Sunday, November 27, 2011


I started work on October 24 and by Friday the bud had his first cold.  Then came a Sunday trip to the doctor to be diagnosed with his first ear infection.  He was on Amoxil for 10 days and during that time he developed his first cough.  We waited it out and went to his 9 month checkup November 18.  His doctor said his ears looked great and to give benadryl for the cough.  We continue to wait it out and by that Sunday he had his first fever, 101.3.  On and off for the whole week he was battling a fever.  Rudy and I assumed it was shots, teeth, and/or cold.  On Black Friday I had to work and Rudy kept William.  Rudy texted me and informed me William had been sleeping basically all day.  I freaked out because William FIGHTS naps and told him to check his temp.  Sure enough another fever.  I asked Rudy to call our doctor and of course they only work half a day on Black Friday.  Seriously?  I guess that is not the point.  I begin to think it could be an ear infection but we go on with our day on Saturday (I do not want to be the crazy Mama that goes to the dr. with everything).  All of that goes out the window after getting home from my parents Saturday night with William running a fever.  We give him tylenol and a bottle.  Then it goes from the window to the neighbor's house when he vomits.  This "crazy" mama calls the doctor as soon as they opened this morning.  By 9:30 we were getting him weighed (lost 1/2 lb. in a week) and by 10 we were diagnosed with his 2nd ear infection.  I really hope this new, stronger antibiotic helps our little guy because this is getting ridiculous. 

PS:  The guilt I have about working drowning me at the moment.  It is taking a lot of praying to get me through this and not to quit my job.  That would not help William in the long run. 

Another Fun PS:  William is full on crawling now.  It is the cutest thing I have ever seen; love it. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

9 Month Checkup

*Took camera but silly me did not charge it so no pictures. :(

Length: 31" (95%)
Weight: 20 1/2 lbs. (50%)
Head: 18 3/4 (90%)

Dr. B. said William looked great.  His ears are clear but his cough is still terrible.  Luckily, Dr. B suggested Benadryl (1/2 tsp every 6 hrs) for the cough.  Thank God!  William has slimmed up ALOT even though he is not crawling.  It does not matter if he crawls or not this guy gets where he needs to go.  He can also go from tummy to sitting (new in the last couple of weeks).  His appetite is great but sleeping at daycare is not happening.  I asked Dr. B. about this and he actually said 9 month olds need ONE nap a day for about 2 hrs.  WHAT??  William is taking around 3 naps a day (time varies) and he is still cranky.  Hopefully napping will improve at daycare.  He got the routine shots in addition to the 2nd part of the flu shot.  He screamed then fell asleep on the way home.  All in all William is on track and hopefully he will be back to himself once he finally gets over this cold. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


We decided to start taking "professional" pictures of William ourselves.  It is just too expensive every 3 months to get them done.  Not to mention we always have left over pictures and with all of the money we have spent we could have bought a NICE camera.  We took some in my parent's yard a couple of weeks ago; turned out way better than I expected.  Yesterday we went downtown and took several at the "waterfall."  William also got to swing outside for the first time and tested out the slide with his Daddy. 

ALWAYS drooling!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Sick and sicker

Our bud (Rudy and I call William "bud" or "buddy" 99% of the time) started daycare 3 weeks ago and got his first cold about 2.5 weeks ago.  Go figure!!  He then got an ear infection about a week later and now has a terrible cough.  Let me first say that I feel incredibly guilty about this.  I start work, William starts daycare, and William gets sick for the first time in his life.  Hmmm....wonder why he got sick?  For 8 months whenever he would act out of character the tiniest bit and I would think: sick.  Now that he is sick I know that I had not the slightest clue.  The day William let us know he had an ear infection was last Saturday night at bedtime.  He cried and cried and cried.  Then I remembered from researching random baby info that resistance to lying flat is a symptom of an ear infection.  I scooped up my baby and tried to console him.   Nothing worked, Rudy tried, nothing worked.  We were so sad for William; we could tell he was in pain.  He slept on and off that night on top of me, in the middle of us, and finally in his crib.  Poor thing sleeps on his tummy so every time he fell asleep he tried to roll over on me and would cry out.  Luckily our pediatrician's clinic works in three locations and one is open on the weekends.  William got some antibiotics and we are pretty sure his ear is all better (knock on wood). 

The hacking cough is new and after calling the nurse I learned it will be hanging out with William for up to 3 weeks.  Feeling guilty again.  She said as long as the cough is wet and he does not sound like a seal it is just part of the cold process.  He has not had a fever during this time (thank the Lord) but definitely has been over tired and a bit cranky.  William is still fighting naps at daycare which does not help the healing process.  Night sleep is solid which makes me feel better for him.  I keep telling myself this is how it has to be.  I have to work for William to have a better life.  I have to work for us to make ends meet.  William would get sick eventually; all humans do.  My parents would always tell me and Christopher, "If I could be sick for you I would."  I thought that is what parents say to make their babies feel better.  The second my baby boy picked his head up off my chest and cried out in pain I prayed to take it from him.  Let me deal with this pain not this baby that has no understanding to why this is happening to him.  Today I am thankful that William has gone 9 months and has only suffered a cold and an ear infection.  We are lucky for this.   

Saturday, November 5, 2011

9 Months

  • First time at daycare.
  • First cold.
  • First Halloween.
  • First tooth (and second) coming in on bottom. 

  • Sitting- stable, I really do not worry about him falling over.  William slowly goes onto his stomach.  However, plopping him down on driveway, patio, etc. is not happening yet.
  • Standing and attempting to pull up.  
  • Wants to crawl so bad but is content rolling to the destination.
  • Wears 12 month clothes and some 9 month. Size 3 diapers.
  • Holds bottle.
  • Eating 3 solid meals (Stage 2) a day. (Breakfast and lunch at daycare; dinner at home).  Daycare adds whole grain rice to his meals but after it runs out no more rice at daycare.  I can not be sure they measure properly and I plan to give it to him with dinner.  Honestly, I am probably going to phase it out.  We always mix it with his foods and we all know William is not hurting for cals.
  • Since daycare started I give a "snack" in the morning- 4 oz. bottle and then he has 4 oz. with breakfast at daycare.  I just can not send my baby to school on an empty tummy.  Lunch is 6 oz. with a vegetable.  8 oz. at 3, vege at 5, and 6 oz. at bedtime.   
  • William loves puffs but does not self feed.  Yes, Rudy places a puff on his tongue, waits, and gives another.  I think Rudy enjoys watching William "chew."
  • We let William try things we are eating and he never rejects anything.  Until he can self feed we will stick with baby food for the most part.  I can not wait to give him a bowl of spaghetti :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

(Thankful) 13 on Thursday

1.  Our Awesome God.
2.  The hubs who works hard all day and takes care of our bud until I get home from work.
3.  My Dad who I must admit is one of my best friends.  My Mom who keeps me on my toes.
4.  The full time JOB I landed.
5. William Christopher Yeatman-What did I ever do without the joy you bring me every single day?
6.  Meme
7.  The blessings I receive in our many times of need.
8.  Our home. 
9.  3 meals a day.
10. Two cars in great condition.
11.  My brother.
12.  Friends.
13. All the love I feel from my family.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011