Monday, August 29, 2011


On Friday William and I got up bright and early and went with my parents to Meme's.  I did not take many pictures but it was a good trip.  As much as my sweet boy dislikes the carseat he always surprises us and does great on trips to Meme's.  Once he remembered Meme William was all smiles!  He got to eat squash while sitting on Papa and did great (should have taken more pictures).  Thankfully I brought the Johnny Jump Up with us because he is so squirmy now I do not know how I would have entertained him. 
Sitting on the recliner at Meme's.

The rest of the weekend was low key.  Rudy played golf all day Saturday and I stayed at my parent's house.  I worked all day Sunday but was happy to see that Dad decided to visit.  We ordered Jim N Nicks and although William was very fussy (does not nap well with Rudy) we enjoyed dinner. 

Another piece of wonderful news:  William has a new baby cousin.  Mia Cecilia was born Thursday and weighed 6.8 lbs.  Of course I do not have pictures because they live so far away.  We are visiting next month so I will do an entire post on Mia at that time. :)

Pictures that I took at random times last week...

William likes this cups and actually took a few sips out of it. 

He is always spreading his legs, always.  In the stroller, while drinking bottles, etc.  Too cute!

Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Minute Friday


Today my sweet baby boy is a day older.  He is acting older by sitting up more on his own and playing independently.

I am blessed to be older and somewhat wiser today.  I have grown up ALOT since college and wish I had made better decisions. 

My marriage is older today.  We have grown so much as a couple.  We depend on each for everything.  Rudy is basically the sole provider right now in the household and I have so much respect for him.  My husband is older and has changed since I met him.  He budgets better now and understands the importance of that.

My parents are older today.  This makes me a bit sad.  I know everyone moves on from this world I can not imagine my life without them.  Since my brother died they are my only IMMEDIATE family.  I do not know what I would do without them. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Happenings

On Friday I got my hair cut and colored.  I love my hair but the pictures are not great; hoping to fix my hair this week and get some better pictures.  I usually CHI my hair but my stylist does not but this is walking in the door from getting hair done.  Notice the shine on my face; it is very hot out.  My skin is somewhat dry so I do not understand the shine; going to blame it on heat.

When I work at Publix Rudy is always running errands.  He does so much better with William in public alone than Mommy.  I really think he will be easier for me when he sits on his own and can sit in cart, hi chair, etc.  Rudy uses the carrier but either my torso is too short or something because William does not do well with me using it.  The point of all this is Rudy usually buys William some kind of "gift" on these errands.  This time it was sandals. 

William is sporting shoes for the first time and riding BIG BOY style in a new carseat.  (Picture from Rudy's phone).

We visit my parents almost every weekend and Rudy asked the funniest question, "When can William go upside down?"  We all laughed and said probably now but do not hang him there. :)

I guess I covered the flash but he (William) loved it.  By the look on Rudy's face he had a blast as well.

This is just for those big blue eyes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meme and Aunt Anna Make a Visit

Aunt Anna brought Meme down to see Mama.  She had surgery on her shoulder and wrist a couple of weeks ago.  We have been wanting to visit her but since the surgery Mama is not up for a 2 hour drive.  So this morning William and I head over to my parents' for a quick visit.  We ended staying much longer than I planned.  Rudy met us over there after work and we ate at Logan's which was so yummy.  Here are a few pictures...

Aunt Anna got some loving but William wanted Meme!! 

Semi Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping in Jumper

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This and That

Rudy does a little game playing while I do West at Home.

In this house we love ice cream (every single night) and I love COKE ZERO.  This is the new ice cream scoop we bought with our Coke Reward points.  I have to thank my parents because they love COKE even more than I love my Coke Zero :)

William received his first Fed Ex full of clothes from Espana!  Thanks Abuela and Abuelo.

I caught him with his foot (before I got the camera all the toes were in there)!

He saw me with the camera :)

It happened overnight!  William finally figured out the Bumbo.  He was not one of the babies that sat in it since 4 months old.

Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Minute Friday

Again linking up to for 5 Minute Friday.

The word is beauty. 

Beauty is everywhere.  Each person sees beauty differently.  A husband sees his wife as beautiful but not just because of her physical appearence.  He sees what she does each day whether that be staying at home or working.  He knows that she is working for her family and that is beautiful.  I believe it is the same for a wife. 

I look at William and see a beautiful baby who is growing every day.  He is learning new things each day and I see beauty in the development.  I watch my husband play with William and "talk" to him and it is the most beautiful sound in the world. 

To me beauty is not just how someone looks but it is everything that surrounds you. 

This is beautiful!  Notice how small our William was :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

6 Month Checkup

Mommy's hair is a hot mess; why didn't you tell me William?

  • Dr. B was happy with you.  He measured you twice because you are so long; he thought the nurse was wrong.  She was right.  :)
  • He said you are reaching milestones but will not be an early bloomer.  As long as you are healthy I am just fine with this observation. 
  • You can start Stage 2 foods but he does not think you are ready to self feed (cherrios, puffs, etc).
  • We did not get any real advice on the flight coming up.  He suggested a bottle at take off and landing but I had read that already.
  • Dr. B told us to stop the Zantac and see if your personality changes.  Hoping it was the fact I combined liquid and solid feedings and not reflux. 
  • You basically went hysterical when he tested to see if you put weight on legs.  After this it went downhill.  He talked over you screaming.  You continued to scream (you had missed a nap due to the appointment) and the nurse with the shots was taking her time!!
  • I gave you a bottle and not 2 seconds later she came in.  She gave you the shots and this was by far the worst.  You screamed and during the shots you looked up at me.  I will never forget that pitiful look.  It was like you were saying, "What did I do to you??" 
  • You finished the bottle and we went home.  You are pretty cranky; makes us sad.  Plus I am sick with a cold and feel like poo :(
  • Stats:
    • Length: 29 3/4 in. (more than 95%)
    • Weight: 18.9 (75-90%)
    • Head: 18 in. (90-95%)
Here are some pics and a video we took while we waited...

Loved the Winnie the Pooh picture.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Recap

 We started the day off with a trip to Hoover.  This was not our best decision (tax free weekend) and the food court in the Galleria was swamped.  We ended up at Ruby Tuesday where we enjoyed some...

Go to fullsize image  Mini Burgers with Mac and Cheese, Zuchinni, Salad Bar and Fries.

Then we made it to my parent's house to feed William and take a nap.  Afer dinner we went out on their deck and I took some pictures...

We were all trying to get a smile but he was not having it.  After going inside he started "talking" and laughing.

Did some jumping (notice the drool explosion when William goes without a bib).

"Waiting on Mommy to get my bath ready."

I did have on a nice pair of Ann Taylor shorts but quickly changed to do some cleaning before bed.

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Minute Friday

I found this writing activity here:

The word is "whole."  5 minutes to write.

William has started drinking a whole bottle again.  This makes me feel so much better because I thought he had an ear infection. 

My whole heart is full of love for my family.  I watch William and Rudy and I am at peace with life.

Sometimes I do not feel whole because my brother is no longer with us.  I think about Christopher more than I admit. 

My whole throat hurts and has been for two days.

"Hole" sounds like "whole" and I do not want to be buried in a hole because I am VERY claustrophobic.  I know it is just my body that is left but it creeps me out. 


**  I am not one to write without thinking through my thoughts; I never did well with this in high school.  I hope to improve but as random as this was it was fun. 

6 Months

I can not believe William has been here for 6 months. His personality is starting to come out and his expressions are so funny.  I think he is learning to fuss when he does not like something, for example, being strapped in the highchair.  Still loves being in the carrier on Daddy (yay) and it will be a sad day when he too big for it (for Daddy).  Here is what has been going on:

Happenings:  Rolling from back to tummy (all of the time), may have "forgot" the tummy to back roll because you have done it 2x since learning the back to tummy.  Started making noises with mouth (hilarious and constant once you start), Talking more, Has more interest in toys and will reach for them, Splashes in bath, Had all of the 1st foods fruits and veggies and seem to like all of it except peas, carrots gave you gas but I may try once more to confirm it was the carrots (tried it; regret it), Has finally caught on to the exersaucer and loves it.  He will laugh in it and turn around to see the toys on all sides of him, definitely a paci baby, prefers paci in car, while watching TV, getting ready for bed, ALL of the time, went to Dr. for the first time because you were not yourself for at least 2 weeks, He thinks you may have acid reflux so we are on Zantac for now, meeting Aunt (your Great) Anna and cousin Lauren for lunch, you did great and lapped up all the attention

Eats: around 32 oz per day in 4 bottles, 2 solid meals (morning and dinner)-2 TBSP oatmeal w/ fruit, 2TBSP rice with veggie, recently started mixing 1 jar w/ half of another which he likes, not enjoying solids as much as before (teething?), or bored with the taste,  I usually start on monthly updates a week or so in advance but things have drastically changed, I am striking through because I want to remember everything I tried, once he started Zantac he began to enjoy solids again however, taking the Dr.'s advice I spread apart liquid and solid feeds (maybe he does not have reflux maybe Mommy was shoving food down his throat), William has started rejecting formula (half of bottle usually).  This being said this month has been a challenge because he is changing everyday.  I just hope he is not struggling with something we can not put a finger on. 

We feed you in the chair except at bedtime because you are so squirmy (notice the legs).

Growth:  Mostly 9 Mo. clothes, some 6-9 Mo., Size 3 Diaper day and night, I think you have thinned out; probably because you always want to play

Sleeping:  I think teething has started full force and is disrupting your sleep.  You have started waking up a few times a night wanting the paci or comfort.  Sometimes you are fussy and I put you in our bed.  Working on a nap schedule; it changes all of the time which makes a schedule difficult.  You have taken a couple of naps in the crib but sometimes you CRY and it makes my heart sad.  I know it is for the best but its tough.  You have also started sleeping on your side (almost on the belly) and there are times where you roll completely over, you wake up very scared.

This is one of those mornings where you won the battle and got in my bed.
One of the three times you have napped in your crib.  Oh well; we will get there eventually.