Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Just a quick update on our lives with sweet William.  We spent Father's Day weekend with my parents (beginning on Friday) and were at home to basically sleep in our own beds.  It was a wonderful weekend; William was exhausted and slept pretty much all day Monday.  We met them at the Galleria Friday for lunch and William tested out the carrier his Aunties gave him when they visited.  This is a must have; he loves it.  This is a blessing because our sweet boy is not a fan of the car seat/stroller at all.  We always have to take him out and carry him (he is over 16 lbs. now).  Now the carrier is part of all the baby stuff that goes with us everywhere.  Thank you Aunt Maria and Aunt Ceal!!  After the Galleria we talked my parents into coming over for dinner and going to Rudy's softball game.  I say "talk into" because my parents hate leaving Lexus (our amazing boxer) alone.  Although his team lost we had a great time; William slept the whole time.  Rudy had to work Saturday and I had a work meeting at 7 AM (yes at Publix, we discussed the new coupon policy) so my parents came over and kept William company.  Then we decided it would be easier if Rudy met us at their house so I packed up our stuff and rode with my parents.  Now that I am doing oatmeal, fruits, and veges going over to my parents has been stressful but I am trying to just go with the flow.  I am so routine it is nuts; I do the same thing each day and when the weekends come my routine is kicked to the curb.  William naps in his car seat, walking around Home Depot and he eats in a vibrating chair.  What I find out on Monday is WE all survived so why do I get irritated every weekend.  Father's Day was Sunday and my parents feel the need to grill on holidays.  We drove over had Subway and went to Publix.  Rudy and I planned on getting on few necessities at the same time so we would not have to go on the way home.  We were blessed with a whole week of groceries.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  Mom grilled since it was Father's Day and we enjoyed shrimp and steak.  The weekend was great and I was so happy to make such sweet memories. 

Other info- No calls on teaching jobs or any other full time jobs I have applied for yet.  I have not made the transition to William's crib for naps (I really want to do this but he screams).  I work about 2 shifts a week at Publix; I enjoy it.  Still shower at night (this is funny because I do not know when I will shower during the day).  Have 5 lbs. to lose before I get to my pre-preggo weight.  I have become a bit obsessed with reading blogs.  Lots of people (strangers included) comment on how cute William is and BIG!  I try to not let this bother me but it does a little :(  Rudy is an amazing father and helps with the bath every night and loves his son more than life itself.  This is all random but I will appreciate it when I look back on old posts. 

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