Sunday, August 11, 2013

First: Chuck E Cheese

  We decided to take the bud to Chuck E Cheese this AM since it was too hot for anything outdoors.  It was great until about 11 and then it got super busy with super crazy kids!  
  He had a blast and we left with saved tickets and coins!  We will go back but be there when they open and skip the food.  It was pretty high and was not even that good.  I only got a few pics...  

He enjoyed the slide but it went up into a play area where we could not see him well.  I was fine with this and knew he was safe until a big kid dashed up there. Then I freaked out and told him the slide was closed. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

2.5 Years Old

It's amazing he can go from on top of the world Saturday to fever today...

  Oh bud, how are you 2.5 years old?  William has developed the best personality and makes our hearts smile on a daily basis.

  Size/Sleep Stuff:
  • About 30 lbs.
  • 8 or 8.5 shoe
  • Size 6 Diaper
  • 2T shorts and 2T or 3T shirts
  • He sleeps from about 8 PM to when we have to wake him around 6.  He naps well at home but no longer than 1.5 hours.  His naps at school are always longer.  He does not sleep much later than 6 on the weekends.  
   What William Eats:
      He does not eat much; very picky.  William eats at school but does not always finish it.  I think that is because he is eating with friends.  He eats muffins for breakfast with milk, lunch and snacks vary day to day at school.  Dinner is a mess every night.  William will eat BBQ beans, peas, PBJ's, cheese, Chef Boyardee, pasta off our plates, sometimes tries meat off our plates.  As you can see it is very random and I know it is probably our fault but I also know he will not eat like this forever.  
  William is our son so he does love some junk food.  He likes to share milkshakes with his Daddy, Publix cookies, chips, and gummies to name a few.  If we are eating out he will eat chicken nuggets, fries, cheeseburger kid's meal, grilled cheese, and he may try something we are having.  He still likes Puffs when we buy them and other "baby" snacks.  He still loves fruit, and he milk (favorite is chocolate).  

   What Entertains Him:

        NOT toys.  William reads and colors when in the house.  He will occasionally play with his kitchen but mostly colors.  He also likes to clean with Windex and sweeps.  His favorite place to be is outside "mowing."  He will push his lawnmower all over the yard while Rudy mows.  He rides his tricycle which he can pedal now.  William loves our neighbors, Kay and Patty.  He will walk over to visit them at anytime of the day.  We have to stop him if they are actually doing yard work or something like that.  
        William loves the zoo and has learned so much from our trips out there.  He goes there so often he knows exactly where he wants to go and what animals he wants to see.  He has to ride the train every, single time!  We recently did the camel ride and he was in heaven.  He also enjoys going to the Galleria to eat and just walk around as well as golfing with his Daddy and Baba.  

       Speech Progress:
       William is talking a lot now.  He is making short sentences and we pretty much can understand everything he says.  I know he is still a little behind but he is definitely making a lot of progress.  I am not near as concerned as I once was about his speech.  He talks about his friends from school all of the time.  When we read he is very verbal about what he is seeing.  He will say the skunk stinks, move squirrel (because we say that about them being on the bird feeder), make animal sounds, choo-choo, and ask me, "What's that?"  
      He will tell you about his day (the best he can), ask questions, and much more.  There is no way I can type everything he says but he is doing great.  It is a lot easier understanding his wants and needs now then it was just a few months ago.  We have fewer tantrums now but definitely still have them over silly things.  Sometimes he does not want to go to bed, take a bath, come inside from playing, and other things.