Saturday, November 5, 2011

9 Months

  • First time at daycare.
  • First cold.
  • First Halloween.
  • First tooth (and second) coming in on bottom. 

  • Sitting- stable, I really do not worry about him falling over.  William slowly goes onto his stomach.  However, plopping him down on driveway, patio, etc. is not happening yet.
  • Standing and attempting to pull up.  
  • Wants to crawl so bad but is content rolling to the destination.
  • Wears 12 month clothes and some 9 month. Size 3 diapers.
  • Holds bottle.
  • Eating 3 solid meals (Stage 2) a day. (Breakfast and lunch at daycare; dinner at home).  Daycare adds whole grain rice to his meals but after it runs out no more rice at daycare.  I can not be sure they measure properly and I plan to give it to him with dinner.  Honestly, I am probably going to phase it out.  We always mix it with his foods and we all know William is not hurting for cals.
  • Since daycare started I give a "snack" in the morning- 4 oz. bottle and then he has 4 oz. with breakfast at daycare.  I just can not send my baby to school on an empty tummy.  Lunch is 6 oz. with a vegetable.  8 oz. at 3, vege at 5, and 6 oz. at bedtime.   
  • William loves puffs but does not self feed.  Yes, Rudy places a puff on his tongue, waits, and gives another.  I think Rudy enjoys watching William "chew."
  • We let William try things we are eating and he never rejects anything.  Until he can self feed we will stick with baby food for the most part.  I can not wait to give him a bowl of spaghetti :)

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