Wednesday, July 17, 2013

15 Weeks Preggo Update

Just FYI:  I decided to do updates on my blog when I see my doctor but weekly pics via FB and Instagram.

Weight Gain: +6lbs total I believe.  Eeks!  

Size of baby:  Avacado (What to Expect App)

William is Thinking:  If prompted he will talk about baby.  He now says it is a boy!  He kisses my belly when I ask him to love the baby.

How I Feel: Fat!  I'm out of my jeans which makes me sad but not yet in maternity jeans.  They are too big!  I have bought long skirts, leggings, and a few dresses.  Other than feeling huge I'm not sick anymore!!!  I still tire easily and can't stay awake past nine without a nap.  I also could eat Wendy's everyday if I let myself and Reese cups are amazing. Finally able to drink coffee (decaf) but only a small cup.  Still able to sleep on belly but I get up at least twice to potty.  

Things to Come:  Boy or Girl next appointment (August 7)!! At that point we may start on the nursery..  
Disney World end of August for Labor Day weekend!  

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