Monday, September 1, 2014

8 Months-Hannah

Bless your baby heart because this month was hell on you!  
You have had hand, foot, and mouth 2x! On the second round you had a poop virus tagging along.  Of course I was on sick duty the second and worst time.  
Other happenings...  

Hannah is almost 19 lbs. of pure squishy baby!  It is funny though because she isn't busting out of clothes like William did at her age.  Some 6 month clothes fit but mostly in 9 month now.  She's wearing a size 3 diaper and 3 or 4 shoe.

Hannah's bed time is about 6:30 and takes 2 or 3 naps a day.  She doesn't nap at daycare well at all.  She is eating 4 or 5 6 oz bottles a day but doesn't finish every one of them.  Hannah loves her purées and is eating 2 jars a day but we are close to going to 3.  She has oatmeal in the morning but I think I'm just going to put a fruit there instead.  The doctor told me I could skip rice/oatmeal all together so I'm thinking we are about done. 

Hannah is a crawling machine!  She is doing everything so fast and ahead of big brother.  Nothing against the bud just a fact!  She has been pulling up all month or at least the last half.  She can not stand a diaper change or getting dressed.  I can not stress the hate she has for diaper changes; it runs deep.  Rudy and I have bets going on when she'll walk...thinking she's going to by 10 months.  

Her hair is getting blonder but her eyes are staying blue.  Hannah is such a go baby! She's pretty good in the car and enjoys the zoo, mall, etc.  So thankful for this because with William we have to stay busy! She still thinks the bud is hilarious.  Hannah isn't the biggest fan of the exersaucer which I could stick the bud in for like an hour at a time.  She wants to crawl into the kitchen instead.  Hannah can use the walker and I think runs over us on purpose.