Friday, August 12, 2011

5 Minute Friday

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The word is beauty. 

Beauty is everywhere.  Each person sees beauty differently.  A husband sees his wife as beautiful but not just because of her physical appearence.  He sees what she does each day whether that be staying at home or working.  He knows that she is working for her family and that is beautiful.  I believe it is the same for a wife. 

I look at William and see a beautiful baby who is growing every day.  He is learning new things each day and I see beauty in the development.  I watch my husband play with William and "talk" to him and it is the most beautiful sound in the world. 

To me beauty is not just how someone looks but it is everything that surrounds you. 

This is beautiful!  Notice how small our William was :)


  1. Our Charlie was small like your William...he was 6 weeks early and a beautiful gift from Him! You have a beautiful gift also :)

  2. Jennifer--what a great post! Wow, your William IS a beautiful baby, and I totally agree...seeing my husband with our children is definitely a beautiful sight. My little girl was born in February also, love this age-don't you?

  3. He is really starting to get a personality. William is becoming a bit more independent (yay) and prefers to nap in bed (yay). I guess as a first time Mommy I held him the first few months of his life :)

  4. Allison- he was small when he was born (6.14) but check him out now! He has definitely grown. We can not believe how big he is (I am 5'3 and petite; husband is tall but not off the charts)! Thanks for the comment.