Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 Months!

Let's begin with a picture review of the last 5 months! 

I SERIOUSLY can not believe he is growing so fast.

  William has rolled over from belly to back but not much in the last month.  He is so close to rolling from back to belly but that silly arm gets in his way.  He is a scooter; I leave him facing a kicking toy and I come back to his entire body facing the television.  He talks a lot and LAUGHS at his Mommy and Daddy.  If I am having a "down" day and start making William laugh all of it just does not matter anymore.  William has found his feet and they are now a favorite teething toy.  He is constantly playing with them and has started to in his highchair.  Speaking of highchair, this big boy eats!  We have introduced cereal and oatmeal but I decided to put 1 tbsp. of cereal in the bottle at night.  We do oatmeal and a fruit at the second feeding and a vege at dinner.  He eats the entire jar of fruit and the vege.  The good news is he has quit drinking so much formula :) He is down from around 37 oz. to 30-32 oz.  William has obviously been a huge fan of his milk but recently he has been rejecting the powder but taking the ready to feed.  I think the Similac may be getting sour before 24 hrs. but the nurse said since he started solids he could be getting picky. 

Yes, that is my hand but we have not started strapping him in yet. 

  He wears mostly 6-9 month clothes but we prefer them super loose.  We do size 2 diapers during the day and size 3 at night.  After the rest of the 2's are gone (if we make it) he will be in 3's day and night.  His head and neck control is great.  Actually gets a bit frustrating during bottles; he looks backwards, sideways and has no interest in the bottle.  Just recently he has started pulling his head up in vibrating chair, swing, and car seat.  William absolutely loves his bath and has started chewing playing with his bath toys.  He wants to put anything and everything in his mouth.  He drools through multiple bibs per day but has yet to give us a tooth.    
  He still sleeps in his crib at night and does great 99% of the time.  Naps are getting a tiny bit better.  We have recently starting going upstairs after 1 or 2 yawns (if I catch them) and he goes to sleep on our bed.  I know this is not the ideal situation but I have tried his crib and he cries.  Also he wakes up during naps and if he sees me he will go back to sleep.  This is a step in the right direction and at least he is not in my arms. 

  We went to Meme's for a visit and he did GREAT in the car.  As much as he dislikes the car seat he did wonderful on this trip.  When we got there he got a bit scared of all the new faces but overall did great.  This was the same weekend we had our first experience with a little constipation (TMI, sorry).  Poor guy just could not go so we gave him a good bit of apple juice and he finally went.  I called the nurse and she told me to keep juice in his diet which I am not a huge advocate of but whatever works.  

  Sweet William,
    Your little personality is starting to show.  You are shy and scare easy.  You love your Mommy and Daddy; when we start daycare I will have to pray constantly for the workers.  I know your moods and have you on a decent schedule.  Each day I pray you will find your way in this world.  We love you more and more each day.  Please continue teaching us to be great parents! 



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