Tuesday, August 9, 2011

6 Month Checkup

Mommy's hair is a hot mess; why didn't you tell me William?

  • Dr. B was happy with you.  He measured you twice because you are so long; he thought the nurse was wrong.  She was right.  :)
  • He said you are reaching milestones but will not be an early bloomer.  As long as you are healthy I am just fine with this observation. 
  • You can start Stage 2 foods but he does not think you are ready to self feed (cherrios, puffs, etc).
  • We did not get any real advice on the flight coming up.  He suggested a bottle at take off and landing but I had read that already.
  • Dr. B told us to stop the Zantac and see if your personality changes.  Hoping it was the fact I combined liquid and solid feedings and not reflux. 
  • You basically went hysterical when he tested to see if you put weight on legs.  After this it went downhill.  He talked over you screaming.  You continued to scream (you had missed a nap due to the appointment) and the nurse with the shots was taking her time!!
  • I gave you a bottle and not 2 seconds later she came in.  She gave you the shots and this was by far the worst.  You screamed and during the shots you looked up at me.  I will never forget that pitiful look.  It was like you were saying, "What did I do to you??" 
  • You finished the bottle and we went home.  You are pretty cranky; makes us sad.  Plus I am sick with a cold and feel like poo :(
  • Stats:
    • Length: 29 3/4 in. (more than 95%)
    • Weight: 18.9 (75-90%)
    • Head: 18 in. (90-95%)
Here are some pics and a video we took while we waited...

Loved the Winnie the Pooh picture.

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