Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Days with 2 Kiddos

  This post will cover the work/school week and I will post a separate one for the weekends. 

Between 5 and 5:30 in the morning Hannah eats.  I also wake Rudy so he can shower.
After he gets dressed he holds Hannah while I get ready.  Sometimes William is already up sometimes not...

We then make our way downstairs to have coffee.  Rudy eats and I just wait til I get to work because I leave the house pretty early. 
Rudy and I pack our own lunches while Hannah is either in bouncy seat or car seat.  I get her bottles together and head out the door. 

Rudy is still home and cares for the bud.  He will dress him and William usually had muffins and milk.  Recently he hasn't wanted to eat muffins but asks for a treat.  What????
I drop Hannah off and get to work by 7. Rudy drops off the bud and is at work by 7:30.  Work, work til 4...
We don't decide on who's getting who from school til we leave work.  If Rudy needs to go by the store I get Hannah and he takes the bud with him.  However, if we are all going home one of us gets both babies.
Then chaos ensues!  Trying to cook, feed Hannah and William as well as play with him is chaotic.  Hannah eats around 5 every night which about the time dinner is ready.  Usually I feed her, Rudy eats, then I eat.  It works for us.  If she's sleeping on one of us we eat while holding her.  One day we will all sit at the table and reminisce about our day but that ain't today!!
After dinner I clean the kitchen and possibly do laundry.  Rudy holds Hannah because she's usually asleep.  I forgot to add that Hannah is bathed around 5 before she eats.  That's the best time because she passes out after eating and we have to wake her to eat around 8.
I shower (quickly) and take over the Hannah snuggles while Rudy hangs with the bud.  

William may bathe with Hannah or later in the evening.  He may skip a night.  He plays or watches his trash trucks on you tube.  William also loves to cut paper.  He is in bed (not asleep) by 8... 

I feed Hannah and put her to bed (in our room) by 9 usually.  She is moving to her room tonight so I won't be going straight to bed anymore....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pics of My Babies

Just pics from the last month or so...

Helping sissy grab her toy!
At the 3 year check up...healthy boy.
Just the little lady....
Best friends... At least right now!
Time for a cone...
This lady doesn't stop moving...makes for blurry pics!