he is teething, has gas, etc.  This works for us right now and he changes all of the time so this next month I may be writing something completely different. 

Of course during the times we are not sleeping or eating we PLAY!  He loves the dogs and I have caught him holding onto Bax's leg.  Bax just tries to get away.  I can not keep him in one place; he rolls over every time I look away.  He smiles and laughs a lot (mostly with Daddy). 

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