Friday, May 1, 2015

16 Months Hannah


  Hannah is Miss Personality to say the least.  She makes her wants known!!  She dances in the car, points at you and snickers.. Hannah never ceases to amaze us these days.

  She prefers to run and do every thing William does.  Climbing is a must because big brother does it.  Hannah is very smart and we cannot slide anything by her.  If Rudy and the bud head outside she goes for her shoes.  When there is trash she insists on taking it to the trash can.  

  Hannah is wearing a size 5-6 shoe and a 4 diaper.  She is in mostly 18 month clothing.  Not the worst eater but not the best either.  Hannah loves all the fruit with an occasionally a side of meat.  Most of the veges come from pouches.  

She sleeps a solid 12 hours at night sometimes more starting around 6:15.  Hannah is a pretty bad napper so her bedtime is super early.  She has all 4 molars, 4 across the top, and three on the bottom.  I'm hoping she starts napping longer once the top 2 eye teeth come on in.  

 Hannah is much more adventurous than the bud was at this age.  I blame it on the big brother.  She loves riding in power wheels which she fell out of today.  Hannah loved the zoo last week and fed the giraffe no issue.  

 She doesn't have any words besides the occasionally mama and dada.  William was the same way.  Hannah loves her paci, stuffed animals or dolls, and wipes.