Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

15 Weeks Preggo Update

Just FYI:  I decided to do updates on my blog when I see my doctor but weekly pics via FB and Instagram.

Weight Gain: +6lbs total I believe.  Eeks!  

Size of baby:  Avacado (What to Expect App)

William is Thinking:  If prompted he will talk about baby.  He now says it is a boy!  He kisses my belly when I ask him to love the baby.

How I Feel: Fat!  I'm out of my jeans which makes me sad but not yet in maternity jeans.  They are too big!  I have bought long skirts, leggings, and a few dresses.  Other than feeling huge I'm not sick anymore!!!  I still tire easily and can't stay awake past nine without a nap.  I also could eat Wendy's everyday if I let myself and Reese cups are amazing. Finally able to drink coffee (decaf) but only a small cup.  Still able to sleep on belly but I get up at least twice to potty.  

Things to Come:  Boy or Girl next appointment (August 7)!! At that point we may start on the nursery..  
Disney World end of August for Labor Day weekend!  

Saturday, July 6, 2013


We went to Meme's on the 4th and besides the bad weather we had a lot of fun.  William met Aunt Anna's horse and soaked up all the attention from family.  Then we figured out he probably had Hand, Foot, and Mouth which is virus a from hell that causes sores in the mouth. I took him to the doctor Friday to confirm and got a good look at his throat!  All I can say is I don't wish that on anyone!  The sores were huge and all the way in the back of his throat.  Of course it being a virus no antibiotics but we did get stronger pain meds.  He's slowly getting better after getting sick early this morning and sleeping in our bed.